21.06.24 > Welcome party and a big surprise

We recommend coming to Bjørke Friday 12 July. There’s a welcome party on the dock across the road from the red phone booth from 20.00 until 02.00*!

Make sure you’re on the dock by 21.30, which is the approximate time M/S Polarstar docks in Bjørke. There’s a big surprise onboard the polar ship, which makes arriving on the Friday totally worth it. Last year the surprise was Tugboat Captain (EN), pictured – never have we seen a more enthusiastic audience (or band!).

Hmmm… wonder what this year’s surprise could be…

Polarstar has both a pub and a café. If you arrive around 20ish we recommend bringing your own drinks for the first part of the evening, though. These can only be consumed on the dock.

Did we mention that the welcome party is totally free, even if you don’t have an Indiefjord ticket? We do hope you buy a ticket, though… 😇

*From midnight the party is in Polarstar’s pub only.

📷: Eline Viddal Rød


14.06.24 > Stay on the Polarstar Bed & Boat

There are still rooms available on the beautiful polar ship M/S Polarstar. A super yummy breakfast is included and the rooms are rented from the Friday to the Monday so you don’t miss out on the welcome party Friday evening – or the morning disco in Notanaustet boathouse on the Saturday.

Overview of rooms here.

Book here.

Other accommodation listed here.

For any questions about the polar ship stay or how to get to Bjørke, email John on

📷: Eline Viddal Rød (Polarstar approaching Bjørke and Indiefjord last summer)


13.06.24 > Buy your weekend tickets before they sell out

We’ve sold quite a few weekend tickets these past couple of weeks, so make sure you buy yours before it’s too late! 🎸

Tickets here.

📷: Fightmilk at Indiefjord 2022 by Eine Viddal Rød


21.05.24 > Saturday tickets are now sold out

Did you know that Saturday tickets are now sold out? And that we’ve still got weekend and Sunday tickets left? 🍓🍓🍓

Buy yours here.

📷: Heinz Brossolat


14.05.24 > Stay on a polar ship during Indiefjord

Did you know that you can stay at Polarstar bed & boat from Friday 12.07 to Monday 15.07? The stay on the polar ship includes breakfast and a truly unique atmosphere.

Overview of rooms here.

Book here.

For any questions, email John on Oh, and are you wondering how to get to Bjørke? Ask John about that, too.

📷: Heinz Brossolat


14.04.24 > Final Indiefjord 2024 announcement: Egil Olsen (NO)

Egil Olsen (NO) is a true Indiefjord and Bjørke friend. He played both Indiefjord 2015 and 2018, and we’re pleased to let you know that he’ll be playing our 10th anniversary, too. 🥳

Egil is playing the Bjørke Church daytime concert Sunday 14 July. Entry to the church concert is included in your weekend and Sunday tickets – or if you’d like to attend this gig only you can buy a ticket on the door (just make sure you’re there early to secure a place).

Egil provides both melancholic songs and great stage banter – what’s not to love?

Have a listen to the festival playlist, where we’ve added two of our favourite Egil Olsen crying songs.


06.04.24 > Ballboy (SCO) headlining Indiefjord

And you and I, we are past our dancing days
But that’s alright
You think that I can’t dance anyway
Some people love their dancing shoes
But I love only you

sings ballboy (SCO), making us reflect on whether they really are. The dancing days. Over.

But then we think about summer and Indiefjord and how we’ll be dancing the night away until our feet are sore. Saturday 13 July we’ll even be able to dance to Ballboy live.

So we’re far from past our dancing days, and we couldn’t be happier to spend our dancing days with *you*.

And as for Ballboy, we’ve been dreaming about having them play Indiefjord ever since the first festival in 2014. Their songs are among our most played, soundtracking our heartbreaks and our falling in love and everything in-between.

PS: Two of *many* favourite Ballboy songs added to the festival playlist.


06.04.24 > Gordon McIntyre (SCO) set in Bakketunet 14 July

London Popfest 2010 was a gateway to indiepop for us. A weekend we’ll never forget, meeting so many new friends and discovering some of our new favourite bands.

We entered the legendary 100 Club just as Gordon McIntyre was about to start his set, and we were mesmerised. JUST great songs, sung in a wonderful Scottish accent by a guy who seemed so, so likeable.

We’d later find out that Gordon is the lead singer of what turned out to be one of our favourite bands, ballboy (SCO). So you can probably guess where we’re going with our next announcement… but for now let’s introduce you to the indiepop wonder that is Gordon McIntyre (SCO)! He’s playing an acoustic set in Bakketunet Sunday 14 July and the sun *will* be shining.

PS: Do you have any favourite London Popfest memories? A much missed festival and one of Indiefjord’s inspirations!
PS2: Two of our favourite Gordon McIntyre songs have been added to the festival playlist.


02.04.24 > The Electric Pop Group (SE) returns to Bjørke

The Electric Pop Group (SE) played Indiefjord 2017, as seen in this photo from Haukly. If you’re an Indiefjord regular you know that we love booking bands (at least) twice – so it might not come as a total surprise to you that they’re returning to Bjørke in July!

We’ve added two of the Electric Pop Group’s most adorable indiepop tunes to the festival playlist.


24.03.24 > Swedish synth pop/post-punkers Stilla Havet booked

We love Swedish bands. We always did, we always will.

Stilla Havet (SE) sounds like a fusion of Broder Daniel, Håkan Hellström, French synth pop, Hjerteslag and a dash of Carola style chorus lines. We’ve loved them since “Början på ett slut”. Their new album “Natten” is very different from this song but it’s ohhhh so good!

All of this being said – we of course booked them to play Indiefjord 2024

Have a listen to two of our favourite Stilla Havet songs here.

📷: Per Kristiansen


24.03.24 > First ever Greek band to play Indiefjord

Playing “The Reason” by Evripidis and his Tragedies (GRC) on repeat and dancing in our living room helped us through pandemic isolation. Cue 2024, and Evripidis and His Tragedies are heading to Bjørke! Prepare for a bumpy, dancy ride across the fine line between tragedy and joie de vivre…

Two of our favourite Evripidis and His Tragedies songs have been added to the festival playlist.


17.03.24 > Indiepop legends Red Sleeping Beauty (SE) to play Indiefjord

We’ve been dreaming for years about having Red Sleeping Beauty (SE) on the Indiefjord line-up and in 2024 we finally succeed!

Named after a McCarthy song, Red Sleeping Beauty formed in 1989 and have made a huge impact on the international indiepop scene. We love them and warmly welcome them to Bjørke in July. 🥰

We’ve picked two of our favourite songs for the festival playlist – so difficult to choose among so many great ones:.


17.03.24 > Panic Pocket (EN) – synthy goodness and harmonies

Synths and harmonies, great lyrics and shimmering indie/electropop? Yes, please!

Panic Pocket (EN) is playing Indiefjord 2024! We’ll be simultaneously fistpumping and swaying along to their music.

Panic Pocket’s songs will be loved by fans of ABBA, The Ronettes, Ladytron, Say Lou Lou and Fightmilk. We’ve added a couple of our favourites to the festival playlist.

📷: Carl Farrugia


10.03.24 > Dylan Mondegreen (NO) plays the Haukly stage 14 July

Super happy to let you know that Dylan Mondegreen (NO) is playing Indiefjord Sunday 14 July! Dylan has played shows in the US, the UK, China, Japan and Italy – and now he’s playing little Haukly in Bjørke.

We’ve bonded over our love for The Chesterfields, The Clientele, The Margarets, Robert Post and Rune Berg og Johnny Hide. If you love these bands you’ll love Dylan’s music, too – melodic, sweet indiepop from Norway!

We’ve added two Dylan Mondegreen songs to the festival playlist, have a listen here.

📷: Julie Pike Photography


25.02.24 > Danish indiepopsters Kindsight confirmed

Danish indiepop sensations Kindsight will be playing the Haukly stage at Indiefjord, Saturday 13 July. They’re like The Cardigans merged with Alvvays – total superstars in the making!

We’ve been hooked ever since we heard Sun is Always in my Eyes – check out the song and video and/or follow our festival playlist.

We 💘 Rama Lama Records and this band! Thanks for telling us about Kindsight, Trev Elkin!

📷: Elisa Zederkof


25.02.24 > French antifolkers to Indiefjord

Antifolkers and “Norway friends” Freschard (FR) and Stanley Brinks (FR) are playing Indiefjord 2024! They’re playing a duo acoustic set in Bakketunet Sunday 14 July and they’re each playing a solo set on the Haukly stage. We’re so happy about this!

A bit of background on these two:

Stanley Brinks was born in Paris, but has lived all over the place. He began performing officially as André Herman Düne in 1999, playing with his brother David in the band Herman Dune. Since leaving Herman Dune, he has been known solely as Stanley Brinks.

Clémence Freschard grew up on a farm in French Burgundy. She was later a waitress in Paris, then a bohemian in New York – and she now lives in Berlin. She met Stanley Brinks in Paris – and the rest is (music) history!

We’ve added some excellent Freschard & Stanley Brinks songs to the festival playlist – enjoy!


19.02.24 > Yesterday’s announcements

Did you see yesterday’s announcements?

Randolph’s Leap (SCO)
Mammoth Penguins (EN)
Adam Ross (SCO)
Emma Kupa (EN)
Early Doors Disco DJs (EN)
Indie Dad & Silja DJs (NO)

are all playing Indiefjord 2024.

More bands to be announced very soon!

Poster by the talented Lurkmoophy.


18.02.24 > We <3 Scotland!

It’s no secret that we *love* Scotland and Scottish bands. When we attended Fika Recordings‘ Winter Sprinter in January last year we were totally won over by Randolph’s Leap (SCO) – so we invited them to Bjørke. Randolph’s Leap are almost as many band members as The Polyphonic Spree and our sound and light engineers will enjoy the challenge of finding space for them on the Haukly stage. 😁

Randolph’s Leap’s Adam Ross (SCO) is playing a solo set at Notanaustet boathouse, too, on the Saturday afternoon. We simply adore his solo songs, and the Hjørundfjord will be the perfect backdrop!

Four beautiful songs have been added to the festival playlist.


18.02.24 > Saturday and Sunday DJs announced

Indiefjord is not just about live music. It’s also about epic times on the dancefloor.

No Indiefjord without our friends Early Doors Disco (EN). They’re DJing at the Notanaustet boathouse morning disco Saturday 13 July from 9am! And from midnight that very same day. Expect Bon Jovi and ELO and Tay-Tay and Los Campesions. Also expect confetti, glitter, golden robes, masks, Phil Collins impersonations and a 02.57 am stage invasion to Belle and Sebastian.

Indie Dad and Silja (NO) stepped in as last minute replacement DJs at Indiefjord 2022, and played a set of retro songs and fistpump-worthy indiepop. We seem to remember there was conga action on the dancefloor, too, and some dancing on stage by *one* of the DJs (name redacted). The Indiefjord father and daughter duo is returning as Sunday night DJs in 2024.


18.02.24 > First two bands announced!

We first met Emma Kupa (EN) in 2011 when she fronted Standard Fare and played one of our Librarians Wanted shows in London. We love Emma’s voice and the raw energy in both her solo project and her “new” band Mammoth Penguins (EN). It makes us very happy to tell you that Mammoth Penguins is playing the Haukly stage at Indiefjord 2024 and Emma is playing a solo set at Notanaustet boathouse. ☺️

We’ve updated our Indiefjord 2024 playlist with two of Emma’s solo songs and two Mammoth Penguins songs – have a listen here.


06.02.24 > Tickets now available

Saturday, Sunday and weekend tickets available now! And we’ve got some fantastic bands to announce soon, too. See you 13 + 14 July?

Buy your ticket here!

Photo by Heinz Brossolat.


24.01.24 > Indiefjord turns 10! See you in July?

10 years ago a tiny little festival called Indiefjord was born. There’s no doubt Indiefjord 2024 will be a huge birthday celebration. Will you join us fjordside 13 + 14 July? We sure hope so! Oh, and do make sure you get to Bjørke in time for the welcome party 12 July. It will be epic!

More info about tickets, accommodation and transport soon.

If you’re in a band and would like to play, please email We have already started booking!

Big love from Team Indiefjord


Photo from Indiefjord 2014 by Michael Prince (Ed from Finnmark!)


11.07.23 > Be kind and stay weird – some reflections from us

*This* is how it felt like for our Indiefjord guests to arrive in Bjørke on Polarstar Friday evening, while Tugboat Captain was playing on board the boat and a huge crowd was cheering and waving from the dock.

Those smiles you can see in the photo just didn’t disappear throughout the weekend. The sun shone on us, both literally and figuratively. The atmosphere at Indiefjord 2023 echoed the very first Indiefjord in 2014 (the famous heatwave year) – just with a lot more people in the village this time around.

Even if the festival has grown bigger since the first year, it feels like all our guests and bands stay true to our values:

“Indiefjord is a festival where you will meet new and old friends. Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexism and bullying will not be tolerated here. Music and love for all.”

Carla J. Easton said it so brilliantly from stage on Sunday. We’re all a bunch of weirdos, and at Indiefjord we can be our true selves and feel safe doing so. The festival is about much more than music.

“Go forth with kindness,” Carla said. And that’s our encouragement to you. Be kind – and stay weird.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to:

The villagers of Bjørke, the bands and DJs, our volunteers and everyone else who lent us a hand, our wonderful guests, the bandcamp hosts, the sound and lights engineers Kristian and Martinus, Skjåstaddalen Frilynde Ungdomslag, Hjørundfjord Kulturvernlag, Bjørke kyrkje, Bakketunet, Bjørke rom og camping, Polarstar, Hjørundfjord Hostel Bjørke, Solveig Pia Nikkinen for sorting out some emergency beds, the bus driver who drove a loooong way to return a pair of lost sunglasses to their owner, Penguin Paddle, the artists, our Haukly chefs Eirik, Helene and Kai, the Kippersunds, the stall holders + so many more.

And last, but not least, our amazing sponsors: Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommuneSparebanken MøreRetura Søre Sunnmøre ASTussa and Volda kommune.


07.07.23 > Logging off the website for the weekend

We’re all set to greet the guests. We won’t be posting on our website over the weekend – as we’ll be busy living the festival life. Call us on + 47 90 19 67 24 if urgent.


07.07.23 > Evening menu at Haukly

We’ve just been at Haukly to test the (delicious!) sourdough bread and thought maybe you’d like to know the evening menu Helene Isabelle Millan Eide and Eirik Strandabø are serving this Saturday and Sunday…

– “Brennsnut” (a vegetable and meat soup)
– Red bacalao (clipfish dish)
– Chickpea curry (you might remember it from Indiefjord 2015, soooo yummy!)
– Sourdough bread, focaccia and flatbread + lots of nice spread and homemade butter
– Veiled cheesecake
– Brudevollmór (a type of sausage) with bread + various fillings

Do you have any allergies or specific requirements? Just ask at the till!

PS: Just look at these beauties! 😍


07.07.23 > Polarstar – both café and pub on board

Polarstar docks in Bjørke 21.30 tonight. The ship is open during tonight’s welcome party (pub until 02.00, café until 23.00).

In addition, food and drinks will be served on the ship on Saturday and Sunday at the following times:

BREAKFAST: 08.00-11.00

LUNCH/DINNER: 12.00-21.00

Lunch/dinner menu: Fish soup and bread, veggie burger, regular burger, barbecued Brudevollmór (a type of sausage) with potato salad and green salad.

PUB: 11.00-02.00 (no liquor served after 00.00)


07.07.23 > Welcome party info

Practical info about today’s welcome party:

– The party starts at 20.00 on Tussakaia (the dock across from the red phone booth).
– It’s completely free – so you don’t need a festival ticket to take part
– It’s a “bring your own drinks and snacks” policy on the dock (please stay within the dock area if you have a drink in hand)
– Polarstar docks at approximately 21.30. We hope as many of you as possible are there to greet the passengers. There’s a big surprise on board!
– You can’t take any alcohol with you on board Polarstar
– Polarstar’s pub will be open until 02.00 (sale of liquor stops at 00.00) and the café is open until 23.00

See you tonight! 🥳

📷: Eline Viddal Rød


06.07.23 > Bakketunet festival schedule

The above schedule is specific to Bakketunet, for the complete festival schedule, please click here.


06.07.23 > Get your Indiefjord wristband from Lappelina at Indiefjord HQ

The Lappelina stall at Indiefjord HQ is open from 10-18 both Saturday and Sunday. You can get your Indiefjord wristband here prior to going to Bakketunet, but you can also buy beautiful hats, aprons, handbags, cushions and more – all made by Elin-Grethe Haddal.


06.07.23 > Vikebuda – the second-hand shop preferred by Indiefjord bands

Vigdis Bjørke runs Vikebuda, a second-hand shop with all kinds of treasures. New Yorkers Pale Lights once found their complete band outfits at Vikebuda, and fellow American Shelley Short bought a wonderful pair of shoes there back in 2019. In addition to second-hand things and clothes, Vigdis sells toiletries, fizzy drinks, ice cream ++.

11.00-18.00 – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


06.07.23 > One(!) weekend ticket left

One (!) weekend tickets left! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see Tugboat Captain (EN) and some other fantastic bands Saturday 8 July…

Tickets here (Sunday tickets still available, too).

📷: Eline Viddal Rød (Tugboat Captain at Indiefjord 2022)


05.07.23 > The path to the waterfall is prepped and ready for Saturday’s hike

Join us on the magical waterfall hike on Saturday! If you are brave you can have a dip in the crystal clear pools. 💦😱 But if you like your bath water a bit warmer, have a swim in the fjord later and just enjoy the idyllic nature and the stunning views from the Tussa waterfall ✨👌


05.07.23 > How it feels like to be at Indiefjord:

That one photo that sums it all up, really.

📷: Eline Viddal Rød


05.07.23 > Still hungry – or feeling cold?

Heidi Wingsternes from Bestaloftet will be selling all kinds of food, knitted jumpers and wellness products from her stall next to Vikebuda.

Here you’ll find “Brandalmór” (a particular kind of sausage), clipfish, fish burgers with and without lactose, fish patties, flatbread, “lefser og søst” (a sweet dish that is popular in Norway) – and twisted buns with aniseed ++.


05.07.23 > Fish burgers, woolly socks and cinnamon buns

When visiting Indiefjord, make sure you pop by the food and craft stalls. At Indiefjord HQ, Oddlaug Brandal and Birger Vatnehol from Hobbybuda will sell cinnamon buns, ”sveler” (a kind of folded pancake), coffee, juice, fish burgers – and knitwear!

📷: Eline Viddal Rød


04.07.23 > Beer tasting in Bakketunet

Beer tasting with Kristine Aarvik Bakken from KAAB Bryggeri in Bakketunet Saturday 8 July at 17.30. You’ll be tasting four different beers, including one that is made to order only.

The beer will also be for sale throughout the weekend in Bakketunet’s outdoor kitchen.

300 NOK per person. Sign up here (only 15 spaces available). 🌸

📷: Eline Viddal Rød


04.07.23 > Sunday brunch at Haukly

Eirik Strandabø and Helene Isabelle Millan Eide are responsible for the food at Haukly and the coffee bar at Notanaustet. They are planning to serve a delicious Sunday brunch from noon-ish at Haukly (in the festival schedule it says from 11.00). The price is 200 NOK per person.

Freshly baked sourdough bread will be served with eggs (boiled or scrambled), cheese, meats and smoked salmon, all locally produced, as well as homemade mayo and butter. We will also have fresh strawberry jam, fresh orange juice and homemade ginger shots. And of course hand brewed coffee from freshly ground coffee beans, all included!

Helene and Eirik will need to know beforehand how many people to prepare food for, so if you would like Sunday brunch, please pre-order by sending a text to Eirik, +47 95 21 94 24.

Helene and Eirik prefer payment in advance, through Vipps (same number) or bank transfer. If this is impossible for you, you can pay by card/cash Saturday at Indie Coffee Camp (Notanaustet boathouse) from 09-16.00 or at Haukly from 18.30.


04.07.23 > Coffee camp and morning disco

The festival starts as early as 09.00 Saturday 8 July! Early Doors Disco (EN) DJs in Notanaustet boathouse until 11.00. You can even join the disco from one of Penguin Paddle‘s paddleboards.

Not quite awake that early? Fear not! Eirik Strandabø and Helene Isabelle Millan Eide provide JACU coffee and cookies for the early morning dancing. Indie Coffee Camp in Notanaustet is open until 16.00 (Saturday only).

📷: Eline Viddal Rød


03.07.23 > Welcome party, Friday 7 July

We hope you’ll join us at the welcome party, Friday 7 July! 🥳

The party starts 20.00 at Tussakaia (the dock across from the red phone booth). The polar ship Polarstar docks at 21.30, and from then on the boat’s pub and café will be open (the pub until 02.00, and the café until 23.00). From midnight the party is on the boat only.

Indiefjord Mum will give her annual speech – and there’s a big surprise on board, so make sure you’re there for when the ship docks in Bjørke.

No tickets needed to take part in the welcome party.

📷: Eline Viddal Rød


03.07.23 > Band timings, Sunday concert in Bakketunet

The Sunday concert in Bakketunet will look and feel a bit like this (Kip Berman playing the songs of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Indiefjord 2022) 🌸

14.00-14.30: Anna Nicole (SE)
14.30-15.30: Withered Hand (SCO)

Entry included in the Indiefjord Sunday or weekend ticket – or you can pay on the door (100 NOK). Children go free. Make sure you pick up your festival wristband at Indiefjord HQ prior to going to Bakketunet.

Make sure you buy your Sunday or weekend ticket here before they’re sold out.

📷: Eline Viddal Rød


03.07.23 > Exhibition in a manure yard

Visit the RE:Connect Indieart pop-up exhibition in Gjødselkjellaren (the Manure Yard)!


– Knut Einar Lillebø-Voll
– Cathrine Yksnøy
– Monica Vermeer
– Cecilie Hole + Martinus Larsen
Installation art made from textiles, ceramics, bones, skulls and other found objects.

Free entry!

Artist talk/official opening 13.30, Saturday 8 July.

Exhibition open from 10.00-18.00 both Saturday and Sunday, follow the signposts from Indiefjord HQ.


02.07.23 > Beer yoga at Indiefjord HQ

Barn Boy 93 beer yoga Saturday 8 July from 16.30 – 17.30 at Indiefjord HQ. Free! Bring your own drinks! 🧞‍♂️


02.07.23 > Are you going to this year’s church concert?

Nick Garrie (EN) and Ulstein Mannskor (NO) singing “My Dear One” in Bjørke church, Indiefjord 2022. Nick and the choir had first met an hour and a half before the concert started and they were a perfect match. We were moved to tears again and again. We hope they’ll do a Norway tour together at some point!

This year Robert Post (NO) is playing the church concert Sunday 9 July. Doors open at 11.00, Robert and his band play from 11.30-12.30. Entry is included in your weekend or Indiefjord ticket – or you can pay 150 NOK on the door (children go free).

Video by Sarah Grohnert.


01.07.23 > Morning disco on a paddleboard?

IndieSUP! Explore the “Indiefjord” aka Hjørundfjord with Penguin Paddle next weekend! They’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to try the paddleboard – whether you want to just rent one or take part in one of the organised activities. You can even take part in the morning disco on a paddleboard!

Read more below – and make sure you pre-book here or by emailing them on Drop-ins welcome, too, though!

📷: Penguin Paddle (Indiefjord last year)


30.06.23 > Complete festival schedule announced

The festival schedule for Indiefjord 2023 has been announced!

Download the complete festival schedule, band timings and map here.
If you are looking for band timings only, they are here.

Below you can see some screenshots of the schedule:


28.06.23 > Band timings revealed

Download the band timings as PDF here.


27.06.23 > The festival poster is here – limited edition of 20

Ta-da! This year’s festival poster, made by our mega talented friend (and fab DJ) Lurkmoophy. We absolutely adore the design – and as you can see, the sun will be shining 8 + 9 July! ☀️

20 prints will be sold at Indiefjord 2023, with all income going back to the bands.

Thanks so much for the financial and emotional support, Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommuneSparebanken MøreTussaRetura Søre Sunnmøre AS and Volda kommune💘  Without you the festival wouldn’t have been possible.

25.06.23 > Which moments from Indiefjord 2023 will stay with you forever?

Girl from the North Country is a song that means a lot to our band booker – it has soundtracked some friendships and some goodbyes over the years. When The Natvral (US) covered the song so beautifully at Indiefjord 2022 there were tears! 💖

This is just one of many magical Indiefjord moments from last year. We do wonder which moments will mean the most to us this year…

🎥: Sarah Grohnert


23.06.23 > Video from last year’s Indiefjord – will you join us this year?

Indiefjord 2022 – wonderfully captured by the mega talented, New Zealand-based film maker Sarah Grohnert. We truly had the best of times last year – and we can’t wait for this year’s festival! Check out Sarah’s other work here. 💖

PS: Make sure you’ve got the sound *on*!


18.06.23 > Do you live in the Ålesund area or are you flying to Ålesund airport? Travel to Bjørke by boat

Photo of some very cool guys from Ulstein Mannskor at Indiefjord 2022 to catch your attention!Did you know that our Polarstar fjord cruise is not just for bands and guests visiting from abroad? We’ll take you by bus from central Ålesund and Ålesund airport to Solavågen, where the boat goes from on the Friday afternoon (straight to the welcome party), returning on Monday. Something very special will take place as the boat docks in Bjørke, more about that soon.

There are just a few tickets left, so make sure you book yours here today (“all products”/”alle produkter” tab).


For more info about the cruise, contact John on

📷: Eline Viddal Rød


06.06.23 > Book a 3-person room or dorm space on a boat

Have you booked a place to stay yet? ⚓️ If not, Polarstar Bed & Boat might be a good option for you. You can choose among a bed in a 3-person dorm or booking a 3-person room to yourselves if you’re three people traveling together. Both options include breakfast and both options are bound to be memorable!

Oh, and if staying on the boat isn’t for you, you can still travel with Polarstar to and from Bjørke. Book your space on the boat to arrive in style directly to the welcome party on the Friday and return to Ålesund on the Monday.

To book either a bed in a dorm, a 3-person room or the Polarstar cruise from Ålesund to Bjørke (and return), click here.

Choose the “All products” or “Alle produkt” tab and find your option.

If you have any questions about Polarstar or accommodation/travel in general, email John on

📷: Polarstar


28.05.23 > Saturday tickets are sold out – buy a weekend or Sunday ticket instead

Psssst… did you know that Saturday tickets are now sold out?

You can still buy weekend tickets and Sunday tickets, though. So if you would like to go to the Saturday concerts all hope is not lost!

This is kinda secret, but the Sunday is *just* as fun as the Saturday and you actually get more concerts included than on the Saturday: Evening concert and disco at Haukly + church concert + Bakketunet concert.

Here is Kip Berman (US) playing The Pains of Being Pure at Heart songs in Bakketunet last year (on the Sunday, of course).

Tickets here.

📷: Linus Lee


21.05.23 > Spanish shoegazers Lost Tapes final band to be announced this year

Here we go! The final (and fantastic!) band on the Indiefjord 2023 line-up: LostTapes (ES) – super dancy shoegaze from Barcelona. Get ready to fistpump with us! 🤜

When we were part of EardrumsPop with Knut, Stefan and Tim we released a beautifully illustrated EP with them and ever since then we’ve been hoping to book them. 🥰

Oh, and if you haven’t listened to or heard about Lost Tapes (yet!) you may know Pau Roca and RJ Sinclair’s other bands – La Habitación Roja and Tokyo Sex Destruction.

For fans of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and The Cure.


14.05.23 > Withered Hand (SCO) solo acoustic set in Bakketunet Sunday 9 July

We’ve been really, really looking forward to sharing this with you… Dan Willson aka Withered Hand (SCO) is playing a solo acoustic set in Bakketunet Sunday 9 July! It will be nothing less than *magical*. 💖🌸💖

We saw Withered Hand play The Lexington at Fika Recordings‘ Winter Sprinter in January, and it was such a fantastic experience. It’s rare that we encounter bands whose complete discography is filled with songs that become instant favourites, but Withered Hand is one of those bands.


11.05.23 > Alexander M Sokolow (EN) will teach you how to make marmalade – or will he?

Do you know how to make marmalade? 🥰 If not, Alexander M Sokolow (EN) might be able to teach you. Or at least he’s singing about it down at Notanaustet boathouse Saturday 8 July.

Later in the evening he’ll be on stage with Tugboat Captain – but Alexander’s solo stuff is just as good (and you know how much we love Tugboat Captain).

Alexander’s music is for fans of *some* or all Beatles album(s).

The Notanaustet boathouse concert is free – that means you don’t actually need an Indiefjord ticket to see Alexander play. But we hope you’ll buy a festival ticket anyway – there are *so* many great concerts to attend! 😇 Tickets here.

🎥: Heinz Brossolat.


09.05.23 > Robert Post (NO) plays the Bjørke Church concert Sunday 9 July

Robert Post (NO) played the Haukly evening stage at Indiefjord 2016, and his set was totally unforgettable. 💕 The audience was collectively lifted to somewhere just below the ceiling by Robert’s music and vocals.

Fast forward to 2023, and Robert’s releasing his 5th solo album, “… That Magnificent Distraction”, and touring with Ronny Yttrehus (guitar) and Harald Hole (sound design). They’re all coming by Indiefjord Sunday 9 July to play the Bjørke kyrkje daytime concert and we couldn’t be happier… this venue is just perfect for Robert’s songs!

The church concert is for fans of Neil Young, Rufus Wainwright and Wild Pink – or anyone who just loves melodic songs. It’s included in your weekend or Sunday ticket – or you can buy a ticket on the door.


07.05.23 > Anna Nicole (SE) plays Bakketunet 9 July

Anna Nicole (SE) is one of the best musicians and nicest people we know. She’s played Indiefjord in the past as a member of Stars in Coma and Nervösa Hjärtan (making us cry when she sang an Ane Brun cover, “Du gråter så store tåra”) – and she’s been part of our lives since 2011 when we first booked Stars in Coma to play the London club night Librarians Wanted.

Anna Nicole is returning to Bjørke and Indiefjord – to play the beautiful daytime stage at Bakketunet Sunday 9 July. Yes, we’ll probably shed a tear or three listening to her solo project, too, because the songs are wonderful and the perfect fit for these surroundings. Anna Nicole will be joined on stage by André Brorsson from Stars in Coma and Nervösa Hjärtan.


03.05.23 > Travel to Indiefjord onboard Polarstar, a former polar ship

Travel to Indiefjord from Ålesund by sea! 🛳

Hjørundfjorden Polarstar Cruise takes you to and from Indiefjord.

Polarstar, a former polar ship, will take you (and the bands) from the Ålesund region, via the stunning Hjørundfjord, to Bjørke and Indiefjord – straight to the welcome party, in fact. Polarstar returns on Monday in time for your flights.

Departure / arrival times:

To the festival: Friday 7 July.
Departure Vigra: Approximately 17.30.
Departure Ålesund: Approximately 17.45.
Departure Solevåg: 18.30.

From the festival: Monday 10 July.
Arrival Ålesund / Vigra 14.00 (latest).

Tickets can be bought here.

Make sure you go to the “All products” tab – select “Hjørundfjorden Polarstar Cruise”. You only need one ticket to go to and from Bjørke.

For any questions, please email John on

More info about Polarstar here.

PS: The timings might be slightly adjusted in the weeks before the festival. We will email you the info.


23.04.23 > Dream booking: Darren Hayman (EN) from Hefner

Dream booking incoming: The one and only Darren Hayman (EN) is playing Indiefjord 2023!

We’re huge fans of both Darren’s solo stuff and Hefner (Greedy, Ugly People, Good Fruit, The Hymn for The Cigarettes and a million brilliant songs). Ever since the first Indiefjord we’ve been hoping to book him and in 2023 it’s finally happening.

See you in front of the stage and we’ll dance and sing along and smile and cry – you know, the usual Indiefjord behaviour.

🎥: Grainy and nostalgic footage by Scared To Dance from The Lexington (we can remember this gig vividly, the best of times!).


16.04.23 > Sunday night DJ: Steve Vickers from Come Out 2nite (EN)

During the pandemic and in the midst of worldwide lockdown, Come Out 2nite (EN) made us dance in our own living rooms to an epically named DJ set – Stay In 2nite.

Pre-Covid times, one of Come Out 2nite’s DJs, Steve Vickers, DJed at Indiefjord 2018. The DJ set was beyond dancy and there was definitely a stage invasion towards the end.

Luckily, Steve and Come Out 2nite are once again providing the Sunday night disco at Indiefjord. Expect to hear everything from Alvvays to The Beths and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (while we’re all missing Kip loads this year). 🪩

Psssst… you can hear the playlist based on the Stay In 2nite set here – turn up the volume and get dancing!

Oh, and PS: You may recognise Steve’s name from the awesome club night Macho Music Is Stupid. If you’re looking for great gigs in the UK give them a follow!


15.04.23 > Indiefjord favourites Early Doors Disco (EN) will have us all dance in the rain (or sun!)

There wouldn’t really be a proper Indiefjord without our friends Early Doors Disco (EN). This year they’ll hopefully bring the ☀️ with them to Bjørke, and if not we’ll dance in the rain like this bunch of Indiefjorders did last year. Luke and Andrew are providing both the morning and the evening disco Saturday 8 July. 🥰


19.03.23 > The Royal Landscaping Society from Spain is coming our way

Back when we started Indiefjord we were running a free, digital music label called EardrumsPop with our buds Knut, Stefan and Tim (without having met each other in person). It was around that time we became aware of the Spanish band The Royal Landscaping Society. Since then we’ve loved every song they release, and the song linked to below is one of our TRLS faves – it’s packed with synthy goodness!

Thankfully we’ll be able to hear this song and many others live at Haukly in July, as The Royal Landscaping Society is heading to Bjørke from Seville!

Their music is for fans of Field Mice, The Cure and New Order.

PS: You can still download EardrumsPop songs over on 🥰


18.03.23 > Finally! Alpaca Sports (SE) to Bjørke

Ever since the first year of Indiefjord we’ve been hoping to book Alpaca Sports (SE) to play our little fest. Well, it turns out that 2023 is the year this is actually happening!

That we love the music and that the band members are nice to hang out with are Indiefjord’s most important booking rules. Judging by our Indietracks hangs with Andreas in the past, Alpaca Sports sure ticks all the boxes! 💓🦙⛷⛹️‍♀️


12.03.23 > Gary Olson (US) and Ole Johannes Åleskjær (NO) are playing their third Indiefjord in a row

In Norway (or in certain magazines in Norway) we have a rather cheesy expression called “Norgesvenn” (friend of Norway – or Norway friend).

Gary Olson (US) from The Ladybug Transistor is possibly one such friend. At least he’s returning to his 3rd Indiefjord in a row (minus a couple of pandemic years) – as is Ole Johannes Åleskjær (NO) from The Loch Ness Mouse!

Here they are, braving the rain and the wind and the cold and singing their hearts out at Notanaustet boathouse last year. This summer will be way sunnier and warmer, of course.

We’re happy to welcome Gary and Ole back to Bjørke and Indiefjord in July! ☀️

🎥: Our good friend Heinz Brossolat.


11.03.23 > Spansish disco queen Cristina Quesada hits the Haukly stage in July

Super duper happy to announce that indiepop disco queen Cristina Quesada (ES) is playing Indiefjord 2023! Her hit “Dancing Tonight” was our pandemic dancing in the living room soundtrack – and still is!

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, Hinds, Kylie Minogue and Françoise Hardy we think you’ll love Cristina’s music, too!

Join us on the virtual dance floor this afternoon and see you in person in July for more dancing at Haukly! 🪩💖🌸


26.02.23 > Tugboat Captain (EN) returns to Indiefjord


Guess who’s coming back to this exact spot in July! *drumroll* We’ve listened to your (and our) wishes and invited the all kinds of wonderful Tugboat Captain (EN) back to Bjørke this summer! They’re playing the evening show Saturday 8 July and their set is bound to be fantastic. Bring kneepads, though! If you know, you know…


12.02.23 > Calum Muir (SCO) – for fans of Bon Iver


Calum Muir (SCO) is heading to Indiefjord to play the hits from the not yet released “Stay in Stittsville”! We’ve been lucky enough to listen through it a few times and we already have some new favourite songs.

Expect synthesizer-infused guitar ballads, equally at home in the worlds of electronic and folk music. Baked together by the glow of bedroom production evoking early-90s VHS memories, the songs are nostalgic, yearning catalogues of a life half-lived.

If you like Bon Iver and Tame Impala, these songs are for you! 🌸


12.02.23 > Raveloe (SCO) is coming to Bjørke

Following our Poster Paints announcement, some of you have been asking if Raveloe (SCO) is playing Indiefjord, too. And yes, that’s indeed happening – Kim Grant is playing a solo acoustic set!

We love the story of Raveloe’s band name… it was found within the pages of the book Silas Marner, which is about a reclusive weaver who lives in a town called Raveloe. Kim identified with the idea of being a weaver of words and music and the concept of creating a fictional world to tell stories within.

Raveloe’s debut album is spun (we mean, woven) around the themes of temporality, duality, nature, pain and love. It’s out on Olive Grove Records later this year and we can’t wait to get hold of a copy!


12.02.23 > Scottish supergroup Poster Paints announced

Yay! Supergroup Poster Paints (SCO) is heading to Indiefjord!

Carla J. Easton from TeenCanteen and Simon Liddell, formerly of Frightened Rabbit, will be joined on the Haukly stage by Raveloe and Calum Muir – and judging by Poster Paints’ fantastic debut album this will be an unforgettable set.

If you haven’t already heard TeenCanteen and Frightened Rabbit make sure you check out their discography, too, because these bands really are among Scotland’s very best!

Prior to Indiefjord Poster Paints will be heading to SXSW. So make sure you catch them either in Bjørke or in Austin, Texas. One of these places has a fjord, you know.



12.02.23 > Carla J. Easton (SCO) from TeenCanteen to Indiefjord

We first met Carla J. Easton (SCO) when we managed to book her band TeenCanteen for Indiefjord 2017. We had been fans of theirs for years and they were on the wish list for the very first indiefjord, too.

We soon found out that Carla had her own solo project and that we love *all* her songs. In fact, she even does lead vocals on one of our fave Belle and Sebastian songs – Best Friend.

We cannot wait to see Carla again in Bjørke this summer. Her set will be truly magical! 🥰

If you’re wondering if you’ll like Carla’s music, we’d say it’s for fans of TeenCanteen and Belle and Sebastian – but also pop legends like Carly Rae Jepsen, Duffy and Miley Cyrus!

Remember to buy yourself flowers, eyh? 💐


11.02.23 > Interview with Nordic Music Review

Nordic Music Review Indiefjord interview

We talked to Nordic Music Review about our personal Indiefjord highlights and receiving band applications via Tinder – and we shared some massive hints about the four bands we’re announcing tomorrow. 🥰 Read the whole article here


26.01.23 > The boat that… popped – transport to Indiefjord

So Hovden airport decided to close down for four weeks over the summer and we only found out about it through the paper. 🫣

The folks at Widerøe are apparently offering refunds or rebooking to Sandane – but do take the refund and book your flight to Ålesund instead (most people go to Ålesund anyway). If you’ve already booked a ticket do contact Widerøe!

The good news is: There will be a boat from and to the airport and Ålesund this year, too! It’s going to be a very special boat. Watch this trailer (and the film) for inspiration!

More info on tickets soon (most likely early February). But make sure that you: Arrive at Ålesund Vigra airport by 17.05 on the Friday and depart from Ålesund Vigra airport at 15.50 at the earliest on the Monday.

If any questions, do contact our transport manager John on


25.01.23 > Tickets on sale

You can now buy your Indiefjord tickets on Tikkio.


22.01.23 > Andy Strickland (EN) from The Loft to Indiefjord

Andy Strickland (EN) is known from fantastic indiepop bands like The Loft, The Caretaker Race and The Chesterfields. At Indiefjord 2023 he’s playing an acoustic solo set, as well as performing with The Chesterfields. We’re so, so happy about this!

Here’s one of our favourite The Loft songs for your listening pleasure (we think there’s something Rolling Stones-like about the song):


22.01.23 > First band announced: The Chesterfields (EN)

Mr Wilson goes to Indiefjord.. 🥰

The Chesterfields (EN) were interviewed about this song and video by Say it with Garage Flowers last year: “A couple of years ago, we had an idea about playing Indiefjord in Norway. Simon came up with that song and we said, ‘Well, if they’re not going to invite us to play after this video and this song, then we’re never going to get invited…’”

Have a listen to the lyrics… needless to say, this song (and video) is one of the coolest band applications we’ve received – and we love the band’s music, too. Not only that, they’re an important part of indiepop music history.

So… welcome to Norway to a nothing less than legendary band! ❤


01.01.23 > Indiefjord 2023 announced!

Extremely happy to let you know that Indiefjord 2023 is indeed happening! Make sure 8 + 9 July is free in your calendar (and do attend the welcome party 7 July, too). We cannot wait to welcome you to Bjørke again!

Ticket link, accommodation info + more to be announced later in January – but for now, start daydreaming of summer days with new and old friends and the best music.

Bands from near and far: Would you like to play? Please email us on by 10 February to apply. We will most likely announce some bands prior to that, too, as we’ve got some of our favourites in mind already.

See you in July!

Big love from Team Indiefjord

Photo from Indiefjord 2022 by Eline Viddal Rød – the wonderful Linzi Clark playing Notanaustet boathouse.


15.07.22 > Thank you for the music (and everything else)

As we are still lost for words after amazing times with you all, we’ll let Kip Berman from The Natvral and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart do most of the talking (see post below).

Well, actually, we do have some things to say ourselves, too…

We are so incredibly grateful to all of you for being part of Indiefjord 2022?

Pilot strikes, heavy rain showers and eventually Covid-19 – nothing could stop us from having the time of our lives. There was so much love and friendship in the crisp Bjørke air that we think it wasn’t just us that felt it.

HUGE thanks to so many, that again, we won’t be able to list everyone (as then we’ll surely forget someone). But in particular: The villagers of Bjørke, the bands and DJs, our volunteers (and those who helped out without being official volunteers), the bandcamp hosts, the sound and lights engineers Martinus and Stig + their helpers, resident artist Cecilie Hole and Andreas Grimstad, Skjåstaddalen Frilynde UngdomslagHjørundfjord KulturvernlagBjørke kyrkjeBakketunet på BjørkeBjørke rom og camping, Hjørundfjord Hostel Bjørke, The Kippersunds, the stall holders and SO many more.

And last, but not least, our amazing sponsors: Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommuneSparebanken MøreRetura Søre Sunnmøre ASTussaSpareBank 1 Søre Sunnmøre and Volda kommune.

We feel so lucky to have lots of supporters cheering us on! So a huge thank you to our guests, too, always smiling, always forgiving when some things are a bit “too” home-made at times. We feel super proud of our team who brought indiepop to the fjords once again, after a long corona break. We’ll rest now and then… there is always 2023 to be considered. ☺️

Love from the Indiefjord family


07.07.22 > The complete festival schedule has been announced

The complete festival schedule for Indiefjord 2022 has been announced! Download the complete festival schedule, band timings and map here. If you are looking for band timings only, they are here.

Please note: We are not updating our news section regularly anymore. See the Facebook page, the Facebook event for 2022, Twitter, Instagram and the Indiefjorders Facebook group for up to date info. If you do not have access to these and require specific information you can’t find on this website, please email us on or call us on 90 19 67 24.


29.06.22 > Band timings and how to get the latest news from Indiefjord
Complete band timings are ready! Download as a PDF here or see below. The overall festival schedule will be ready very close to the festival itself, Indiefjord DIY style.

Band timings 2022


28.06.22 > Our shiny new poster is ready
Indiefjord poster 2022

Here it is! The 2022 festival poster, designed and illustrated by the super duper talented Lurkmoophy He even did his own take on the festival logo, and we love it soooo much.


Band timings to be announced tomorrow.

Thanks heaps to our fabulous sponsors: Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune, Sparebanken Møre, Retura Søre Sunnmøre AS, Tussa, SpareBank 1 Søre Sunnmøre and Volda kommune. Without all of you Indiefjord 2022 would not have been possible!

Full steam ahead – and see you in Bjørke in a week and a half!

Oh – and remember to come along to the welcome party Friday 8 July, and to buy your Sunday ticket!


11.04.22 > Counting down to Indiefjord 2022

We are announcing lots of wonderful bands for Indiefjord 2022 and looking forward to a great summer ahead. We’ll be updating the website properly soon, but in the meantime please check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news. Tickets can be bought on Tikkio, and tickets for 2020 and 2021 are valid this year, too. More news on how to book accommodation and transport from the airport soon.


06.07.21 > Indiefjord presents: Avind, Saturday 10.07


Indiefjord 2021 has been postponed until next year, but we really miss live music – particularly with our favourite fjord as the backdrop. So we decided to organise something small and rather improvised and completely free.

The wonderful people in Avind (NO) were on this year’s line-up (and last year’s), and we just couldn’t miss out on the chance to see them play this summer. So… we hope to see you at Notanaustet boathouse in Bjørke this coming Saturday evening (10.07)!

Avind’s melodic indiepop songs in “sunnmørsk” will make you both smile and shed a tear or ten. And maybe daydream of Indiefjord 2022?

The safety of our guests, the team and the villagers of Bjørke is hugely important to us. Due to the Covid-19 situation this concert will only have space for 100 guests. This means that even if the tickets are free, you should sign up for one on Tikkio to ensure your space.

And do bring a chair, blanket or something else to sit on (socially distanced, of course).

The band will be play from 19.00 to approximately 20.00. “Doors” open at 18.30, and we will register the contact details of all guests who enter the concert. Should all 100 spaces get reserved by Saturday early evening we will post a message on social media and our website. Otherwise you could also pop by to see if there’s still space.

Huge thanks to Hjørundfjord kulturvernlag for lending us the boathouse, and to the Kippersund family for providing us with electricity.


Love from Team Indiefjord

Photo: Heidi Fjørtoft Klokk

02.06.21 > Indiefjord 2021 is postponed until 9 + 10 July 2022…

Indiefjord 2022

So here we are. We hoped and believed that we could go through with some kind of festival this summer. Instead we will have to wait one more year…

Indiefjord 2021 is sadly postponed until 9 + 10 July 2022. 

The travel restrictions in July are still uncertain, and we have come to the conclusion that even a purely Norwegian festival is not something we are comfortable doing in these still pandemic times. We will always put the safety of the bands, the audience, the team and of course the villagers of Bjørke first.



For refunds, please email us on by Saturday 31 July 2021. Make sure you attach your Tikkio receipt and that you send us your bank and/or PayPal details. The 4% ticket fee charged by our ticket vendor will not be refunded.

If you would like to come along next year your ticket from 2020 or 2021 will still be valid, so in that case you don’t need to do anything other than look forward to July 2022.

Please note that it may take some time before you get a response to your email and the actual refund, as we are organising the festival in our spare-time and we are expecting a lot of emails.

We will start selling tickets for Indiefjord 2022 Sunday 1 August. Due to inevitable financial losses from postponing two years in a row we will most likely not be able to provide early-bird tickets for 2022. So – if you think you are going next year we recommend keeping your 2020 or 2021 ticket.



If you liked our 2020 and 2021 line-up, we are pretty sure you will love our 2022 line-up. Most of our announced and unannounced acts seem to be up for next summer + there will be some new bands. We will reveal part of the line-up around the time we start selling our 2022 tickets.



Indiefjord is not just a festival. It’s a state of mind. So we hope you will mark this year’s festival that wasn’t to be by putting a flower in your hair and listening to your favourite bands – be it the Indiefjord weekend this July, today or any day.

See you next year for some truly magical days listening to our favourite bands with our favourite people – overlooking our favourite fjord.

Love from Team Indiefjord


Photo: Eline Viddal Rød


22.04.21 > Changes to Indiefjord 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic

You might have wondered what’s going to happen with Indiefjord 2021 – the comeback in these still pandemic times, and certainly, so have we. We have been tracking the government’s press conferences and statements, but no-one can quite predict when “the state we’re in” ends.

So it might not come as a complete surprise to you that this year’s festival will sadly look different than what we were hoping for when we started booking our dream line-up last July. But we will do our best to make some kind of Indiefjord happen, still.

The Norwegian government has proposed four steps of reopening the country, and they are hoping that step four with less travel restrictions can begin towards the end of June (no set date, though). Which, of course, is very close to 10 + 11 July. As we’ve all learned this year, plans tend to… change and then change again.

If we have reached the final reopening stage in mid-July there may still be some travel restrictions in place for countries not a part of the EU or EEA, and there may be quarantine and mandatory tests if you are traveling from specific areas of the world (none specified as of yet). The government rules for stage four will be considered and developed “along the way” and we have no guarantee that we’re at this stage at the time of the festival.

In short, it seems rather unlikely that bands and guests traveling from abroad will be able to enter the country without having to do quarantine and mandatory corona tests upon arrival (quarantine hotels aren’t cheap).

Furthermore, there is the question of how many people you are allowed to gather at an indoor venue, or gather at all (even outdoors). It does seem like we in mid July would be allowed certain alternatives for indoor and outdoor events, as even at stage two there are possibilities for small to medium size events like ours. We will have a further look at how to do this practically. Either way, this makes us very hopeful for the scenario “some kind of Indiefjord” this year. We are aiming for a magical weekend, even if it might not be the biggest, boldest version of Indiefjord yet.

Saying this, we do take our responsibility as organisers very seriously. We will keep tracking the government advice and rules and will only go ahead with the festival if deemed safe.

So what’s happening to the bands you were looking forward to seeing? With plan A not quite possible, we’ve skipped ahead to plan B. All bands and DJs have been given the option to cancel this year’s performance now or to consider the situation for a while longer. In May we will hopefully know more about international travel restrictions and how to organise a small festival like ours in a safe manner. So for now, there are still some international bands on the line-up.
And – we’re currently in the process of booking some excellent Norwegian bands. Not only that, there will be some “fingers crossed/hopefully this can happen in 2021” band announcements over the next few weeks!

The following bands have so far confirmed they are no longer coming along this summer:

The Natvral (USA)
The Just Joans (Scotland)
Carla J. Easton (Scotland)
Nick Garrie (England)
Fightmilk (England)
Lowpines (USA/England)
Broken Chanter (Scotland)

Everyone has been truly wonderful dealing with the situation, and we are looking forward to them visiting Bjørke someday soon. We have even planned an extra special set in the future with one of them, but we’ll be keeping that secret for a while longer. But it sure is something for the fans to look forward to.

If you are flying in from abroad and you’re wondering about what will happen to your festival ticket, we hope you are able to wait a bit longer. We will have a look at the practicalities in May when we know more about the situation. We will then provide further information.

Thanks for reading this long and rambling message, it sure wasn’t an easy one to write. We have received nothing but warmth and understanding from the bands, and we are so grateful to them and to you, our wonderful audience.

That’s all for now, folks. We hope that you’ll keep believing in us, and in better times ahead. And more than anything, we hope that you’ll keep buying festival tickets and albums and supporting your favourite bands around the world.

Maybe hugs and dancing cheek to cheek will have to wait a bit longer, but we can’t wait to see you all fjordside – this year or next year!

Love from
Team Indiefjord


Read about the government’s reopening plans here.

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød (The Stig, who many of you will know)

05.07.20 > Sunday night disco in 2021: Come Out 2nite DJs (UK)

Yay! Come Out 2nite (UK), aka Steve Vickers and Daniel Hartley will be Indiefjord 2021’s Sunday night DJs!

You may remember Steve’s DJ set from Indiefjord a couple of years ago or maybe you’ve danced with us at their Indietracks disco? Above is their ace playlist from their lockdown disco earlier this spring! According to Come Out 2nite they play “made up genres like indiepop, dream pop, post-punk, psych-pop, college rock, janglepop and shoegaze”. Expect some Belle & Sebastian, Jens Lekman, The Cure and Pulp. And Carly Rae and Taylor Swift songs have already been requested by us…


04.07.20 > The legendary Nick Garrie (UK) confirmed for Indiefjord 2021

There you go, now you know
The only thing I’ll ever say is
“Honey, can I stay with you?”


Nick Garrie (UK) is playing Indiefjord 2021 – the comeback! Magical, magical times…


03.07.20 > Throwback to 2014 – check out this festival playlist

Here is the soundtrack to the summer six year ago. ? In the summer of 2014 there was a heatwave in western Norway. And there was a tiny little festival for friends and friends of friends. And there was a fjord and a waterfall and magical memories. ?


01.07.20 > Tugboat Captain (UK) announced – great news for Beatles fans

Like most of us, Tugboat Captain (UK) have no plans for this year. They have, however, made some quite specific plans for 10-11 July next year. Then they’ll travel to the village of Bjørke to play us an outdoor acoustic set. ?

The song we’re linking to has definite Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band vibes from ca. 2:20 and is just a perfect pop song. We love all their other songs, too.

Don’t miss out – make sure you buy your ticket for Indiefjord 2021 early on.


30.06.20 > We’re streaming Maple & Rye’s concert with a view to a fjord 18 July

Does anyone else miss festivals and fjords, like us? We’re so happy to let you know that we’ll be able to share some of that with you in July, too.

We were approached by our friend Anders Adolfsson, who you might know from beer tasting sessions at previous Indiefjords, to do something quite special.

Anders, Ole Hjalmar Bonsaksen, Bonseye ExcurcsionsLove Street and 62NORD are organising a series of outdoor concerts this summer, at Fjellgården Øvre Ljøen, a farm in the mountains not that far from Bjørke. It’s overlooking Storfjorden/Geirangerfjorden – and is a dream-like location.

It just so happens that one of our favourite bands, Maple & Rye (Sweden) will be playing that gig Saturday 18 July. And we’re streaming it from Indiefjord’s Facebook page so you can all take part!

A bunch of us will be attending the gig, too, and camping – so if anyone wants to join us there, do book your tickets now and come hang out with us! Contact Ole Hjalmar/Bonseye if you would like to pitch your tent or bring a hammock, it’s completely free! ⛺️? Tickets (concert or concert + boat fare from Ålesund) are sold here.

Check out the wonderful Maple & Rye  – we sure hope to book them for a future Indiefjord:

Photo: Rune Kleiven.


28.06.20 > Early Doors Disco DJs (UK) will make you dance in 2021, too

The Early Doors Disco boys (UK) are returning to Bjørke and Indiefjord in 2021! Expect morning discos, evening discos, pandas, unicorns, yellow robes, confetti and a lot of dancing + singing along. And maybe some drumming to *that* Phil Collins song?

Footage by the wonderful Ane Mendel (Indiefjord 2019).

PS: Tickets can be found here. Early-bird weekend tickets are already sold out, but we’ve added some earlyish-bird ones.


26.06.20 > Avind (Norway) is playing Indiefjord 2021

Avind (Norway) released another stunning song today, and we’re so happy to let you know they’re the first band announced for Indiefjord 2021? Indiepop in Norwegian is just so wonderful to listen to – we’re superfans of this band.

Bring on July 2021! Early-bird tickets sold on Tikkio.


26.06.20 > 2021 early-bird tickets on sale

Highly limited batch of early-bird tickets for Indiefjord 2021 released *now*! Tickets sold on Tikkio.

The early-bird tickets are on sale from today until 31 July. Once these are sold out, or on 1 August at the latest we are releasing some earlyish-bird tickets. Please note that the tickets for Indiefjord 2020 will be valid next year, and we had sold quite a few of those. This means you shouldn’t hesitate for too long if you’re coming along in 2021.

So if you did buy a ticket for this year there’s no need to do anything other than showing up next year. If you would rather like a refund for your 2020 ticket, make sure you email us on by the end of July.

Photo: Andrea Hustad (Cocoanut Groove playing the Bakketunet stage at Indiefjord 2018).


19.06.20 > Announcing a 2021 band and DJs next week

We’re announcing a 2021 band + some superstar DJs next week, so you could all definitely start looking forward to July next year.

Photo: Andrea Hustad (Jarle Skavhellen playing the Bakketunet stage at Indiefjord 2018).


17.06.20 > Yay! Indiefjord 2021 dates announced!

We really hope to see you in Bjørke 10 + 11 July 2021 for Indiefjord 7! Next summer it will be more important than ever to bring indiepop to the fjords, to meet old + new friends, spend time in nature and to make our lives go back to normal. Let’s make next year the best year. Tickets available very soon!

♥ ♥ ♥

Photo: Andrea Hustad (Indiefjord 2018).


16.06.20 > Refund options available

An email has just been sent out to all Indiefjord ticket holders about their refund options. Tomorrow we’re revealing the Indiefjord 2021 dates, which we are already working towards. Keep an eye out for the Facebook event. Let’s count down the months, eyh… Photo: Eivind Helland Marienborg (Beverly Kills at Indiefjord 2019).


30.04.20 > Indiefjord 2020 cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation :-/

BREAKING NEWS APRIL 30: We can now finally confirm that Indiefjord 2020 will be cancelled. The Norwegian Government has today announced that they may extend the border control for 90 days until August 15. Consequently anyone crossing the Norwegian border from abroad would on arrival immediately be put in quarantine for 14 days. Indiefjord is an international festival, and we simply cannot imagine a festival without our friends and bands from all over the world.

The social distancing of 1 meter is still in force, and the number of people allowed to gather at public events by the middle of July is likely to be low. As per the government’s regulations it is impossible for our festival to take place in Bjørke this summer – we would not want to put the bands, audience and villagers at risk.

More info to follow in a few days regarding options for festival ticket holders.

Those who have booked and paid for flights should now be in position to seek a refund from the airlines due to the extended border control in Norway. Please contact your airline or travel agency to organise this. Indiefjord has no entitlement to intervene in such private transactions

So stay connected. We will do our utmost to make you happy regardless of these most unhappy of circumstances – and to bring indiepop to the fjords yet again.

Just remember: Indiefjord is still alive and kicking because it is not just an event among other events – it is a spiritual movement. And next year will be the great revival. Thank you for your heartfelt understanding, dear friends!

As the gates are closing for Indiefjord 2020, we are looking forward to opening them again in 2021.

Music and love for all,
Team Indiefjord

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød


Covid-19 update from Indiefjord

BREAKING NEWS: At a press conference today April 25 the Norwegian Government announced a ban on all public events above 500 participants until September 1 – 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Regarding arrangements below 500 participants there will be a new announcement Thursday April 30.

Consequently we will make no final decision as to whether Indiefjord 2020 will be arranged or cancelled until that date.

But regrettably we already now must state that most likely Indiefjord 2020 will be cancelled, because there are more parameters to consider than domestic governmental decisions only:

– International travel restrictions and border/quarantine regulations – will they still be in force in middle of July?
– Economic considerations – Indiefjord has an economy based on a fragile budget with no ability of financial gambling.
– Potential or assumed danger of spreading infection in the small community of Bjørke with a mostly elderly population.

As soon as a final decision is made, we will be back to sort out technical issues like tickets booked and paid up front. These issues will certainly be covered by force majeure regulations, especially for those who have already booked and paid for flight tickets.

Anyhow we are looking forward to Indiefjord 2021 – the greatest Indiefjord festival ever.

Photo: Ingrid Amalie Hagen


Accommodation bookings are open – make sure you don’t leave it too long

Accommodation bookings at Bjørke rom og camping, Hjørundfjord Hostel and Bakketunet are now open! These places all usually get fully booked, so make sure you book your accommodation early in advance if you’re definitely coming along.

See complete info on our accommodation page!

NB! Hjørundfjord Hostel has special Indiefjord prices 10-13 July or 11-14 July, make sure you select three nights on those dates at Or if you are just staying one night, contact them directly and say you’re a festival guest to get an Indiefjord 2020 deal! All info in the link we just posted. ?

And yes, there will be a welcome party on the Friday, so that’s a great reason to arrive early. It’s so lovely to meet new (and old) festival friends before it all officially kicks off on the Saturday morning. And you just cannot miss out on Indiefjord Mum Elin-Grethe Haddal’s legendary speech/award ceremony!

NB2: We organise transport on the Friday and Monday only, so in case you are thinking of staying shorter/longer you should arrive by car.

Photo by Eline Viddal Rød – from a yoga session at the glorious Bjørke rom og camping, Indiefjord 2016!



The legendary Nick Garrie (UK) confirmed for Indiefjord 2020

Members of Teenage Fanclub, Wilco, Camera Obscura, The Ladybug Transistor and BMX Bandits are among those who have declared themselves as fans. He has been compared to Bob Dylan and Donovan, we have even heard someone mention that Paul McCartney would be jealous of his songwriting skills.

The legendary Nick Garrie (UK) will be joining us at Indiefjord 2020. A dream come true after years of hoping he would one day be on the line-up. ? Have a listen to the album The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas and you will understand why!


Avind (Norway) returns to Indiefjord – listen to their stunning Bonnie “Prince” Billy cover here

We were going to wait until the afternoon to announce this, but as we’re listening to this brand new Avind song on repeat, we just wanna share it with you… One of our favourite Norwegian bands will be playing Indiefjord 2020, just like they did in 2016!

Have a listen to this stunning Bonnie “Prince” Billy cover in our local dialect, “sunnmørsk”! We cry and cry when listening to this song, it’s beautiful beyond words – the Norwegian translation and Tonje Eirin Tafjord’s way of singing it really does it justice. ?


Video from Indiefjord 2019 – taking us back to a wonderful weekend

Memories from Indiefjord 2019. A huge thanks to *all* of you for making the 6th(!) Indiefjord so magical! Video by the brilliant Anders Møller Vestergård (@andersvest on Instagram), soundtracked by one of our favourite Simen Mitlid songs, Tell Me Everything. Oh, and check out Simen’s new album, which is out Friday 13 September! It’s packed with beautiful songs.


Indiefjord 2019 is over and we’re so grateful to all of you


We have been wondering which one of the photos from last weekend should accompany our thank you post, and there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. But in the end, we decided to share a song with you as thanks. It was one of those magical moments where we sat there, smiling and at the same time in floods of tears, grateful for the music and grateful to each and everyone of you.

You see, this is why we do it. Since 2014 we have aimed to bring indiepop to the fjords and to bring people together – to share these moments of beauty.

Thank you to our guests, the bands, dancers and DJs and our brilliant volunteers (including the hard-working Transport Team). An extra special thanks to the villagers for making us all feel so welcome, and to the band host families (Randi Finnes + Jon Egil Finnes, Cecilie Rørstad + Bjarte Sellereite – and Maria Nikkinen Rørstad + Torbjørn Saure Hoel). We hear the band members rather hoped we would forget to return them from Bjørke! Thanks to the mountains, the fjords, the waterfall, the sunshine and the fog – you helped ensure that there was never a boring day weatherwise or otherwise at Indiefjord 2019.

Thanks to super duper graphic designer/illustrator Luke Murphy-Wearmouth for our poster design! It will definitely go up on our wall!

And of course, a huge thank you to our sponsors; Ørsta kommune, TussaSpareBank 1 Søre SunnmøreSparebanken Møre and Retura Søre Sunnmøre AS! Thanks to Konsertsystemer LLB, Martinus Larsen, Stig Skavøypoll Hestenes and Elias Johan Liavaag for fantastic sound + lights – you made the amazing bands sound, if possible, even better! Thanks a trillion to our local partners Skjåstaddalen Frilynde Ungdomslag, Storfjorden sokneråd, BakketunetJensalødaBjørke rom og campingHjørundfjord Adventures, Hjørundfjord Kulturvernlag, PostkjellarenAntikklåven and Fjordbuda. Thanks to Farkvamen Barnehage and WestAuto As for hiring us some great buses to take guests and bands safely to/from Bjørke. And of course Tonga GardsbryggeriSofram Takeaway & Catering, Smaken av Sunnmøre/Anders Adolfsson , Alexander Haddal Molvær, Ann-Kathrin Haddal + Thea Gjerde Rise as well as Eirik Strandabø/JACU for making sure the festival goers did not go hungry/thirsty.

One last, special thank you to someone who is sadly no longer with us, someone who was an important member of the extended Team Indiefjord and one of our biggest supporters – as well as a keen band booker: “Post-Sverre” Bjørke, who passed away earlier this year. We hope to fill the veranda of Postkjellaren with music next year. ?

It’s a long list, so we’re bound to have forgotten someone, but we are so thankful to everyone who shared these magical summer days with us!

Enjoy this song with Rune Berg og Johnny Hide in Bjørke kyrkje – video by Anita Welle. Until next time!

Peace & Love!


Download the complete 2019 festival schedule, band timings and map as one PDF – in English or Norwegian:

Complete Indiefjord 2019 schedule – English
Komplett Indiefjord 2019-program på norsk

Do follow us on Facebook, too, as we’ll be updating our Facebook page even more frequently.


26.06.19 > Waacking and Salsa Cubana classes Saturday 13 July

Norway x Cuba dance classes at Bakketunet Saturday 13 July with super talented Gabriella and Amanda!


Waacking workshop – 11.00-12.30: 
Gabriella Riseo Adams Bratteberg returns to Bakketunet and Indiefjord with her popular waacking class! Last year’s guests had a fantastic time as you can see in these photos! Come get your inner funk and disco king/queen out!

Waack as a dance form was originally created back in the 1970s disco era – in the underground gay clubs of LA. The style was originally called “Punk”, in an attempt to turn “punk”, a derogatory term for gay men, into something positive. The name was later changed to waack. The originators of waack danced to underground disco records imported from Europe. The dance was also inspired by Greta Garbo and other Hollywood stars, such as Lauren Bacall, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis and James Dean. In 2011 waacking gained renewed attention through the TV series So You Think You Dance.

How exactly does one… waack? You move your arms to the beat, typically over and behind your shoulder. The dance style also includes other elements such as posing and footwork. Waacking is a lot about interpretation of the music and its rhythm.


Salsa Cubana workshop – 12.45-14.15:
Take part in an amazing Salsa Cubana workshop at Bakketunet på Bjørke with Amanda Cruz Portuondo from Havana, Cuba! Amanda has performed at Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Oper Köln, Santiago Alfonso Company and Ballet de la Televisión Cubana – and now she is coming to Bjørke!

Salsa Cubana uses Afro-Cuban, timba, rumba, reggeaton and other Latin dance elements. Everyone is welcome – and we hope you all make use of your salsa skills at the Saturday and Sunday evening discos. Wanna know more about Salsa Cubana and what you could expect? For inspiration, watch some YouTube videos featuring the following: Mark Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Descember Bueno, Gente de Zona and Olga Tañón!

All ages welcome! The classes last 1,5 hour each – and it’s 150 NOK per person per class. The fee can be paid in cash or via the Vipps app. To take part in any of the classes, please text or call Gabriella at +47 95 15 67 26 or email

Oh, and don’t you worry, you’ll make it to Notanaustet boathouse in time for the acoustic concert with Simen Mitlid (Norway) and Ole Johannes Åleskjær from The Loch Ness Mouse (Norway)! And: You’ll have time to warm up for these classes + get your coffee kick at the Notanaustet boathouse morning disco featuring Early Doors Disco from 9am! You could practically dance half the day away in the most glorious surroundings. 


Photos of Gabriella’s waacking class at last year’s Indiefjord by Andrea Hustad (littlepumaa on Instagram). The dancing certainly brought the sunshine! In addition, some photos of Amanda dancing!


25.06.19 > Norway x Cuba performance at Sunday 14 July: “No Moon At All”!

Gabriella Riseo Adams Bratteberg (Norway) x Amanda Cruz Portuondo (Cuba) will give us a (g)old fashion performance at Bakketunet på Bjørke  With a crossover between their different styles of dancing – and a connection shared on the fascination of what they call (g)old fashion. For the love of vintage, jazz, elegance, old fashion. La Classe and most importantly Dance!

Gabriella and Amanda will perform at the traditional Indiefjord Sunday concert at Bakketunet, with sets from the wonderful Wounded Bear (UK) and Selma (Norway) as well. The concert starts at 14.00 and is 100 NOK for those without an Indiefjord 2019 Sunday or weekend ticket.

PS: Wanna learn how to dance like Gabriella and Amanda at the Haukly disco that weekend? Keep an eye out tomorrow for the announcement of two super fun dance classes taking place at Bakketunet, with these two superstars! Tomorrow’s announcements will be all about dancing.


22.06.19 > Brutalligators (UK) returning to Bjørke to play us some songs

Fantastic news for all Brutalligators (UK) fans, they are returning to Indiefjord this summer! It’s so great to see them steadily building up a fanbase here in Norway, having performed the legendary Sunturns Christmas concert at Parkteatret last December. This Frightened Rabbit cover has been on repeat here since its release, so good! ?And we really, really hope Brutalligators’ super moving Christmas song Christmas in July will be played, too. Because Indiefjord 2019 will feel a bit like that to us, fab times full of surprises and hanging out with people who feel like family! We’re just hoping there won’t be any snow… ☃️☀️?

20.06.19 > Sheahan Drive (Australia): Gus from Architecture in Helsinki is playing Indiefjord

The next-to-last band to be announced on the Indiefjord 2019 line-up is our 3rd band from Australia this year! ? And wow, it’s none other than Gus Franklin from Architecture in Helsinki! He will be playing his beautiful sad-boy folk songs at Indiefjord! Big welcome to Sheahan Drive! We are hooked on Gus’ melancholic, melodic songs.

PS: Early Doors Disco – we hereby request our favourite AiH song, Escapee, for the Saturday night disco.


18.06.19 > Shelley Short is traveling to Bjørke from Portland, USA, to play Indiefjord!

Wow! Shelley Short is making her way from USA to play the evening stage at Indiefjord 2019 Sunday 14 July.

Shelley’s voice and songs are like made for our surroundings – stunning beyond belief! Her music is for fans of Joanna NewsomFirst Aid KitMarianne FaithfullMartha WainwrightRufus Wainwright and Kate & Anna McGarrigle.

Shelley says: “So here we go: I am from here, Portland, Oregon, although I have lived in other places, and have been lucky enough to have had my music take me to many magical spots, and to meet so many wonderful people.” And now Shelley’s music takes her to the fjords and a village hall stage in Norway to play for you!

At the moment Shelley is playing guitar and singing on tour with Neko Case – and a few of you know our Twitter history with the wonderful Neko. So we’re secretly hoping that she, too will find her way to Bjørke someday. 


16.06.19 > Acoustic set with Ole Johannes Åleskjær from The Loch Ness Mouse (Norway)

Another band announcement for you today – we’re super happy about this one, too! Ole Johannes Åleskjær, lead-singer of the legendary Norwegian indiepop band The Loch Ness Mouse, is playing an acoustic set at Notanaustet boathouse Saturday 13 July!


16.06.19 > Melby (Sweden) – for fans of Cocteau Twins, Amason and Cate Le Bon

Our favourite new song and band discovery! The fabulously talented Melby (Sweden) will be joining us at Indiefjord 2019! Matilda Wiezell’s vocals are truly otherworldly! For fans of Holy NowwyCate Le BonHajkAmasonDungen and Cocteau Twins.


15.06.19 > Morning and evening discos with Early Doors Disco DJs (UK) Saturday 13 July!

The rumours are true! The magnificient Early Doors Disco (UK) are back! Get ready for both a family-friendly morning disco down by Notanaustet boathouse AND a late night disco for the grown-ups at Haukly after the bands – Saturday 13 July.

Footage: Ingrid Amalie Hagen, Dag Kvalvik and Marita Bett Aakre.


12.06.19 > Sunday dancing with DJ Molly Silk and friends (Norway)

DJ Molly Silk

Proud to present Indiefjord 2019‘s Sunday night DJ! Molly Silk (Norway) will be joined by friends to play us the best songs in the universe, no less. Molly Silk had a small part in a musical amateur adaption of «The Wizard of Oz». However- the choreography got too complicated, so she now plays jangly records with her friends instead. If you like chubby girls with red curly hair + melodic indiePOP – this is the night for you!


11.06.19 > Charlotte Jacobsen (Norway) from Charlotte & The Co-Stars is joining us in July

Charlotte Jacobsen, lead-singer and songwriter of the Norwegian band Charlotte & The Co-Stars, has recently gone solo. We’re pleased to let you know Charlotte is joining us at Indiefjord 2019! Her songwriting combines darkness and light – and a beautiful, bluesy voice. Charlotte’s music is for fans of The Dresden DollsMadrugada and The Animals – and of course Charlotte & The Co-Stars. Have a listen to her new single – there will be handclaps at Haukly for sure!

Some cool facts: Charlotte has dueted with Ebbot from The Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Michael from Raga Rockers.


30.05.19 > A nice little mention in


Just read that reps from our fave Swedish music website are coming along to Indiefjord 2019! Yay! Read the article about the festivals they are visiting this year here.

Quite a few more bands to announce and we’re counting down the days.

*Disclaimer as to avoid click-bait: In the article it’s Primavera Sound and Roskilde Festival and some other festivals that are listed as “best line-up of 2019”, but we are super happy for the mention! It’s hard to beat The Cure and Belle and Sebastian bookings, after all! But do come along to Bjørke to see bands that may just become as big as these one day.  (and some bands consisting of true indiepop legends from oh so far away)

Photo: Jarle Skavhellen playing Indiefjord 2018 – by Andrea Hustad (@littlepumaa).


22.05.19 > Selma (Norway) – a younger, folkier deLillos?

Our German friend Heinz Brossolat told us about this  band a couple of years ago, and in July they are playing Indiefjord! Folky indiepop harmonies in Norwegian with a tiny touch of deLillos and some added Sarah Records twang. We met Ulrik Bjørnstad Haug from the band the very last time we went to the now closed Cafe Mono and can testify that they are super nice and talented people perfect for our line-up. Selma is playing the daytime stage at Notanaustet boathouse Saturday 13 July. This one is for you, Heinz!


21.05.19 > We heard Wounded Bear (UK) for the first time… and booked him straight away

We first saw Wounded Bear (UK) play a week and a half ago, touring with his brother, Benjamin Francis Leftwich. You could hear a pin drop, the set was so beautiful. Our EardrumsPop buddy Knut agreed that we really needed to book Wounded Bear, so there was one thing to do… contact Josh on Instagram and offer him a slot! Now he will be joining us at Indiefjord 2019 – playing in the most beautiful surroundings at Bakketunet på Bjørke Sunday 14 July. Hopefully the sun will be out!

For fans of Sam Airey, Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Jarle Skavhellen.

Several bands still to be announced – great festival times ahead.


20.05.19 > Happy 70th to Indiefjord Dad!


Today is Indiefjord Dad’s 70th birthday, and yesterday we celebrated with heaps of “rjømegraut” (sour cream porridge!) in Bjørke. In two months you can join him on our annual waterfall hike. We’re ready for a sixth festival summer with this view – maybe with less snow in the mountains than now in May.


12.05.19 > Indiefjord, friends and unicorns at the Bygdepride parade

We had a fantastic time at the Bygdepride parade in Volda yesterday. Thanks to all these beautiful people for joining us in the parade. Music and love for all. Forever. Photos: The always fabulous Ingrid Amalie Hagen.


07.05.19 > The Wit (Norway) won us over with this song

Our favourite song discovery this past month, thanks to Nordic Music Review and Twitter! And what do we do when we hear a song we like? We daydream of booking the band whose song it is. So without further ado, welcome to Indiefjord, The Wit! This excellent Norwegian band features members from Dråpe and Gold Celeste, and will be liked by fans of The Field MiceThe SmithsDeafheaven and, well, just great music. Can’t wait to fistpump to The Wit’s songs at Haukly in July!


05.05.19 > Gary Olson from The Ladybug Transistor is coming over from New York

We’ve been keeping this secret for a while, and we’re finally sharing it with all of you! The wonderful Gary Olson from The Ladybug Transistor is coming along from New York to play Indiefjord 2019! We’re so happy we’re actually lost for words.

Ole Johannes Åleskjær from The Loch Ness Mouse (Norway) will be joining Gary on stage, too! Their set will be magical to say the least! Counting down the days…


04.05.19 > Another band from Australia is joining us this year: Monnone Alone!

Guess who’s joining us in Bjørke in July, all the way from Melbourne, Australia? The awesome Monnone Alone! Mark Monnone is also known from this little band The Lucksmiths, you know…

It’s safe to say we’re beyond excited to announce Indiefjord 2019‘s second Australian band of the year! ?


15.04.19 > Join Indiefjord and our resident unicorn in the Bygdepride parade


We’re of course taking part in the Bygdepride parade in Volda this year, too! Come walk with us! Music and love for all.


10.04.19 > Darren Hanlon travels all the way from Australia to play Indiefjord! Wow!

We have been daydreaming of booking our next announcement for 8 years and we can’t believe it’s actually happening. Our musical hero Darren Hanlon is coming to Bjørke and Indiefjord 2019 all the way from Australia! We can’t even find the words to describe how much this means to us, but we’ll probably cry happy tears throughout Darren’s set. This summer will be magical indeed, dreams do come true.


07.04.19 > Indiefjord alumni Simen Mitlid (Norway) returns to Bjørke with new songs

Simen Mitlid is the sound of young Oslo. Ever since we heard his songs in the legendary NRK series Unge lovende we have been hooked. Simen played our little festival in 2017 and we welcome him back to Indiefjord 2019. Since Simen last played he has released a bunch of new songs, and this particular track is our most played song on Spotify so far in 2019. It’s *such* a hit!

At Indiefjord we love a repeat booking. Our only rules for booking are: You have to be a nice person and we have to love, love, love your music. Simple, really.


06.04.19 > Benedikt – a true Norwegian supergroup

Benedikt is a Norwegian supergroup with members from Whales & This LakeJouskaSimen Mitlid, Panda Panda and The Battery of MGP Junior (Eurovision Song Contest Junior) ’08 fame. GAFFA Norge likens them to Kings of Convenience and we agree! We hope you will ? Benedikt as much as we do, as they will be playing Indiefjord 2019.


04.04.19 > Jouska: Norwegian electropop band hailed for their live performances

The Norwegian electropop band Jouska received rave reviews at Trondheim Calling for their music and their light show. Featuring members from one of our faves, Whales & This Lake, we knew we would absolutely love this band. Can’t wait to dance to Jouska’s set at Indiefjord 2019!

For fans of StrfkrMGMT and Passion Pit, and Whales & This Lake, obviously.


03.04.19 > Beverly Kills (Sweden) – for fans of Agent blå, Makthaverskan and Westkust

Are you a fan of Agent blåWestkust and Makthaverskan? Then we’re 100% sure you’ll become a fan of Swedish post-punk wonders Beverly Kills as well! We saw them play Off:Larm in Oslo a few weeks ago and just had to book them to play Haukly Saturday 13 July!

Beverly Kills is hailed by HYMNGAFFA Sverige and international media – and just warmed up for Västerbron. We’re super lucky, see you in July, awesome people.


28.02.19 > Some early-bird tickets left – buy yours now!

Quite a few early-bird Saturday and Sunday tickets left – and from tomorrow, 1 March (or once early-bird tickets are sold out), ticket prices will go up:

Early-bird Saturday/Sunday ticket: 380 NOK, from 1 March: 450 NOK.
Early-bird Weekend ticket: 600 NOK, from 1 March: 700 NOK.

Book your tickets here.

Like always at Indiefjord all income goes back to covering the bands’ travel costs so even from 1 March the festival tickets are as affordable as possible (for us to make the festival happen) 

Photo: New friends waiting for the boat to Viddal and Haula Vineyard at Indiefjord 2018, Andrea Hustad.


25.02.19 > First Indiejord 2019 booking announced!

If you wanna play Indiefjord 2019 you’ve still got a few days to apply… and while waiting for *your* application we’re pleased to announce the first band of this year’s line-up! Johnny Hide & Rune Berg will be playing a daytime concert in Bjørke Church Sunday 14 July. These guys are hailing from some of our favourite Norwegian 60s-inspired pop bands: The MargaretsNumber Seven Deli and GISKE? Johnny and Rune will be playing songs from all these bands and some new tracks as well. The Indiefjord 2019 Spotify playlist is here.

? A great reason to buy your ticket while they are still early-bird (until 1 March)! ?


22.01.19 > These are our booking rules: How to apply to play Indiefjord 2019


Would you like to play or DJ at Indiefjord 2019 – or maybe even dance? ??? If so, please send your application to by the end of February. Wecan’t wait to listen to your songs!

Our aim is to bring indiepop to the fjords – but our musical tastes are eclectic and we carefully construct a line-up like a mixtape to a dear friend, so surprise us!

Our only booking rules are that we should love, love, love the music and you as a musician should treat others nicely. We do not tolerate racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or bullying of any kind.

/// Music and love for all ///

Please note: Due to our hectic day jobs and the number of applications we may not be able to get back to everyone. We do, however, listen to all the bands’ songs on repeat (and dance around while doing the dishes) in order to decide on the final line-up.

It could take us a while to make our minds up – but we will most likely announce a band or more before the actual deadline is up. This doesn’t mean that the line-up is filled up before the deadline, it just means we’re super eager to let the world know about a fantastic band! 

Photos by Andrea Hustad: Gabriella Riseo Adams Bratteberg and Runar Bjørkvik Mæland at Indiefjord 2018.


20.01.19 > The 6th Indiefjord is underway: 13 + 14 July 2019


Wow, the years are going by so fast… and we’re happy to let you know the 6th Indiefjord festival is taking place 13 + 14 July 2019!

The festival is of course still taking place at our very favourite spot, in the village of Bjørke by the Hjørundfjord, Western Norway!   

Indiefjord is a tiny little indiepop festival where you’ll meet new friends and old friends. We do not tolerate racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or bullying of any kind.

/// Our favourite bands and DJs from all over the world will be announced soon ///

Get your early-bird tickets from Tikkio by the end of February, after that the ticket price will go up!

Email for general information or if you would like to apply to play our festival (please apply to play by the end of 28.02 at the latest)!

We are offering a bus service Friday 12.07 to Bjørke, returning Monday 15.07, first and foremost for people flying in. These tickets will be available from our Tikkio tickets page closer to the time. We advise those flying in to arrive in Ålesund late afternoon at the latest so you get to Bjørke in time for the welcome party!

For any transport enquiries in the meantime please email – and we’ll ensure you get a space on the bus.

We’re looking forward to hanging out with all of you in July. Magical times ahead! 


Peace & Love from
Team Indiefjord

Photo by Andrea Hustad: Cocoanut Groove playing in Bakketunet during Indiefjord 2018.


22.07.2018 > LOVE + thanks from the Indiefjord family to all of you

LOVE ///

This video perfectly captures the feeling we, the organisers, were left with after – and during – Indiefjord 2018: Love!

We’re still quite lost for words, as the 5th Indiefjord felt really quite magical. Thanks, everyone, for being so kind to each other, for smiling to strangers, for dancing to the beautiful music, for clapping, for hugging – for making Indiefjord what it is. A little break from the everyday worries, with a flower in our hair. A place where we can be ourselves, with no judgement, making new friends and hanging out with old friends.

So many helped making this year extra special, too many to mention everyone by name, but you know who you are. Special thanks to: The villagers of Bjørke, the bands, the DJs, the artists, our volunteers (Team Indiefjord), the sound/light engineers from Konsertsystemer LLB: Martinus Magneson, Vemund Vasshaug and Elias Johan Liavaag, the guests, the local entrepreneurs (Bjørke rom og campingHjørundfjord AdventuresBakketunetAntikklåven Erkegarden på Bjørke, Fjordbuda, Postkjellaren Tekstil&NostalgiHaula Vingård/Vineyard), the band hosts, the stall holders (Sofram Takeaway & CateringGode Greier, Eirik Strandabø/JACU, Kari Lund Ellingsen, Tarot & Taarab, Kvardagsenglar and Sykris sine sy og strikkerier), Anders Adolfsson and Stranda Porter & Stout FestivalTonga Gardsbryggeri, Skjåstaddalen Frilynde Ungdomslag and Perry Bjørke in particular, Ørsta/Volda PrideBjørke kyrkje (Ørsta), Kulturvernlaget, Andrea Hustad for brilliant photos, Heinz Brossolat for all the chocolate and badges, Nicole Eklund, Daniel Storeide – and of course our super duper sponsors, Ørsta kommune, TussaSpareBank 1 Søre SunnmøreAurstad and Fantastiske Osberget. And a huge thank you to the sun that decided to chase the fog away and bask Bjørke in glorious sunshine.

Music and love for all!

The Haddal/Mork family

PS: See you next year? 13 + 14 July 2019, we think a 6th Indiefjord just has to happen.

Video: The Burning Hell and various bands and Indiefjorders, including our star, Iver. Footage borrowed from Diana Jonsson/Ane Mendel.


Download the complete 2018 festival schedule and map here:

In English (PDF)
Norsk/in Norwegian (PDF)

Download the 2018 Friday schedule here (bonus day, free welcome party):

In English (PDF)
Norsk/in Norwegian (PDF)

NB! As the festival is getting close, please check the Facebook event and Facebook page for the most recent news.


08.07.2018 > Church concert with Stig Ulv (NO) in Bjørke Kyrkje


Our local guitar hero, Stig Ulv, played Indiefjord 2015. Sunday 15 July at 12.00 Stig is playing his guitar-based songs in Bjørke kyrkje (Ørsta)(Bjørke Church). The concert will be nothing less than magical!

Tickets: Included in the Indiefjord weekend and Sunday tickets, or NOK 100 on the door if you don’t have an Indiefjord ticket. Free for children of 13 or under. Facebook event: Stig Ulv live at Indiefjord (Bjørke Kyrkje/Church)!

Photos: Eline Viddal Rød, Stig Ulv at Indiefjord 2015 (Bakketunet).


07.07.2018 > Important Indiefjord ticket news!


There are no Saturday tickets left, only 10 weekend tickets left, but plenty of Sunday tickets left!

This means that you should book your weekend ticket or Sunday ticket straight away to ensure your space at Indiefjord 2018. The Sunday (day and evening) will be just as fun, and we’ll soon release the whole weekend schedule.

For those who want that added extra we’ve got a special option: Golden Circle weekend ticket!

Did you hear about the Golden Circle/Eminem concert controversy here in Norway? We thought we’d do a friendlier indie version of this. For 1299 NOK you will get a weekend ticket with a guaranteed space in front of the stage. In addition: Fast-track through the ticket barriers, a golden festival wristband, a limited edition Indiefjord t-shirt, unlimited portions of vegetable broth at the volunteer party 12.07, a Christmas card from Indie Dad, 1 song request at the evening disco and a hug and present from Indie Mum as well as a mention in her welcome party speech.

Tickets sold here.


06.07.2018 > Craft beer tasting and local food samples in Bakketunet Saturday 14 July


Welcome to a very special beer tasting session in Bakketunet Saturday 14 July!

This year’s session is hosted by Anders Adolfsson, head chef at Stranda Hotel and the restaurants at Strandafjellet. Anders is one of the founders of Strandafjellet beer festival and Stranda Porter & Stout Festival – and a keen beer and aquavit enthusiast. He is joining us in Bjørke to teach the Indiefjord 2018 audience more about the craft beers from the Møre og Romsdal region of Norway.

At the beer tasting Anders will take us on a journey of five different beers – from light, blonde beer types to the heavier, darker ones. Learn about the traditional Norwegian farm yeast “kveik” and try the beer based on this!

Anders and Bakketunet also offer local food samples to go with each beer. Anders is passionate about matching the right drinks with the right food to bring out the taste of both. All food and drinks will be from the “food region” Møre og Romsdal.

The beer tasting is 375 NOK per person, and you need to be 18 years or older. Contact Bakketunet via their Facebook page to sign up, email or phone + 47 91 10 88 46.

The beer tasting will be timed so that you can join the afternoon and evening concerts.


05.07.2018 > Indiechurch: Free morning disco in the Notanaustet Boathouse Saturday 14 July 


For those who are up bright and early after our welcome party on the Friday (more info about that soon)… there’s a morning disco Saturday 14 July at Notanaustet boathouse. Indiechurch is hosted by our favourite DJs in the universe, Early Doors Disco (UK)! Yeah, that’s right, you’ll be able to start and end your Saturday with their tunes. We’re super curious about their outfits this year!

The songs will be the kinda songs that will bring out the sunshine and chase the clouds away. The disco is free, and for children and grown-ups… and there will be coffee! So, see you at 9.00 (yes, that’s 9am) next Saturday and we’ll kick off Indiefjord 2018 in style!

Facebook event for the morning disco here. Indiechurch warm-up playlist by Early Doors Disco here!


05.07.2018 > Waking up to this view? Yes, please! 


Have you booked your accommodation for Indiefjord 2018 yet? Quite a few of the Indiefjord activities will be happening at Bakketunet. They’ve got tent spaces and spaces for a limited amount of caravans, too! This is family friendly camping so please be considerate when staying here (no parties!). We dare say there aren’t many “campsites” in the world that look like this…

There are also camping opportunities and rooms at Bjørke rom og camping and rooms at Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem Bjørke. All the places to stay in Bjørke have got super friendly hosts and a wonderful atmosphere, it’s all part of the festival experience for sure! More info on all the accommodation options in Bjørke and surroundings.

Photo: Bakketunet.


05.07.2018 > Tarot readings soundtracked by a live double bass performance


Are you curious of what your future might hold, or are you pondering some big decisions? Then you will hopefully find some answers at Indiefjord 2018!

Welcome to the parallel reality of tarot & taarab, where ancient European and Arabic culture merge, where time ceases to exist and *you* will be the sole focus. Line Starheimsæter and Stian A. Andersen are offering a very special music and tarot card experience in a makeshift tent at Indiefjord HQ. Line will be doing private tarot readings to a soundtrack of Arabic music, and on the Sunday the music will even be live, with Stian playing the double bass!

To take part, please sign up on the spot in the outdoor chill-out area of Indiefjord HQ. The sessions are 100 NOK per person (cash and Vipps), and will take place every half an hour from 11.00 until 17.00 both Saturday 14 July and Sunday 15 July.


04.07.2018 > Come waack with us! Dance class + performance during Indiefjord


Have you heard of “waacking”? Waack as a dance form was originally created back in the 1970s disco era – in the underground gay clubs of LA. The style was originally called “Punk”, in an attempt to turn “punk”, a derogatory term for gay men, into something positive. The name was later changed to waack. The originators of waack danced to underground disco records imported from Europe. The dance was also inspired by Greta Garbo and other Hollywood stars, such as Lauren Bacall, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis and James Dean. In 2011 waacking gained renewed attention through the TV series So You Think You Dance.

The summer of 2018, waacking has finally come to Bjørke! Super talented dancer and dance instructor Gabriella Adams Bratteberg is from nearby Volda, but is currently residing in Paris. Saturday 14 July she is going to make Indiefjorders dance the waack at Bakketunet!

To join this 1,5 hour dance class (starting at 12.00), please sign up by emailing or phoning/texting +47 95156726. All ages welcome! The class is 150 NOK per person, which can be paid in cash or with the Vipps app. If the weather is nice the dance class will be outdoors, if it rains it will be indoors in the barn. And don’t worry, you’ll make it down to Notanaustet boathouse in time for the concerts! Oh, and Gabriella will make a guest appearance at the Sunday concert in Bakketunet, too, in case you just wanna see Waacking performed by a professional.

PS: How exactly does one… waack? You move your arms to the music beat, typically over and behind your shoulder. The dance style also includes other elements such as posing and footwork. Waacking is a lot about interpretation of the music and its rhythm. Check out some videos on YouTube for inspiration, and come join Gabriella at Indiefjord 2018! Then you can impress the rest of us with your 1970s waacking moves at the evening discos!


03.07.2018 > Wine tasting and tour at Haula Vineyard

Vineyard tour and wine tasting at Nina Viddal’s stunning Haula Vingård/Vineyard in Viddal Saturday 14 July! This is a fantastic opportunity to see the view from further down the fjord and to hear Nina’s interesting story. And of course, to try out two types of sparkling wine handpicked by Nina (while we are waiting for the “homegrown” Haula brand of bubbly to be ready)!

Limited spaces, so make sure you book today! The wine tasting starts at 17.00, and we’re organising a boat ride with Daniel Storeide and his boat MS Tollesund to Viddal. The boat ride is at 16.30, timed so that you won’t miss out on the Notanaustet boathouse concerts or the evening concerts (grab your dinner from Sofram Takeaway & Catering at the concert venue when you get back).

For more information, join the Facebook event. Tickets for the vineyard tour and wine tasting available here, and tickets for the boat ride here.


02.07.2018 > Indiefjord named one of the “Best Music Festivals Around the World – July 2018”


Wow!    So amazed to be on beehype‘s list of “Best Music Festivals Around the World – July 2018”, featured on the article’s header photo, too. Thanks heaps for the recommendation! Beehype is an online magazine made by “100+ music journalists from around the world”, so it means a lot to us to be on this list.  Read the full article here

Photo from Indiefjord featured in the article by Eline Viddal Rød.


01.07.2018 > Historier om Kjærleik – stories about love

The weather is stunning, and perfect for a road trip to Bjørke. Visit Historier om kjærleik in Bakketunet today, to see a great art exhibition about complex love. The exhibition is open until 17.00, and they’ve got absolutely fantastic pizzas and cake + coffee. The very talented artists are: Tine Isachsen, Henrik Koppen, Judith Bech and Renate Synnes Handal. Bakketunet, the exhibitions and the café will be open every Sunday in July, and during Indiefjord 2018, too, with some great concerts and performances on. More info about the exhibition here.


23.06.2018 > Beautiful poster design by Luke Murphy-Wearmouth


Oooooh, look at our fab new poster illustrated and designed by Lurkmoophy (Luke Murphy-Wearmouth from Early Doors Disco). Thanks heaps to Luke for designing the poster, and to our brilliant sponsors for helping us make Indiefjord happen once again: Ørsta kommuneSpareBank 1 Søre Sunnmøre and Tussa

Tickets are selling super fast this weekend, and once we’re sold out we’re sold out. Tickets here.


18.06.2018 > Final name on the Indiefjord line-up announced: Jarle Skavhellen (Norway)

A few days after playing BergenfestJarle Skavhellen (Norway) is the final name to be announced on the Indiefjord 2018 line-up! When we heard Jarle’s indie folk song Part of the Scenery, our initial thought was: “this is the Norwegian Bob Dylan, Girl from the North Country era”! Other names that come to mind when listening to his music is Sufjan StevensSt. ThomasMarlon Williams and Crying Day Care Choir. Jarle Skavhellen’s debut album is our favourite debut album in a long, long time, and Sunday 15 July he will be playing a concert with Cocoanut Groove (Sweden) in Bakketunet. The perfect setting for his timeless songs!

Oh, and do have a look at this wonderful, animated music video. Perfection!


17.06.2018 > Runar Bjørkvik Mæland (Norway) playing an acoustic set at Indiefjord

Last year Runar Bjørkvik Mæland (Norway) went to Indiefjord as a journalist and wrote some brilliant articles about Trist Pike and Dumpster Divas. This year he’s back playing an acoustic set in Norwegian and English (and Swedish, we hope – as we love this Kent cover?). For fans of KentAllo Darlin’Magnetic Fields and maybe Vamp?

Top tip: Read Runar’s article about Trist Pike visiting Bjørke and befriending some hens here.


17.06.2018 > The Springar frå Søre Sunnmøre Missionaries (Norway) – dance performance

eid spelemannslag

At Indiefjord we enjoy introducing our international audience to traditional Norwegian music. The local troupe The Springar frå Søre Sunnmøre Missionaries (brand new name for the occasion) will be performing at the free Notanaustet boathouse concert Saturday 14 July!

Anna Liv S. Gjendem, John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy, Cecilie Rørstad and Per Magnus Finnanger Sandsmark will be dancing the traditional dance “Springar”, with Anne Kristin Moe playing the Hardanger fiddle. The Springar is one of the oldest dances in Norway that is still being danced. This particular variety of Springar is local to our area of Norway – pretty sure it’s not on the line-up of any other indiepop festivals we know of. Our festival is not just about bringing indiepop to the fjords, it’s about bringing you the music of the fjord people.

Photo: Anne Kristin Moe and Eid Spelemannslag playing Notanaustet at Indiefjord 2017. Photo by Eline Viddal Rød.


16.06.2018 > Indiefjord featured in the Norwegian magazine


The Norwegian magazine features Indiefjord 2018 in their article about Norwegian festivals that combine music with beautiful surroundings. We’re in great company with Trænafestivalen and four other festivals. Thanks so much, KK!  Read the full article (in Norwegian) here. Photo featured in the article: Eline Viddal Rød.


13.06.2018 > Shikoswe (Norway) – new discovery at Musikkfest Oslo

At Musikkfest Oslo a week and a half ago we were sat watching the bands playing GAFFA-vogna. The music of Shikoswe (Norway) just blew us and our friends away. They felt like *such* an Indiefjord band, and we got the feeling that putting this band on is a now or never thing for our tiny DIY festival. Because they will go stellar, like Highasakite, and we will never have the chance again to book them to play a little community hall. Team Indiefjord is fond of last minute bookings/snap decisions, and we couldn’t miss our chance. This weekend Shikoswe is playing Bergenfest, and in just over a month you can see them live at Haukly, Bjørke. Thanks for making us aware of this brilliant band, GAFFA Norge!


13.06.2018 > Yolobrothers: Indie surf-rock from Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Yolobrothers is probably our favourite new band name, and the band’s music is really cool, too. Have a look at this music video, filmed in beautiful Hornindal, just around the corner (or through a fairly long tunnel) from Bjørke. These indie surf rockers are based in Bergen, but they are fairly local, hailing from villages in our neighbouring county, Sogn og Fjordane. We hear one of their band members came by Indiefjord last year. This year we’re looking forward to seeing yolobrothers on stage at Haukly.


12.06.2018 > Firetop Mountain (Norway) coming to Indiefjord

This song is just SO good. And finally we’ll be able to hear it performed live – at Indiefjord 2018! We’re pleased to let you know that the awesome Firetop Mountain (Norway) will be playing in Bjørke this summer. Music for fans of Death Cab for CutieMew ++.


11.06.2018 > Bus tickets have been added – limited spaces, buy yours now


Bus tickets have been added to our Tikkio ticket page. See photo for how to find them (scroll down to the bottom of the page and hover above the info sign next to the ticket to read more info)! Please note, as bus seating is limited we hope those who are fairly local/live in the region try to car-share.

The bus(es) will go from Ålesund and Ålesund Airport Vigra, Ørsta, Hovden Airport and Volda to Bjørke on the Friday early evening and return from Bjørke on the Monday morning. We can also take you from Kalvatn Nord bus stop and back those days (the night/day bus from Oslo stops there). The earliest bus (at around 18.00 +/- depending on flights) will make it to Bjørke in time for an epic welcome party, but there will be an alternative for those who arrive on later flights.

Oh, and do please fill in this form with your flight timings. That way we can time the transport to our guests’ flight arrivals/departures (and buses from Oslo/Bergen). The bus journey from Ålesund is often where new friendships form – the start of a great festival weekend. Oh, and we do go by a supermarket and a cashpoint on the way to Bjørke! If you’ve got any transport questions, please email “Indie Bro”, John:


10.06.2018 > Nervösa Hjärtan (Sweden) – André from Stars in Coma’s new pop project!

Super happy to let you know that Stars in Coma‘s André’s new band Nervösa Hjärtan (Sweden) will be playing Indiefjord 2018! Stars in Coma will be performing on the Saturday, and on the Sunday evening we’ll be dancing to the tunes of their new pop project, complete with Swedish lyrics. For: Fans of Strfkrof MontrealPhoenix and simply shimmering, melodic Swedish electro/indiepop like Stars in Coma. 


05.06.2018 > Naomi’s loop party – We are all mad here! From Bolivia to Bjørke

Representing the Bolivian-Polish artistic group Entre dos Aguas un Teatro, Naomi Achirico Zarzyka and Danuta Zarzyka are heading to Indiefjord 2018! Performing under the title of “Naomi’s loop party – We are all mad here,” we’re pretty sure this set will be like nothing the indiepop festival audience in Bjørke has ever heard!

On Sunday 15 July Naomi will be singing some vocal-crazy looped songs and Danuta will be doing mad poem interpretations. Thanks so much to Torbjørn Saure Hoel, the host of the excellent Bjørke rom og camping for introducing us to the friends he met when traveling in Bolivia years ago. We are really looking forward to this – Naomi’s voice is amazing!


04.06.2018 > Egil Olsen (Norway) will make you cry and giggle during his set

Egil Olsen (Norway) is a true Bjørke and Indiefjord friend – and a brilliant singer/songwriter. He played our little festival back in 2015, and 3 years later, on Sunday 15 July, we’re pleased to say he is doing an Indiefjord comeback. We will definitely cry when Egil is singing “About to Leave” at Haukly. And as always, we’ll probably have a giggle during his stage banter.


23.05.2018 > Catch Agent blå (Sweden) before they go bigger than The Cure


“You’ve got to book Agent blå again before they become bigger than The Cure,” said Team Indiefjord’s Sara a couple of weeks ago.

Well, they played a fantastic set last year and just released their new, amazing single… so we figured we’d better book them a 2nd year in row before it’s impossible to get tickets for their gigs. Bonus: We’ve now got a drummer for Early Doors Disco‘s Saturday night DJ set, too! So, see you in Bjørke in July, our Swedish friends! /// Photo of Agent blå from Indiefjord 2017 by Gail Watt.

PS: Have a listen to their ace new single, Another Reason To Cut Off An Ear – you might agree with Sara!


22.05.2018 > Steve Vickers from Come Out 2nite (UK) DJing Sunday 15 July



22.05.2018 > Early Doors Disco DJs (UK) returns!

Our Sunday night DJ is none other than the Indiefjord regular Steve Vickers (UK) from Come Out 2niteMacho Music Is Stupid and The Breakdown (+ probably lots of other music related projects)! Steve has got the most excellent taste in music and we know we’re in for a good, good time on the Haukly dance floor Sunday 15 July! Here he is, in is element (at Bakketunet), photo by the excellent Gail Watt. We expect music ranging from Carly Rae Jepsen to Camera Obscura, GrimesJens Lekman, Robyn, Allo Darlin’ and Magnetic Fields. It will be ace!


21.05.2018 > The Little Hands of Asphalt (Norway) to play Notanaustet boathouse

One of the most beautiful songs in the universe! So happy to announce that The Little Hands of Asphalt (Norway) will be playing an acoustic set in Notanaustet boathouse Saturday 14 July. It will be nothing less than magical.  We’ve been daydreaming about hosting this band since around 2011 when our friend David from Librarians Wanted introduced us to their music. These songs are for fans of Bright EyesPhoebe BridgersAllo Darlin’Making Marks and Säkert.


21.05.2018 > Cocoanut Groove (Sweden) in Bakketunet – for fans of Simon & Garfunkel

Cocoanut Groove

This photo of Olov Antonsson from Cocoanut Groove makes us dream of summer days in Bakketunet. Cocoanut Groove is the musical project of Olov Antonsson from Umeå, Sweden. The music is 60s style indiepop, and fans of Simon & Garfunkel and more recent bands such as The Clientele will definitely love Olov’s music! At Indiefjord 2018, Olov will perform an acoustic set in Bakketunet Sunday 15 July with songs in both English and Swedish  Have a listen to the aptly named “July”:


13.05.2018 > Selma & Gustaf feat. This Unmarried Queen (Sweden) heading our way in July

We’ve been so eager to announce this band. Selma & Gustaf (Sweden) made last year’s perfect album with The Unmarried Queen. All their songs are true gems and we’ve been listening to them on repeat for months now. Definitely music for fans of Feivel and First Aid Kit. We can’t wait for Selma & Gustaf feat. The Unmarried Queen to play Indiefjord 2018, it will be magical.


13.05.2018 > Amanda Mair (Sweden) – a booking that is very special to us

Back in 2011 when we were organising gigs in London with Librarians Wanted we hosted then 16-year-old Amanda Mair‘s debut UK show.

Swedish Amanda was discovered by Labrador Records when she was a teenager, and went on to release an album in 2012 that got compared to the likes of Kate BushFleetwood MacLykke LiBat For Lashes and Feist. Now she’s got new music out that sounds just as brilliant – we’d compare her to Norwegian Sigrid, too.

We’re so, so happy that Amanda Mair is playing Indiefjord 2018!


12.05.2018 > More band announcements tomorrow


Wooop! We’ll be announcing some bands tomorrow – and more will be announced soon! //// Photo by the excellent Gail Watt (Dumpster Divas playing in Bakketunet during Indiefjord 2017).


11.05.2018 > Bygdepride is happening right now!


Indiefjord’s Olea and Ingvild are making badges in Propellhallen in Volda during Bygdepride (before and after the parade). Do pop by the stand and say hello to them and the Bakketunet girls + our unicorn. Welcome to join Indiefjord later in the parade (more info on the event page about where to meet). Such a glorious day for our community!


10.05.2018 > Music and love for all


Music and love for all. So impressed with the awesome work Bygdepride is doing in Ørsta/Volda. Photo: Owl & Mouse playing Indiefjord 2015 by Eline Viddal Rød. PS: Only at Indiefjord – bookshelf keyboard stand. 


10.04.2018 > Indiefjord to take part in Bygdepride-Parade, come join us!


Indiefjord and friends will be joining Bygdepride-parade (Village Pride Parade) in Volda 11 May. Click here to walk with Indiefjord. ??️?


05.03.2018 > Sometimes it takes one song to book a band… Stíne Norse (NO/UK)

Our song of the week. Stíne Norse (NO/UK) will be playing Indiefjord this summer! Sometimes it takes one song to decide on a booking. Their other songs are wonderful too, though!

26.02.2018 > Ticket prices go up Thursday 01.03!


Only a few days to go to by your early-bird ticket! On 1 March weekend and Saturday/Sunday tickets go up with 50 NOK, so make sure you book yours now! Attention, fans or future fans of The Burning Hell (Canada) – they will be playing on the Sunday evening! We’re going through applications and have got high hopes of a pretty spectacular line-up in Bjørke July 2018. Tickets here.

Photo: The Tuts, Indiefjord 2016, by Horatio Earl Monge.


18.02.2018 > Memories from Indiefjord 2015: The Just Joans singing a Scottish folk song

We will always remember this: The Just Joans singing the Scottish folk song Wild Mountain Thyme in Bakketunet during Indiefjord 2015, the audience singing along.  And we will always weep a little when watching the video, too, because we shared this wonderful moment with a dear family member who passed away in 2016.  Video: Heinz Brossolat.


16.02.2018 > Carla from TeenCanteen + Belle & Sebastian = <3!

We can’t wait for the Belle and Sebastian Oslo gig next weekend. And especially now we’ve heard their brilliant new track! None other than Carla J. Easton from TeenCanteen (who totally rocked Indiefjord 2017) co-wrote this track, and is the lead-singer on it, too! Do yourself a favour, listen to this track + dive into all the TeenCanteen songs you can find! And make sure you check out Carla’s other project Ette, too – and of course Belle and Sebastian!


11.02.2018 > All the way from Canada: The Burning Hell!

So proud to present, all the way from Canada: The Burning Hell will be playing Indiefjord 2018! We’re so happy and we’re jumping around in the living room right now. According to Indiefjord Dad this band in many ways reminds him of Leonard Cohen, and we agree!


04.02.2018 > Indiefjord 2018 Spotify playlist

Would you like to be featured on this playlist and the Indiefjord 2018 line-up alongside Stars in Coma and Stig Ulv? Make sure you send your application to by midnight Saturday 10 February!

If you’ve applied and not had a reply from us yet, do not worry – we will only decide on the complete line-up once we’ve listened through all applications (more than a quick listen, too).


30.01.2018 > Stig Ulv to play Bjørke Church at Indiefjord

Our local guitar hero, Stig Ulv, played Indiefjord 2015, as seen here in Bakketunet. Sunday 15 July Stig will be returning to Indiefjord, playing in Bjørke Church. Stig is one of those musicians who make us cry with his music, in a good way of course. Prepare to feel utterly moved. Video: Heinz Brossolat.


07.01.2018 > Would you like to play Indiefjord 2018?

Would you like to play Indiefjord 2018? We aim to bring indiepop to the fjords once again, and creating the line-up is one of our fave parts of organising a festival.

If you’ve attended Indiefjord before you’ll know this, but we don’t just showcase indiepop bands. We do like to share traditional Norwegian music with you, too. Or maybe some classical music, or maybe even opera or who knows, maybe a metal band will appear? We aim to musically surprise you, and all of the music will be picked because we love it and think you will, too!

We will have both acoustic stages (with the Bjørke scenery as a natural, amazing backdrop) and an evening stage with full backline.

So bands and DJs, do send your applications to by 10 February. Due to a high number of applications and our busy day jobs it will take some time to get back to everyone, so please be patient with us.

We will announce the bands in batches, so if you see a band announced it doesn’t mean that the selection process is over yet – you’re still in with a chance. This year we have handpicked a small selection of bands, too, which will be presented over the next few weeks. There are still lots of spaces on the line-up, though – roll on, Indiefjord 2018!

Photo: The fantastic Eid Spelemannslag at Indiefjord the summer of 2017, by Eline Viddal Rød.


01.01.2018 > Stars in Coma (SE) returns to Indiefjord

We’re so, so, so happy to welcome our friends Stars in Coma (Sweden) back to Indiefjord 2018. SiC played the very first Indiefjord and will be there for our festival no. 5. This is one of our favourite Stars in Coma songs!


01.01.2018 > The 5th Indiefjord has been announced!

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

On New Year’s eve we announced that there will be a 5th Indiefjord taking place 14 + 15 July. Early-bird tickets are now available on Tikkio, and the Facebook event is here. We can’t wait! Much more info to follow! PS: Bands, do apply to play by sending an email with info and sounds to by 10 February.

Peace and love and happy summer vibes from Team Indiefjord!


13.07.2017 > Full list of activities and band timings for Indiefjord 2017:

Indiefjord Schedule 2017 (PDF – in English, including a page of band timings).
Indiefjord Program 2017 – norsk (PDF – på norsk, med bandtider / EN: Schedule in Norwegian).
Indiefjord + Bjørke map 2017 (In English / NO: Berre på engelsk – men forståeleg om de har programmet)
Indiefjord/area map with coordinates (Useful for mobile/iPad use when traveling).


13.07.2017 > For continual info, follow us on Facebook!

Indiefjord Poster 2017

Everyone in Team Indiefjord is very busy leading up to the festival, so the website will only be occasionally updated. For quick updates, please follow us on our Facebook page or event page. Saturday and weekend tickets are sold out, but we’ve still got Sunday tickets left, go to our Tikkio page. Welcome party at Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem Friday 14 July at 20.30, pub open from 18.00ish, offical opening of the Mjødkrå in Bakketunet at 18.00, too, with open mic and the Indiefjord playlist as soundtrack.

Scroll to the top of this page for map + full schedule!

Welcome to Bjørke!

<3, Team Indiefjord.


25.06.2017 > Brutalligators (UK) live in Notanaustet boathouse (Saturday 15 July)

Also very happy to let you know that the “post-emo” band Brutalligators (UK) will be playing an acoustic set in Notanaustet boathouse Saturday 15 July! For fans of Death Cab for Cutie and Early Doors Disco! PS: Judging by this photo, they may not be able to keep their shirts on when playing!

How many miles from Bjørke to Hawaii?


25.06.2017 > DJ Edine & friends (Hong Kong) – Cantonese opera, C86 and Nordic Indie on the dancefloor!

DJ Edine & friends will be playing dancy tunes after the bands on Sunday 16 July until late. You can catch up on sleep once you get back home.

Edine performed at Indiefjord 2015, and now she is back, this time DJing. Edine is originally from Hong Kong, but now lives in Stockholm – where she recently moved from London. Edine says her DJsets will be “filled with the likes of Erlend Øye, Jens Lekman, C86, twee, Cantonese opera and many other Nordic indies”.

Edine will invite some friends to join her DJ set, too. We can’t wait!

PS: Here is Edine performing at Indiefjord 2015 with Maskopet (Tramgirl Karaoke Club)!

Video: Heinz Brossolat.


18.06.2017 > Free Sunday yoga at Bjørke Rom og Camping


18.06.2017 > Wine tasting + guided tour of Haula, the world’s northernmost vineyard


Collaboration between Indiefjord 2017 and Haula Vingård/Vineyard. Experience the most northern vineyard in the world in the most beautiful fjord. Learn the history of the farm and join the farmer tasting some of her favourite wines from around the world.

Don’t miss out on our friend Nina Viddal’s Vineyard-tour and wine tasting – the Viddal part of the Hjørunfjord has got a stunning view to where the fjord opens up – and to “downtown Bjørke”!

Transport info will be shared soon. Tickets here.


18.06.2017 > Tind & Tare open boathouse with **this** view and **these** seats


Tind & Tare will keep their boathouse open on the Saturday and Sunday during Indiefjord 2017. Perfect place to enjoy the fjord view. Baguettes, hot dogs, salads, coffee, fizzy drinks and various other yummy food on sale.

Saturday: 10.30-17.00
Sunday: 10.30-16.30.

Check out the outdoor activities Tind & Tare have on offer in Bjørke and the surrounding areas.

Photo: Kari Nygard Tvilde.


11.06.2017 > Trist Pike (NO) – for fans of Joy Division, with lyrics in Norwegian

We will be fistpumping to Trist Pike (NO) at Indiefjord 2017! Not your usual indiepop festival act. For fans of Joy Division and T.O.Y.S! Lyrics in Norwegian. Stage banter/live performance = awesome. Trist Pike sounds like a legendary band performing at an Oslo basement gig in the 80s/90s, and will be playing live in the village of Bjørke in 2017. We are very happy about this booking!

Oh, and do follow Trist Pike on Twitter, they write hands down the funniest tweets. Might not translate well to English, though!


10.06.2017 > Unfortunately, Stilla Havet (SE) has had to cancel – new band to be announced soon


The lovely Stilla Havet (SE) has unfortunately had to cancel their Indiefjord performance this summer. But we think you’ll like their “replacement band”, too – to be announced soon! And yet a couple of more bands + DJ to be announced, too!

Photo of Stilla Havet by Henrik Svensson.


05.06.2017 > Sam Airey (Wales) will make us cry – and smile

And, the final band to perform at Bakketunet på Bjørke on the Indiefjord Sunday… A musician we’ve been waiting eagerly to introduce – who again will be perfect in the magical Bakketunet setting! We usually book at least one band we can cry our eyes out to, and this is the musician who will make our tears flow while grinning broadly at the same time during Indiefjord 2017: Sam Airey (Wales)*!

*not all of Sam’s songs are sad songs, but they all genuinely move us to… floods of tears! Don’t even get ut started on this particular song that we’ve linked to…

PS: You’ll be able to make it to all of the Sunday concerts on time, there will be no clashes of timings. (Bjørke Church, Bakketunet, Jensaløda and the Haukly evening concerts)


05.06.2017 > Dumpster Divas (NO) playing the Bakketunet acoustic stage

Summer dreams… Dumpster Divas (NO) will be playing our acoustic stage at Bakketunet på Bjørke on the Sunday of Indiefjord! This video and this song… you might see why this band is perfect for the dreamy setting of Bakketunet, on a relaxed Sunday afternoon. We can’t wait!


05.06.2017 > Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid (1921): Silent movie concert in a barn


We’ve got some great news for you regarding the Sunday at Indiefjord. The day will be full of daytime concerts (and the evening full of concerts, too!): Start of the day with a concert in Bjørke kyrkje (Ørsta), then go to Bakketunet på Bjørke (band announcement at 18.00 Norwegian time today) and then… to Hjørundfjord Filmteater‘s silent movie concert in Jensaløda! Tor Grunde Simonsen and John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy will be playing songs to Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid, and the venue is a barn – in the spectacular location of Leira (with a different angle fjord view to “downtown” Bjørke). If you don’t have car, or feel it’s too far to walk, we will make sure you get there after the concert in Bakketunet, and back in time for the evening concerts at Haukly.

**limited seating – order your tickets in advance to avoid missing out**

PS: The tickets (100 NOK) to the silent movie are separate from the festival ticket, so all guests/bands who want to attend need to buy their ticket at Tikkio to this show. The reason being: The concert is organised by a local film club, so “film club membership” is mandatory and part of the ticket.


29.05.2017 > Agent Blå (SE) – prepare to dance the night away!

We’ve been really, really hoping to make this booking happen… and we’re so happy tell you it’s indeed happening. Agent blå (Sweden) will be playing the evening stage at Indiefjord this summer. We’re looking forward to fistpumping and jumping around at Haukly to this. **Not** to be missed.


29.05.2017 > Indiana’s Loss (NO) – smoky, old school jazz merges with indiepop

Band announcement 1 of 2 today: Very happy to let you know that Indiana’s Loss (Norway) will be playing Indiefjord 2017! Here at Indiefjord HQ we’ll describe their music as “a mix of genres, melodic pop with hints of smoky, old school jazz – with little hints of Norah Jones”. A band perfect for one of our daytime stages!


16.05.2017 > amini (NO/UK) confirmed for Indiefjord, fall in love with their music!

“We met in a bar, in a small local Norwegian town, Volda. Which still to this day can be classified as ‘The Pearl of the West’.” amini (interview with The Pentatonic)

And where is this Pearl of the West, Volda? Half an hour from Bjørke! And where are the wonderful people of amini residing these days? In Oslo and London! And where will they be the weekend of 15 + 16 July? In Bjørke, at Indiefjord 2017!

This voice…

Oh, and PS: Have you watched the Medieproduksjon i Volda – MID web series Anhedonia Web Series yet? Amini’s music is featured! And PPS: We’ve updated the Indiefjord 2017 Spotify playlist with some amini.


14.05.2017 > Have you booked a place to stay yet?


We’ll share some fun Indiefjord things this upcoming week…

In the meantime, make sure you book your accommodation very soon if you are planning to come along to the festival, particularly if you would like to stay in the village of Bjørke, within walking distance to everything.

Bjørke rom og camping (camping and hostel), Hjørundfjord Adventures (Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem Bjørke – hostel) and the Bakketunet på Bjørke family camp are all in Bjørke and are highly recommended!

In addition there are cabins, camping opportunities and a hotel 10-15 mins drive from Bjørke. Or if you are traveling by boat, Sæbø, Øye, Trandal and other villages located along the beautiful Hjørundfjord are great options, too!

NB! Should anyone traveling by plane (having no access to a car) not be successful in booking a room in the villlage of Bjørke, get in touch with and we will do our best to help you find a good solution. Do not panic!

Read more about where to stay here.

Photo: Horatio Earl Monge (Indiefjord 2016)


10.04.2017 > For fans of “Unge Lovende”: Simen Mitlid (Norway) will be playing Indiefjord this summer

Here at Indiefjord HQ we are huge fans of the Norwegian TV series “Unge Lovende”. Season 2’s soundtrack is absolutely stunning, and there was one particular singer-songwriter we knew we just had to get to come play in Bjørke.

We are very happy to let you know that Simen Mitlid (Norway) will be playing Indiefjord this summer! Have a listen to “Sleeping”, “Vacation” and Simen’s other wonderful songs and enjoy!

And make sure you buy your early-bird ticket before the prices go up, or the tickets are sold out… The Tikkio website is now available in English, too – you can buy your tickets here.


10.04.2017 > Ticket website now available in English, early-bird tickets offer extended until 23 April


We’re very happy to let you know that our ticket vendor Tikkio has now got an English language option on their website! We’re celebrating this by extending the early-bird ticket offer for two more weeks, until midnight on Sunday 23 April. So make sure you buy your weekend or Saturday/Sunday ticket soon.

We’ll be celebrating further by revealing the name of a Norwegian singer-songwriter who’s performing on the Saturday of Indiefjord later this afternoon/eve. Keep an eye out for the announcement. We can’t wait. <3

Tickets available here.


12.03.2017 > Early-bird tickets on sale via Tikkio **now**


Early-bird tickets on sale! Follow the link below for tickets from Tikkio. For those who are not able to read Norwegian: Indiefjord’s Ultimate Guide to Buying Tickets is here.

Team Indiefjord can also be helpful with reserving tickets if you struggle with the booking page. If so, email us on

**** Early-bird tickets will be available for the next month, after that they will go up with 50 NOK per ticket (weekend and day tickets).

Photos: Eline Viddal Rød (@elineviddal on Instagram)


12.03.2017 > First batch of bands for Indiefjord 2017 – confirmed and announced!

Between 17.00 and 18.00 today we announced band by band, and here are the bands confirmed for Indiefjord so far.

Kid Canaveral
Young Romance
The Electric Pop Group
Pale Lights
Stilla Havet
Tinsel Heart
Matt Stead & Rob Ash
The Keep Left Signs
Early Doors Disco DJs


+ lots more to come! Leaving you with this song by TeenCanteen, and will post a Spotify playlist later this evening for your listening pleasure.

We’ve made a Spotify playlist for the occasion:

Again, if your band has applied to play Indiefjord we may still book you. Everything at our festival is very DIY (and with a lot of love put into it), including the booking.


12.03.2017 > First band announcements + tickets on sale

This is happening between 17.00-18.00 today. First band announcements + tickets on sale! We will be announcing band by band from 17.00 – with tickets on sale on Tikkio from 18.00. Norwegian time – for our friends living elsewhere in our beautiful world!  (And again: Bands that have applied – we haven’t made our decisions on the rest of the line-up yet, so you are still in with a chance)

Keep an eye out on FB and/or on to see if one or more of your favourite bands will be playing! Or bands you’ve never heard of before, but might become your new favourites?

Love, Team Indiefjord!

(Photo: Eline Viddal Rød, @elineviddal on Instagram)


04.01.2017 > How to get to Indiefjord – transport information

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød, Indiefjord 2016.
Although Norwegian has discontinued the direct “indiepop flight” Gatwick-Ålesund, there are plenty of ways to get to Bjørke for guests from abroad. It may take some of you a little longer this year, and it may be more expensive – but once you get to the village and Indiefjord 2017 we hope you’ll feel relaxed. You’ll definitely deserve a refreshing fjord swim! 🙂 We’ll organise a Friday/Monday indiepop airport/food shopping bus for visitors from afar this year, too. And if you get to Bjørke for the Friday evening there’s bound to be an informal welcome party!

Following is some reassuring transport information from Indie Bro John:


Here is a google doc containing transport alternatives

If you have further questions about transport, feel free to contact me on facebook or mail me at

You can read more on our transport page, too.

Looking forward to July!
Team Indiefjord


04.01.2017 > Call for artists!

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød, Bakketunet, Indiefjord 2016. Art: Sean Mahan (USA).

The idyllic old farm Bakketunet på Bjørke is much loved by our festival guests. Last year Sean Mahan Art (USA) exhibited his beautiful paintings there during Indiefjord. Now the Bakketunet hosts are looking for international or Norwegian artists to display their art – and to stay on the farm – during Indiefjord. For more information on how to apply, go to Bakketunet’s website.

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød, Bakketunet, Indiefjord 2016. Art: Sean Mahan (USA).


02.01.2017 > Band and DJ applications for Indiefjord 2017 now open

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød (@elineviddal on Instagram)

BANDS + DJs: If you’d like to play Indiefjord 2017, please apply by midnight Friday 10 February with links to your music + amount of band members (for logistics purposes) and whether you would like to play on the main stage with full backline in the evening or one of the acoustic/semi-acoustic sets in the daytime. If you’d like to apply with more than one band, that’s fantastic.

NB: Email, Facebook messages to individual organisers are difficult to keep track of. As we’re a small team and are getting more and more applications, it will take us some time to get back to you, and we can only promise successful applicants a reply.

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød (@elineviddal on Instagram)


01.01.2017 > 15 and 16 of July. It’s happening again 

We are bringing indiepop to the fjords once again, 15-16 July 2017.

Indiefjord is a festival where you’ll meet new friends and old friends. We do not tolerate racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or bullying of any kind.

We are at the very early planning stages of this year’s festival but wanted to set a date so guests + bands can plan in advance. We will add updated information about accommodation and travel as soon as possible, and if you’ve got any questions meanwhile, do email

There will be evening concerts at Haukly on the Saturday and Sunday like previous years. Daytime activities and concerts will be taking place around the village. Some activities will be familiar ones to Indiefjord regulars, and there will be some new additions/changes.

Fjord swimming is highly encouraged, as is improvised ukulele playing. And we are hoping the weather permits the annual guided waterfall hike.

Please note: The direct “indiepop flight” from Gatwick to Ålesund is apparently a thing of the past (or at least 2016), but we will think of creative travel suggestions for guests traveling from the UK to get here as cheaply and swiftly as possible.

TICKETS: Not on sale yet, but we will announce the ticket sales soon. For now though, make a note of 15 + 16 July in your diary.

BANDS + DJs: Please apply by midnight Friday 10 February with links to your music + amount of band members (for logistics purposes) and whether you would like to play on the main stage with full backline in the evening or one of the acoustic/semi-acoustic sets in the daytime. If you’d like to apply with more than one band, that’s just great. NB: Email, Facebook messages to individual organisers are harder to keep track of. As we’re a small team and are getting more and more applications, it will take us some time to get back to you, and we can only promise successful applicants a reply.

ARTISTS: More information on how to apply very soon.

Facebook event here. Video above by Liam Thomson (Indiefjord 2016).

Hopefully see you in July, lovely people.

♥, Team Indiefjord


06.09.2016 > This is what happiness looks like


This is what happiness looks like /// this is why we do it. Great memories from The Tuts’ headline set, Indiefjord 2016. Photos: Horatio Earl Monge.


18.07.2016 > This is why we do it / We wanna say thanks.


This is why we do it / We wanna say thanks 

A week ago our Indiefjord guests and bands ferried across the fjord and back to their homes, wherever in the world they may be. But for one weekend this year, Bjørke was our joint home, and such a happy one – a pocket of calm, harmony, beautiful music and beautiful souls – in a world that can be exhausting and chaotic.

We are no longer sure who Team Indiefjord really is, cause it seems to be all of you who were there, the bands and DJs, the guests, the volunteers, the people of Bjørke (more than anything), the caterers, the people who hosted guests, those who organised activities and mini concerts, the artists who painted the beautiful art that was on display, you’re all part of our large extended family. It’s hard to put into words, and to even mention names, as there were so many. But we will try… <3

In addition to those mentioned above, a special thanks to: Skjåstaddalen Frilynde Ungdomsslag and Perry Bjørke and all the helpers from Bjørke (Eivind Skjerdal and many more), Hjørundfjord Sogelag, Bjørke/Storfjord Kyrkje and minister Espen Aarseth, Ørsta Kommune, SpareBank 1 Søre Sunnmøre, Bjarte Sellereite and Cecilie Rørstad, John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy and his whole family, Jon Egil Finnes and Randi Finnes, Solveig Pia Nikkinen and Kjetil Rørstad, our excellent and ever-patient sound/lights team Vemund Vasshaug and Martinus Magneson as well as their helpers Markus Bjørlykke and Elias Johan Liavaag, Ola Laurits Hjørungnes for awesome runner skills and for keeping us calm, fed and relatively awake/asleep depending on the time of day, Marita Bett Aakreand the rest of the team at Bakketunet på Bjørke, Craig Clark, Kieran Toms, Maria Nikkinen Rørstad and Torbjørn Saure, Ulises Palacio and Camila Furey (for bringing Argentina, dreamy guitar solos and yoga to Bjørke), Sverre B. Bjørke and Alvhild Bjørke Strømme and co at Postkjellaren Tekstil&Nostalgi, Eirik Hildre, Anne-Margit Høyvik Solheim, Jorunn Saure and family (including the best little dancer in our indie clan), Svanhild Saure and Oddhild Saure for carrying some very heavy boathouse doors, Sykris/Synnøve Alet Kristiansen, Mor Sigfrids Bakst, KR Catering and Norbak Bakeri AS and the smiley H.Kadir Dikbas for bringing falafel and børek to Bjørke, Bjørke Rom og Camping, Berthahuset, Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem Bjørke (and in particular Robert M. Muisol), Fantehuset, Hallgeirs Turbuss, Sula Rutelag, Ørsta Kulturskule, Lyd & Lyspartner, Grim & Gryt and Cecilie Hole, Johannes Dag Ødegård + family for lending us a car seat, Lynn Chan from the The Quirky Girl Crafter for the stunning badge and keyring designs (our new mascot!), Jacu coffee, Skyssbåt Hjørundfjord, Morks Antikk, Tikkio, Tussa, TINDE Design & Trykk, Nordvestprofil AS, those who took awesome photos and filmed videos, among them: Michael Prince, Eline Viddal Rød, Heinz Brossalat, Liam Thomson, Kari Nygard Tvilde and Horatio Monge. So many to thank, so we probably have forgotten to mention some names. We are grateful to everyone of you. And particularly for respecting the surroundings of Bjørke, keeping it tidy and clean – and a friendly place to be – during our little festival and in everyday life.

Love, the Indiefjord family

Photos in this post by Eline Viddal Rød.


09.07.2016 > Waterfall hike cancelled

ENGLISH: The waterfall hike today is cancelled due to safety reasons as it’s so wet and slippery. We are really sorry!

Everything else will go as planned, just make sure you wear a raincoat + wellies. The weather is meant to be better later in the day. 🙂 We recommend going for a walk along the fjord (both sides). Towards Leira and Viddal or to Finnes and up the road to Bakkedalen valley instead, stop by Indie Coffee Camp for a coffee from 11. <3 🙂

Drop-in yoga (free) at Bjørke Rom og Camping from 11, come along when you feel like between then and 12. (Free/donations)

Bakketunet på Bjørke is open from 11.30, there will be an artist talk (12.00), there is a cafe and gallery. And the antiques barn + Galleri Bukke-Jo is open and they serve coffee and waffles. Lots of lovely food served around the village, for example from Mor Sigfrids Bakst and KR Catering (buy breakfast from 9), Bjørke Rom og Camping (hot vegetable soup from 12), Postkjellaren (cake, ice cream, coffee) and later in the afternoon at Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem, Bjørke: Barbecue food and beer. Crafts/textiles stalls up at Indiefjord HQ (Lappelina + Sykris sine sy og strikkerier).

Daytime concerts: Postkjellaren 13.00, Bjørke Rom og Camping 13.00, Notanaustet boathouse 14.30 and Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem 17.00. Evening venue open from 18.00. See you later! 🙂 And do some kind of rain dance to make the weather gods change their minds!


NORWEGIAN: Fosseturen til Tyssefossen er avlyst av sikkerheitsgrunnar, det er for glatt til å gå i fjellet. Men det er mykje anna som foregår i bygda, blant anna på Bakketunet på Bjørke, Bjørke rom og camping og Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem, Bjørke. Minner om dagskonsertar i Postkjellaren 13.00, Notanaustet 14.30, Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem 17.00. Sjå program på heimesida vår! 🙂 Team Indiefjord


05.07.2016 > Full activities and concerts schedule + map for Indiefjord published
Activities for Indiefjord 2016 include lots of concerts around the village, outdoor yoga, guided waterfall hike, börek, falafel and svele, Indie Coffee Camp, Grim & Gryt beer tasting session and pub, exhibitions, artist talk, crafts and textiles market stalls and much more. Full activities and concert schedule + map can be downloaded here. It will also be available at Indiefjord HQ and the evening venue during the festival. Norwegian version available at some point during Wednesday 06.07.



05.07.2016 > Band timings, evening concerts
These are the band timings for the evening concerts during the festival. Full activity programme + daytime concerts schedule will be available later tonight, as well as a map. You can download the evening concert timings here. These concerts are included in your festival ticket if you’ve got a weekend ticket, or if you bought a day ticket, Saturday/Sunday evening depending on which day.

Bandtimings-1 Bandtimings-2


27.06.2016 > Family camping with babysitting included – in Bakketunet!


Families traveling to Bjørke and Indiefjord 2016: Great new concept from our friends at Bakketunet på Bjørke! Family camping, AND they provide the babysitters so the grown-ups can go to the evening concerts and dance! 300 NOK per night (bring your own tent). 2 nights: 600 NOK in total. You’ll be able to use the facilities – stunning outdoor area at an old farm (where there is also a gallery and concerts + a cafe), including the brand new tea house (pictured), the kitchen, toilet and shower. NB! No alcohol to be consumed on site to make sure it’s a family-friendly location. 50 NOK per hour for babysitting (no babies though). The babysitters are four 14-16 year-olds who are experienced in looking after children. We are very happy about this fantastic camping opportunity! PS: This includes your Bakketunet entrance! Booking: Call Marita Bett on +47 91 10 88 46 or send a Facebook message to Bakketunet på Bjørke‘s page.


27.06.2016 > Free daytime concert on the Postkjellaren terrace 9 July!

We are very happy to let you know that there will be a concert on the Postkjellaren terrace Saturday 9 July! Lars Håvik (Norway) will be playing jazz on his accordion for about an hour from 13.00. Photo from last year’s Postkjellaren musical treat by Francesca Dimech. The Just Joans seemed to be really enjoying the concert! Postkjellaren Tekstil&Nostalgi will be open from 12.00-17.00 on the Saturday and Sunday, and you can buy textile designs and handcrafts + fantastic cake. There will be ice cream, coffee and softdrinks on sale too – and it’s actually a post office museum! Only in Bjørke. <3


21.06.2016 > Official Indiefjord poster with Bjørke illustration by Sean Mahan (USA)


Now all the bands have been announced – and we’d like to introduce the Indiefjord 2016 poster! Illustration based on Bjørke and the Hjørundfjord by the talented Sean Mahan Art (USA), who’s exhibiting in Bakketunet på Bjørke during Indiefjord. Love <3 We’ll aim to sell limited edition, signed prints of this poster, and Sean has decided that all the money earned on this print with the line-up on will go back to the bands performing at the festival. The poster will be up in Bjørke and the surrounding areas.

21.06.2016 > Yoga instructor and musician – all the way from Argentina to Bjørke


We’ve got one final band to be revealed for Indiefjord! Although we hear rumours of a troupe of street performers making their way from Berlin, more about that very soon… Very happy to present Ulises Palacio, all the way from Córdoba, Argentina! He will be playing guitar at Bjørke rom og camping at around 13.00 Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th. The hostel will serve lunch from 12-16.00; vegetable broth/soup with bread (NOK 50,-) as well as coffee. And not only that! Ulises’ girlfriend, Camila Furey (from Argentina as well) is organising outdoor yoga at the campsite 11-12 Saturday and Sunday (if the weather is okay, not too rainy or windy!). You can roll out of your tent and into a yoga pose… wear comfortable clothes! If you don’t have a yoga mat, the lawn should be comfortable enough. The yoga class is free, but donations encouraged. In addition, Ulises will be singing some songs in Notanaustet boathouse on the Saturday, alongside Benjamin Southworth and David Callahan. Band timings to be revealed soon, and we will share Ulises’ music soon too – once he’s on Soundcloud. But we’ve heard the songs, and they are wonderful!


20.06.2016 > Local talent Ingrid Karoline Smoge (Norway) playing Saturday 9 July

Ingrid Karoline Smoge (Norway) will also be playing on the Saturday afternoon at Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem, Bjørke. Very happy about this! We’ll share some more music news tomorrow – which involves the other hostel in Bjørke, Bjørke rom og camping. So much music this year… and a really relaxing activity planned for Saturday and Sunday morning – TBA.


20.06.2016 > The Jet Van Set (UK) at Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem Bjørke

Very happy to let you know that our new favourite indiepop band The Jet Van Set (UK) will be playing Indiefjord 2016! The Jet Van Set is at the moment Owen Radford-Lloyd (The French Defence and Finnmark, both Indiefjord favourites from our first festival 2014) – but who knows, Owen might recruit some band members at the festival? This song is such a hit! Owen will be playing late afternoon on the Saturday – at Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem, Bjørke. More information about this mini stage soon.


19.06.2016 > Börek, falafel, köfte – and svele – served at Haukly


Lots of Indiefjord news the next few days, we will reveal some activities, music treats, the festival poster +++. And one last, mouthwatering announcement for tonight: KR Catering in collaboration with NORBAK BAKERI AS will be our caterers at the evening venue this year! And not only that, they’ve told us that from 09.00 Saturday 9 July and Sunday 10 July you’ll be able to get take-out meals from Haukly.

Once the evening concerts commence the meals will only be available to ticket holders, but earlier in the day everyone is welcome. It will be like an own Indiefjord drive-through! There should be some seating outside in the daytime, as the evening venue will only be open from late afternoon. The meals served at Haukly will be a really yummy mix: Falafel, köfte, couscous, hummus, zaziki, baba-ganoush, various types of börek, barbecue chicken with salad, fattoush salad, chips, Asian stew, soft serve ice cream (“softis”), slush and of course the big Indiefjord hit “svele” with “brunost”. You will even be able to get a really nice cup of tea! Feeling really hungry now… Photo borrowed from: K R Catering.


19.06.2016 > Band practice for the Bjørke Church concert, Sunday 10 July
The Hjørundfjord, view from Bjørke’s neighbouring village Leira this beautiful summer evening. Photo by Elin Grimstad from Je Suis Animal (Norway), who is visiting Leira/Bjørke for two days to practice her Indiefjord set in Bjørke (Storfjord) Church. Elin will be playing on the Sunday afternoon (10 July) alongside John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy and Ketil Grøtting (both Norway). Those who have bought Indiefjord tickets for the Sunday or weekend tickets will have free entrance to this concert, others will be able to buy tickets on the door (no advance sales) for 100 NOK. There is space for 130 guests, so first come, first serve. It will be magical. PS: We encourage you to support Frendefinansiert flygel, the campaign to fund a grand piano for John Inge’s barn concert venue in Leira (venue under construction), this exact view included. We are hoping for a concert there during Indiefjord 2017…

14.06.2016 > Trine Røssevold artist talk and exhibition

In addition to Sean Mahan Art, the very talented artist Trine Røssevold (Norway) will be exhibiting her art at Bakketunet på Bjørke during Indiefjord 2016 (ignore the event dates, the exhibition will still be up during the festival). Trine will be giving an artist talk Saturday 9 July, more information about that and all other activities during the festival soon. Let Bjørke be filled with art and music + the friendliest people! Photo borrowed from: Trine Røssevold/Bakketunet.

07.06.16 > Tickets are selling fast + get in touch for airport transport! 
Tickets for Indiefjord 2016 have been selling fast these last few days. <3 Read more on how to buy your tickets here (Tikkio for visitors from Norway and Paypal for visitors from abroad). If you’re flying in, do notify us by 21 June if you need transport from/to the airport on 8 July and 11 July. Please note: As we don’t have capacity to organise transport for all festival visitors, local/regional guests will need to get to the festival on their own – it’s part of the magical Bjørke adventure. But feel free to post on the event page or here if you’d like to car/boat/kayak-share. You might even be driving from Sweden or Oslo or Amsterdam or London and would like some hitchhiker company? 🙂 Announcements of activities over the next few days and weeks, as well as band timings. Oh, and PS: The Indiefjord ukulele, although a bit battered, will of course be in use down by the fjord! <3 See you soon, old and new friends.

– Team Indiefjord


21.05.16 > David Callahan (UK) from legendary indiepop band The Wolfhounds to the fjords!

David Callahan from legendary indiepop/rock band The Wolfhounds (UK) will be playing a solo set at one of our daytime stages as well! We can’t wait.


21.05.16 > Crying Day Care Choir (Sweden) to play Indiefjord!

“July, July, July… don’t go too soon…” If ever there was a soundtrack for Indiefjord this would be it. So happy to let you know that Crying Day Care Choir (Sweden) will be playing our little festival this summer! They are perfect for one of our outdoor, daytime stages we think… 🙂 And this music will surely get you in Scandi summer mood! PS: If you, like us, love the music of Monde Yeux (“Naked Girls” and “It Should Show”) it might be interesting to hear that CDCC and Monde Yeux have got some band members in common..


11.05.16 > Greetings from Bjørke an evening in May…

ingvild1 ingvild2
Indiefjord co-organiser Ingvild’s been kayaking on the Hjørundfjord just now. We can’t wait to have you all visiting. <3
Photos: Ingvild Mork


07.05.16 > Feivel (Sweden) – for fans of Slow Club, First Aid Kit and Marit Larsen!

A new announcement for Indiefjord 2016, and this one we’re beyond ecstatic to introduce! Feivel (Sweden), the new star in the indiepop galaxy! Fans of Slow Club, Marit Larsen, Beirut and Dry the River (as seen here with Feivel) and First Aid Kit will adore her music… <3 TOTALLY utterly amazing.


24.04.16 > Talented pianist and church organist John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy (Norway) to play Indiefjord

We’re very happy to let you know that John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy (Norway) will be playing Indiefjord 2016! John Inge is a multi-talent when it comes to music, he plays the church organ, the piano, the melodica and songs from a variety of musical genres. We know it’s going to be amazing. John Inge is from Bjørke’s neighbouring village Leira, and during last year’s Indiefjord The Smittens stayed at his farm. John Inge is saving up for a grand piano and is building a concert venue in his barn. You’re encouraged to support the crowdfunding campaign over at Frendefinansiert flygel.

19.04.16 > Trust Fund (UK) brings AWESOME to Bjørke

You might as well be prepared to do some fistpumping at Haukly this year as well, because the awesome UK band TRUST FUND has been confirmed for Indiefjord! SO happy.

17.04.16 > Dead Flowers (UK) –  a real treat for fans of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits

Extremely happy to announce that Ian Williams from Dead Flowers (UK) will be playing a solo set at Indiefjord this summer. If you’re a fan of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, you will adore his music.

Listen to Dead Flowers on our Spotify list:

A few more bands to be announced soon, in the meantime make sure you buy your ticket to the festival and book your accommodation.

Original photo by Kari Nygard Tvilde, Photoshop mash-up by Ian Williams of Dead Flowers. 


24.02.16 > The resurrection of Red Shoe Diaries (UK)!

They’re back! Red Shoe Diaries (UK) are entering the world of indiepop once again, and we’re so so so happy to be able to tell you they’re playing Indiefjord this summer! <3 Check out their music on Bandcamp! And… in case you’ve forgotten what they look like:


Welcome to Norway, Red Shoe Diaries! And welcome back to the indiepop world, hope you’ll stay around for a long, long time.


24.02.16 > Filling the Thee AHs shaped hole in our lives: Davina Shell (Canada/Holland)

Here to fill the Thee Ahs (<3 <3 <3) shaped hole in our lives: Davina Shell (Canada/Holland), who used to play in this fantastic band, will play Indiefjord! YAY!


24.02.16 > Sneak peek: Sean Mahan’s (USA) Indiefjord/Bakketunet art in progress


Sean Mahan Art (USA) hard at work, painting for the exhibition at Bakketunet during Indiefjord. Looks stunning so far. We’re so grateful… Photo of painting in progress borrowed from Sean Mahan’s Instagram account.


23.02.16 > Joe Innes & The Cavalcade (UK) to play Indiefjord

Another band announced for Indiefjord! Joe Innes & The Cavalcade (UK)! Been listening to their music on repeat lately, and we think it’s going to be great to see them live in Bjørke.


20.02.16 > Two amazing bands announced: Lyla Foy (UK) and Lowpines (UK)!

Okay, so we were basically moved to tears every time we watched this video yesterday (a lot of times). So incredibly beautiful. And the reason we wiped our happy tears and broke into huge grins: Lyla Foy (UK) AND Lowpines (UK), both singing in this stunning video, are playing Indiefjord this summer. <3 <3 <3


19.02.16 > Indiefjord 2016 Spotify playlist

This Indiefjord 2016 Spotify playlist will expand when we announce two more amazing bands tomorrow! Have a great weekend!


19.02.16 > Indiefjord DJing at Det Grøne Treet in Volda this Saturday


We just confirmed two amazing bookings for Indiefjord, and will reveal which ones soon. But in the meantime, if you want to feel the festival vibes – come along to Det Grøne Treet in Volda tomorrow! Will be playing an Indiefjord inspired DJ set and at least two Carly Rae Jepsen songs. Tempted to play all Strfkr songs ever made too… Expect songs from Alvvays, The Tuts, The Cure, The Spook School, David Bowie, Todd Terje, Håkan Hellström and more! Come along and **dance** and be **merry**!


18.02.16 > Indiefjord tickets now available

Tickets are now being sold on Tikkio – and via Paypal for our visitors from abroad (non-Norwegian readers)! We are hoping this year’s festival will be a bit like this… <3 Anyway, check out the ticket info here. Norwegian-reading guests could skip this and go straight to the Tikkio page.


17.02.16 > First bands announced: The Tuts (UK), Robert Post (Norway) and more!

Too excited to be able to write anything that makes sense, but… thanks, Regionavisa, for this lovely article on… the first bands announced to play Indiefjord 2016! SO SO SO happy to be able to tell you that these are the first, fantastic bands will be playing: The Tuts (UK), Robert Post (Norway), BOYS (UK), Soda Fountain Rag (Norway/Italy), Benjamin Southworth (UK), Avind (Norway), Ketil Grøtting (Norway) + Playhouse DJs (UK) and Early Doors Disco DJs (UK)! And: Mega talented Sean Mahan Art will be coming all the way from Florida, USA, to exhibit his paintings in Bakketunet. He will also be making the illustration for this year’s Indiefjord poster! And: Tickets for Indiefjord will be up on Tikkio (and our website for visitors from abroad) tonight! We’ve still got lots more bands to announce (and confirm), so keep an eye out the next few days and weeks. <3 Bring it on.

PS: You can read the article (in Norwegian) here.


15.02.16 > Added indoor venue: Storfjord/Bjørke Church

Photo: Heinz Brossalat.

We have got some fantastic news! There will be an additional indoor stage this year, with a late morning or late afternoon concert (time of day and whether it’s on Saturday or Sunday yet to be decided). We’re so happy to be able to present our brand new Indiefjord venue: Bjørke/Storfjord Church! The church is beautifully decorated and music sounds just wonderful there. More info about which bands etc. soon, but for now, so happy that the church is added to the Bakketunet (Sunday daytime), Notanaustet (Saturday daytime) boathouse and Haukly (both evenings) stages the weekend of 9-10 July. And – there will be no clashes, everyone will be able to go to the concerts without missing a band at another venue!

A little PS: This Wednesday we will reveal some more great Indiefjord news.


28.01.16 > Band application deadline 31 January


Photo: Eline Viddal Rød (@elineviddal on Instagram)

We’ve received wonderful applications for Indiefjord 2016 so far! And there are still a few days to go until application deadline. If you’re interested in playing or DJing this year, do remember to apply before Monday 1st of February.

— All applications should be emailed to

Due to a high number of applications, it may take us some time to get back to everyone. We take pride in listening to all music links we are sent, and there have been some wonderful surprises! So far 90% of the applications we’ve received are from UK based bands, but we’ve had applications from Indonesia, USA, New Zealand and various European countries (including Norway, of course!).

If you’d like to volunteer there’s no deadline as such, but do drop us an email if you would be interested in helping out.


29.12.15 > Indiefjord 2016 dates announced!


Photo: Kari Nygard Tvilde (Indiefjord 2015).

Are you ready for another Indiefjord? We, the organisers, are! So make a note in your diaries of 9 and 10 July 2016 – there will indeed be a 3rd Indiefjord taking place in our beloved village of Bjørke, Western Norway. We welcome you to the fjords, and promise much of the same as the previous years – and some new additions (such as an added stage – pretty magical and soon to be revealed!). Tickets are not yet on sale, but if you think you are definitely coming and need to book plane tickets way in advance, you could drop us a line and we’ll reserve a space for now.

Regarding transport to and from Bjørke, there will be transport on the Friday afternoon or early eve and on the Monday morning, if you are booking a plane ticket to Ålesund or Hovden it’s advisable to contact us in advance so you are able to time it with the transport we are organising.

You are also invited to apply to play or DJ –  do email us at by 31 January 2016 should you be interested. Please let us know in the application the number of band members and whether you’d be happy to play acoustically or would need to be on the main/evening stage with a full backline. Also, please note, for the 2015 edition we had more than a hundred band applications from all over the world, so we may only be able to get back to the successful applicants. We still appreciate every email we receive though!

We would appreciate some more volunteers for the 2016 festival – so if you want to help out do get in touch too. We have don’t have a huge budget, but you would get a festival ticket plus it’s a lot of fun to be part of the team.

We simply cannot wait to get booking + making Indiefjord 2016 happen! We wish we could book sunshine + 25 degrees celcius too, but swimming in a fjord is mandatory no matter the weather.

All the best
Team Indiefjord (a team that keeps expanding every year!)



16.07.15 > Indiefjord 2015 is over, and it’s time to say thank you!


A few days on and we are finally emerging from the post-Indiefjord bubble. We, the Indiefjord organisers, have been left speechless and overwhelmed (in a very positive way) for the last few days. Never ever ever did we think our festival for friends and friends of friends would actually appeal to so many. <3 <3

Personally, I cannot describe that feeling of seeing my favourite bands live in my favourite village by my favourite fjord, and hanging out with some of the best people you could choose to hang out with. There have been so many special moments, and I still pinch myself to check whether it was all some crazy surreal dream. The mix of locals and visitors and bands from far away was just heartwarming to say the least. Friendship, love & music. It’s all you need. heart emoticon I totally felt the love from all of you this weekend and it will keep me going for another year, and… it looks like Indiefjord might have to become a yearly thing. In my family, if something happens twice, it is tradition… But first we will have to rest and try to process these wonderful dreamlike memories and understand that they were in fact, reality.

THANK YOU TO: The villagers of Bjørke who welcomed us for the second year in a row. heart emoticon! Bands, DJs and volunteers who did a priceless job, too many to be mentioned, but you know who you are! A special shout-out to Cecilie Rørstad and Bjarte Sellereite though, who went above and beyond, and to “tante Palma” Sandvik, honourary Indiefjord member, for always being such a wonderful support! SpareBank 1 Søre Sunnmøre for sponsorship and bus hire, Skjåstaddalen Frilynde Ungdomsslag for lending us instruments and music equipment, Hallgeirs Turbuss and driver Grethe Elin Enerhaug for excellent transport + service, the municipality of Ørsta for their hospitality, Ørsta kulturskule for the cello we borrowed, Tor Erik Aasen and Jonathan Meacock for the sound engineering and Levi-André Leite/LALyd for top quality sound equipment. Bjørke Rom og Camping and Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem, Bjørke, John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy and Berthahuset (+ Cecilie and Bjarte) for a nice stay for our guests.

Hos Maria, Bakketunet på Bjørke, Retrosalongen, Postkjellaren Tekstil&Nostalgi, Antikklåven Erkegarden på Bjørke, J-Buda villlage shop museum, Elefant Forlag and Nina Viddal (and JACU coffee) of Indie Coffee Camp for great daytime activities. Lynn Chan for super feltie badges, and Heinz Brossolat for the metal ones + great videos! Synnøve Alet Kristiansen, Bertha Saure for selling their lovely crafts and textiles at Indiefjord HQ alongside Lappelina. Michael Prince and Eline Viddal Rød for super photos, Perry Bjørke for guding us in all venue related things. The Indiechefs Eirik Strandabø and Thor Erik Andersen for superb food. Grim & Gryt for excellent beer during the beer tasting session in Bakketunet. And last but not least Tikkio for a great ticket system with excellent customer service!

We have probably forgotten to mention someone significant, and for that we apologize, as we are very very tired, but love to all from the Haddal/Mork family and extended family. Maybe see you next year in Bjørke? <3

Silja, Indiefjord music booker and one of the organisers

Video from this year’s festival made by Kjetil Aarseth and his daughter Jenny. Soundtrack: Ida Glomnes live at Notanaustet, Indiefjord 2015.


07.07.15 > Michelin starred Indiechefs!


Very happy to present: The Indiechefs / Indiekokkane!

Indiechefs: Thor Erik Andersen and Eirik Strandabø form Indiekokkane (Indiechefs), a streetfood concept from the Norwegian region of Sunnmøre. Thor Erik has been employed as a chef at several Michelin starred restaurants, while Eirik has attended the “housewife school”(!) in Volda. They have composed an artistic menu made from local treasures, in new and thrilling combinations. This menu will be served during the evening gigs, during the day there will be fantastic food served at Bakketunet på Bjørke.

1) “Lefse” wraps filled with lightly roasted fillet from wild deer, coleslaw salad made from apple, fennel and cabbage.

2) “Lefse” wraps filled with smoked salmon and freshly marinated vegetables with tarragon mayonnaise.

3) Chickpea curry (Vegan)

Late night meal: “Brudevollmór” served in baps (renowned delicacy on the west coast of Norway – basically extra tasty hot dogs made from mutton and pork).


04.07.15 > Full Indiefjord activity programme revealed


English: There are plenty of things to do in Bjørke this coming weekend. Download the activity programme in English here (PDF).
Norsk/Norwegian: Det er mykje som hender på Bjørke komande helg. Last ned aktivitetsprogrammet på norsk her (PDF).


03.07.15 > Remember to buy your tickets in advance!


We would highly appreciate if you buy your tickets in advance, as it would be very helpful for us as organisers. Visitors from abroad can buy them here via Paypal, and visitors from Norway from Tikkio. We are required to have a guest list so please also email us the names of your guests when you book your ticket ( If you haven’t bought your ticket by Saturday 11th or Sunday 12th of July, please come by Indiefjord HQ. We’ve got VISA/debit card readers there. Please spread the word about Indiefjord, it will be pretty magical. PS: If you are traveling by plane, let us know as soon as possible if you require transport to/from Bjørke! There is an indiepop shuttle bus from Ålesund Airport Vigra and Ørsta/Volda Airport Hovden on Friday 10 July and Monday 13 July – but limited seats, so be quick!


02.07.15 > Band timings, Indiefjord 2015, in English and in Norwegian

English: Click here to download PDF in English.
Norsk/Norwegian: Klikk her for å laste ned PDF på norsk.



19.06.15 > Skóg (Norway) replacing Lost Tapes (Spain) in the line-up

Unfortunately Lost Tapes are not able to come along to this year’s Indiefjord. Hopefully we can book them again at some point, as they are a fantastic band. However, we’ve got a great replacement! Skóg from Norway play lovely indiepop tunes. We hope you will check out their wonderful music and that Lost Tapes not playing won’t break your heart too much.


18.06.15 > Make your own Indiefjord postcard


Make your own unique postcard! There will be an elefant forlag postcard making station at Indiefjord: A selection of postcard-size Italian drawing paper, watercolours, colour pencils, fineliners and marker pens will be available for guests. There will of course be an own Indiefjord postbox and an Indiefjord postmark. 30 NOK for one postcard, 50 for two postcards, this includes postage to anywhere in the world! Anywhere!

In addition you’ll be able to buy Elefant Forlag’s books “VERDEN, forklart” (“THE WORLD, explained”, micro-fiction, 2011) and “LUFTIGE ORD, eller noe” (“AIRY WORDS, or something”, illustrated story, 2015). Both books published in Norwegian only. More info:


17.06.15 > Indiefjord T-shirts in the making

Our little brother John was kind of bored the other day, so he made us some stencils. This means there will be very limited edition tees available at Indiefjord Fest, all handprinted and all unique. 


08.06.15 > Our playlist for a multitasking Monday: Indiefjord 2015 on Spotify!
The bands playing Indiefjord 2015. Enjoy! For the original 2014 line-up, click here.


07.06.15 > Visitors from abroad: Tickets also available directly on our website (in English!)

Northern Spies playing in the Notanaustet boathouse. Photo by Tom Wade.

As our ticket website Tikkio is only available in Norwegian we decided to add tickets directly to our website as well. This should be particularly useful for visitors from abroad, and you can purchase weeekend and day tickets from here. Norwegian guests are still encouraged to buy their tickets from Tikkio. Please note, our “tickets” are actually donations to the bands to help cover transport fees. For the Indiefjord organisers the festival is purely for the love of music and our surroundings. Our payment is the visitors’ smiles + a vibrant atmosphere in the village.

We highly encourage you to book your tickets now, and to let us know whether you need transport from the airport. We are aware that the hostels closest to the festival site are getting booked up, so please check with them or any of the campsites 15 mins drive away as early as possible. Info here.

Northern Spies in the Notanaustet boathouse. Photo by Tom Wade. 


07.06.15 > Haiku Salut (UK) to release album inspired by their visit to Bjørke and Indiefjord

We were so happy when we heard that our favourites, Haiku Salut (UK), are releasing a new album. And even more so when we heard it was inspired by their visit to Bjørke last year. In fact we were very moved. We would never have imagined that one day one of our favourite bands would make an album about the village close to our heart. Here is what Sophie Barkerwood of Haiku Salut said in their press release; “We went to Norway for a show last year where everything was a little overwhelming and humbling. I think it was the mountains that did that. The people that lived in the tiny village had a huge respect for the landscape, weather and nature that we had never really considered. It changed how I viewed the world and the questionable feeling of coping that came along with that. The album title refers to that. There is nobody controlling your future, you take responsibility for yourself. You make your own meaning.”

The album is out 31 July on How Does it Feel to be Loved and is called “Etch and Etch Deep”. We are looking forward to it. <3! Read about their Bjørke inspiration here. Above is their brand new video for the single “Bleak and Beautiful (All Things)”.


04.06.15 > Egil Olsen (Norway) confirmed for Indiefjord

We are so glad to finally reveal that Egil Olsen (Norway) is playing Indiefjord. With Egil having released the hugely successful album “Ooo What Happened” earlier this year we doubted he would be able to play a festival as little as Indiefjord. But, being a true Bjørke friend, Egil is coming back to his home municipality Ørsta to play for us. Egil recently toured in China, where he has got quite the fanbase, and he is at the forefront of Norwegian songwriting. We think the visitors from abroad will fall in love with Egil’s songs, just like sisters Indiefjord did.


21.05.15 > Guitar hero Stig Ulv (Norway) will be playing Indiefjord

Indiefjord is not the first music festival in Bjørke. In 2013 there was a pretty legendary little festival in a boathouse, where some of Norway’s finest musicians played – among them Stig Ulv. Indiefjord’s Ingvild was lucky enough to be in the audience, and like all Mork family members she is easily moved. So for Stig Ulv’s Indiefjord set she has vowed to bring sunglasses. Indiefjord’s Silja has also been to a few of Stig Ulv’s concerts and may have to bring sunglasses too. Anyway, Stig Ulv will be playing Bakketunet on the Sunday – and so will previously announced The Just Joans (Scotland). It will be pretty amazing!


04.05.15 > Another US band announced: Let’s Whisper

As Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan are already over from the US with The Smittens, they have said yes to play a set with Let’s Whisper at Indiefjord too! We are so happy about this! Two of our favourite people + one of our favourite bands. YOW!


02.05.15 > Local talent Ida Glomnes will be playing Indiefjord

Very happy to introdcuce this fantastic local talent at Indiefjord Fest 2015Ida Glomnes returns home from her songwriting studies in London to play by the fjord during her summer holiday! Could her music video with scenery shots from our region inspire you to visit Norway?


01.05.15 > A two-piece band from Hong Kong, London and Malmö announced

Very happy to say that Tramgirl Karaoke Club feat. Edine & Maskopet are playing Indiefjord! Edine is from Hong Kong and lives in London, and Maskopet lives in Malmö, Sweden. Their songs are so dancy and sweet and we are thrilled that they are making the journey to the fjord.


21.04.15 > Owl & Mouse big in Norway + new announcement

Today there was a lovely article in our local paper Møre-Nytt about Owl & Mouse returning to Bjørke, to play “the most beautiful place in the world again”. The band became local newspaper heroes last year when they were on the front-page of said newspaper. And today they made it into the Møre-Nytt again! You can read the article here.

Later in the day we were very happy to announce that wonderful Les Bicyclettes de Belsize (UK) will also be playing Indiefjord this summer! The festival line-up is nearly there now. But we’ve still got some treats in store for you…


20.04.15 > Plenty of band announcements made, among them a band from America!


Over the last few days we’ve announced several fantastic bands – even one from The US – a long-time favourite of ours: The Smittens (of Burlington, Vermont). In addition we have announced that that the awesome Chorusgirl (UK) will be playing, as well as the Scottish band that made Motherwell famous: The Just Joans. And last, but not least, Owl & Mouse (UK) are making a welcome return to Bjørke. They played Indiefjord last year and became local newspaper heroes, splashed over the front-page and a double-page spread were they were jumping into the fjord. We don’t have a “strict no-two-years-in-a-row” booking policy at Indiefjord. We only book bands we love, and people who are… lovely!

Photo: Owl & Mouse by Malene Romestrand, Møre-Nytt.


05.04.15 > Indiefjord DJs at Det Grøne Treet, Volda, Wednesday 15.04


Silja from Indiefjord will be DJing at Det Grøne Treet Wednesday in a week and a half. Her DJ sets will include music that inspires the bookings for Indiefjord Fest, from the genres indiepop, post-punk, indie, electropop, electronica and riot grrrl music. Bands you can expect to be part of the DJ set will be: The Cure, The Smiths, Belle & Sebastian, Todd Terje, Le Tigre, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Sia, Allo Darlin’, Kate Bush, Those Dancing Days, Håkan Hellström, Alvvays, Broder Daniel, The Julie Ruin, David Bowie and so on! Facebook event here.


02.04.15 > King of Cats (UK) will be playing Indiefjord
Max Levy aka King of Cats will be playing Indiefjord this summer. We are long-time fans of Max, and think he is even more wonderful than Mr Daniel Johnston himself. Max is a genius songwriter and his live performances are highly memorable.


31.03.15 > Wonderful Welsh band The School announced!
So happy to share with you that fantastic The School (UK) have been added to the line-up. What a dream come true to see them live in Bjørke. <3!


30.03.15 > Further accommodation possibilities listed
Last year our guests were very happy with the service they got at the two hostels (and campsite) in Bjørke. Both hostels are walking distance from the evening concerts and close to the fjord. This year there have been quite a few bookings already at the two hostels, so we’ve listed some more alternatives (cabins, self-service rooms/apartments, campsites, hotel) 15-20 mins drive away from Bjørke. There are still rooms/beds free at the two hostels, and plenty of camping space, however the other alternatives listed are also suitable for those who are traveling to the festival by car. Read more about all accommodation possibilities here.


29.03.15 > A few bands have been announced, more to come!

Full 2015 line-up to be announced soon. Meanwhile, go to our band page to listen to the amazing bands that played Indiefjord last year. It will get you in the Indiefjord mood and kickstart those daydreams of hazy summer days and bright evenings by the fjord. Pssst… buy your tickets early, we were sold out last year.


19.03.15 > Tickets are now on sale!

Tickets out NOW on – event/tickets here. Guests from abroad: PDF with clear instructions on how to book is available here and English language module will available closer to the summer. If this seems too complicated you can book with Paypal for the time being too – please read the instructions on


12.03.15 > Facebook event up!


You can now click “attending” on the Facebook event, and maybe say hello to other lovely people who are going – or share your Indiefjord memories from last year? Event here.


05.03.15 > Indiefjord is happening AGAIN! 11 and 12 July 2015

Photo by Michael Prince.

We are working on updating the website to the 2015 edition. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter of Facebook for the latest news. The festival is ON – and will be following the same recipe as last year – with different bands and a variety of activities, and slightly different organisers (Mattias has moved abroad, but Silja’s sister Ingvild Mork is onboard + other local helpers and family members). But we will be using the same venues (Haukly, Notanaustet Boathouse and Bakketunet) and be located in the same village and the atmosphere of friendship + beautiful music by our favourite fjord will be the same. We cannot promise a heatwave this year, but we are working on it.

Donation possibilites + Save the Date event on Facebook will be up soon. In the meantime, do get in touch if you want to “reserve” a space.  If you want to play Indiefjordm or want to help out as a volunteer, organise a workshop or similar, email as soon as possible. Bands will be confirmed and announced within the next couple of weeks.

Peace + Love /// Silja and Ingvild + helpers



16.09.14 > Saturday Sessions presents: Klubb Indiefjord – Sat 20.09, Det Grøne Treet, Volda

Saturday Sessions poster

Saturday Sessions- this time for the Indie people!

Come and dance all your sorrows away with the two most indie loving DJs in town. Woooooop! There’ll be Indiepop hits and other danceable music, like Belle & Sebastian, Hello Saferide, Håkan Hellström, Grouplove, Jens Lekman, Bob Hund, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Le Tigre, The Smiths, Broder Daniel, New Order, Allo Darlin’, The Ark, The Beach Boys etc.

CC: 60,-     Age: 20

25.08.14 > Klubb Mittwoch presents: Klubb Indiefjord – Wed 27.08, Det Grøne Treet, Volda

KlubbIndiefjord poster NEW-fb

Klubb Indiefjord is back at Det Grøne Treet!

Come and dance all your sorrows away! There’ll be Indiepop hits and other danceable music that we love from all over the world!! Belle & Sebastian, Hello Saferide, Håkan Hellström, Grouplove, Jens Lekman, Bob Hund, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Le Tigre, The Smiths, Broder Daniel, New Order, Allo Darlin’, The Ark, The Beach Boys……. The list goes on and on!!

Djs: Silja & Mattias – the Indiefjord Fest organisers.

When? 22- 01.15
Age? 20


22.07.14>  Indiefjord, our very own Woodstock

Indiefjord, our very own Woodstock. Silja’s dad, Ivar Mork, recounts the magic.

“As I am now well rested and almost back to reality and everyday life I would like to do a little thanking and praising. I will certainly remember the days and nights of the first Indiefjord Fest for the rest of my life. It is memories bathed in a halo of sunshine, music, love and friendship. It was an unreal and euphoric experience, and to top it – it was played out in my birthplace. 45 years of my age evaporated instantly. I was teleported back to the sixties and I felt like twenty again.I guess you ‘kids’ do not fully realize how similar the Indiepop movement is to the ‘Zeitgeist’ of my youth. Indiepop is truly a mindset. I know that Peace & Love is a rather embarrassing stereotype nowadays but it was wonderful to relive it for three days and nights: Friendship, love and tolerance across all visible and invisible borders, climbing all mental thresholds and prejudices – and great music. I lost Woodstock but I have been duly compensated 45 years later. You arrived as strangers but you are all part of my family now.”


16.07.14 > After Indiefjord

Mattias, one of the two main organisers managed to express the feeling of peace, love & understanding + happiness we all felt – and still feel – that weekend in Bjørke, with all you wonderful people from all over Europe, of all ages.

“Dear friends!

I’ve spent half a year living more or less under total and complete stress. During the last week I’ve set aside even the most basic human needs like eating and sleeping. All this for one reason, one reason alone: your happiness.
Well this is what I got: Some of my best and closest friends and total strangers have all come up to me just to share their love and gratitude. I’ve NEVER seen so many smiling faces and people just shining with euphoria during one weekend. I’ve never experienced so many fantastic gigs at one festival. It seemed as if you all geared up your performances!

If you’ve ever doubted mankind’s good potential, you should have been at Indiefjord this weekend. I’m sure the satellites could see the rays of love and joy in Bjørke from space.

To all the bands, djs, visitors and all people helping us out, not because they had to but because they wish for nothing more than to make other people happy: Thank you from the bottom of my heart! When I look back on my life I’m sure this will be the brightest memory of all.”


11.07.14 > Final call!

Last chance to donate! We close it tomorrow (Saturday) 10.00!
There’s just a few spaces left on the guest-list.
Let’s start the Fest!


10.07.14 > Get a map to accompany your program!

A map over Bjørke and activities could be useful to have during Indiefjord. You can find it as a PDF: Indiefjord Map! And please make sure you’ve got the schedule/program too: Indiefjord-Sat-Sun-Schedule! The detailed band schedule is here: Shows. And finally, there are still a few spaces left at Indiefjord. Donate now! You don’t want to miss this magical weekend by the fjords.

In Norwegian/NORSK
: Du kan no få programmet på norsk her: Norsk Program. Kart finn du berre på engelsk: Indiefjord Map, men men er nok forståeleg ut i frå det norske programmet. Dårleg tid rett før festivalen! 🙂

Indiefjord Map

07.07.14 > Get a program!

Here’s a full program with all the acitivities and times for the Indiefjord weekend. So much to do and so little time!!! Download it here: Indiefjord-Sat-Sun-Schedule



06.07.14 > Band times!!

Now the band times are official. Steso Songs sadly had to cancel her gig and she will be Indiepop superstar Elin Grimstad from the band Je Suis Animal

Band times

23.04.14 > Ensure your space on the guest list now, before it fills up!

Before you know it the guest list spaces will be gone. This awesome Indiefjord Sessions video featuring Lisa Bouvier was recorded in late February. Imagine just how beautiful Bjørke will be in mid July!

Mattias & Silja x



10.02.14 > Announcing Indiefjord 2014, Bjørke Norway:


We (Mattias and Silja) moved to Norway from London in June 2013. We miss dancing, going to gigs and hanging out with friends from all over the world. So we decided to invite you here instead. Have a read on the website and we hope you will come and join us! The weekend of 12-13 July there will be two evening events with our favourite bands and old friends and new friends. There will also be some fun events happening in the village of Bjørke those days so we hope people from Norway and abroad will come along.

Mattias & Silja x


10.02.14 > Guest DJing at Klubb Mittwoch this Wednesday:


Indiefjord are guest-DJing at Klubb Mittwoch, Det Grøne Treet in Volda, Norway, Wednesday 12 February from 22.00-01.30. This will kickstart our indiepop plans for 2014. If you live in the Volda area, we hope to see you there! Check out the event here! Come dance and hang out.

Mattias & Silja x