Activities for 2023 will be announced sometime in the spring. Below you can read about the activities in 2022 and previous years.


The complete festival schedule for Indiefjord 2022 has been announced! Download the complete festival schedule, band timings and map here. If you are looking for band timings only, they are here.

Below you can see some of what we’ll be getting up to:

  • SO many concerts we’ve lost count
  • Free waterfall hike
  • Food and craft stalls
  • Beer tasting – more info here
  • Gin and aquavit tasting – more info here
  • Art exhibitions
  • Vintage shop
  • Antiques barn
  • Artist talks
  • Historical talk (the Otola accident)
  • Wine tasting + guided tour at Haula Vineyard – more info here
  • Penguin Paddle’s IndieSUP: paddleboard rental + guided tour on the fjord – more info here
  • Pop-up pub
  • Welcome party
  • Swimming in rivers, a waterfall and the fjord
  • +++


Photo by Andrea Hustad.

Download the complete 2019 festival schedule, band timings and map as one PDF – in English or Norwegian:

Complete Indiefjord 2019 schedule – English
Komplett Indiefjord 2019-program på norsk

Expect concerts all over the village, beer tasting, food and craft stalls, exhibition, waterfall hikes, fjord swimming, retro fashion, dance classes and performances + lots more – and a fantastic time in the village of Bjørke.

Hopefully the sun will come out, too!


Download the complete 2018 festival schedule and map here:

In English (PDF)
Norsk/in Norwegian (PDF)


Should you want to read about what’s happened at Indiefjord the previous years, feel free to look at these PDFs:

Indiefjord Schedule 2018 – in English (PDF)
Indiefjord Schedule 2018 – in Norsk/in Norwegian (PDF)

Indiefjord Schedule 2017 (PDF – in English, including a page of band timings).
Indiefjord + Bjørke map 2017 (In English / NO: Berre på engelsk – men forståeleg om de har programmet)
Indiefjord/area map with coordinates (Useful for mobile/iPad use when traveling).

Full activities and concert schedule + map for 2016 can be downloaded here

Download PDF of activity programme for 2015 here, and PDF of band timings here.

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød (@elineviddal on Instagram), yoga at Indiefjord 2016.


The video above (by Liam Thompson) gives you a pretty good idea of how Indiefjord works.