How to get there

Important info: Hovden airport will be closed for four weeks over the summer – meaning you will need to fly to Ålesund (yes, there will be boat transport to Bjørke!). If you’ve already booked a flight please contact Widerøe for refunds (you will not want to fly to Sandane if they suggest that – if so they’ll have to make sure they get you to Bjørke). 

The below info is for 2022, travel info for 2023 will be updated soon. Do contact us on if you have any questions. 


Indiefjord 2022 takes place in Bjørke, a village in the municipality of Volda in Norway. Bjørke is found in the innermost part of the beautiful Hjørundfjord. There are plenty of ways to get to Bjørke for our guests!


Boat (and bus) transport to/from Bjørke!

We’re (not) gonna need a bigger boat! This is *not* the boat you’ll be taking to Bjørke on Friday 8 July, but Daniel Storeide‘s magnificent smaller boat. We’ve got space for 10 more people as of now, so make sure you book as soon as possible. This is perfect for people living in Ålesund, too!


Pick-up points/departure times Friday 8 July:
Ålesund Airport at 17.30 or Ålesund Rutebilstasjon at 17.45 (bus)

The boat leaves Solavågen Ferjekai at 19.00 (boat) and arrives in Bjørke at approx 20.30 – then you can go straight to the welcome party or go by your hostel/campsite.

Indiefjord Dad Ivar Mork will be giving you a guided tour of the Hjørundfjord!

Pick-up point/departure times Monday 11 July:
The one and only red phone box in Bjørke at 11.15 sharp. We’ll arrive at Ålesund Bus Station and Ålesund Airport 14-14.30ish.


One lucky passenger gets a FREE boat/bus return ticket! Would you like a free boat/bus ticket to/from Bjørke? Then we’d love it if you could pick up one of our indie stars 18.30 on Friday and drive him to Solavåg where you can both get on the boat at 19.00. The boat will wait for you!


Tickets available here (products tab).

IMPORTANT. To make logistics easier, please fill in your transport details in this form.

Bands of course have this trip included in their payment.


Call/email/message John Haddal Mork on +47 48 03 70 99 / if you have any questions!


Get here by car…

Here’s a map of Bjørke. Once you get to the village there will be signs leading you to the festival.

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Get here by air…

There are two airports to choose from when going to Bjørke:

Ålesund (Aalesund) , Vigra Airport: Flights from Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam. Airlines: SAS, Wizz Air, Norwegian & KLM.

Ørsta (Orsta)/Volda – Hovden Airport: Flights from Oslo and Bergen. Airline: SAS.

Get here by bus from Bergen, Oslo or Trondheim…

Bergen-Volda bus station
Check Norway Bus Express website here.
Let us know in advance so you can be picked up.

Check NettBuss Express website here.
Stop at the Kalvatn Nord bus stop as it’s 10-15 mins drive from Bjørke, we will pick you up if you arrange with us.

You can also travel from Trondheim to Moa, Ålesund via bus and then take a connecting bus to Volda.