Disclaimer: This section hasn’t been updated yet for 2021 (and obviously won’t be for 2020 as this year is cancelled due to Covid-19). The info below is for 2019. If you are curious about what we got up to last summer, have a read of the complete Indiefjord 2019 schedule below!

Photo by Andrea Hustad.

Download the complete 2019 festival schedule, band timings and map as one PDF – in English or Norwegian:

Complete Indiefjord 2019 schedule – English
Komplett Indiefjord 2019-program på norsk

Expect concerts all over the village, beer tasting, food and craft stalls, exhibition, waterfall hikes, fjord swimming, retro fashion, dance classes and performances + lots more – and a fantastic time in the village of Bjørke.

Hopefully the sun will come out, too!


Download the complete 2018 festival schedule and map here:

In English (PDF)
Norsk/in Norwegian (PDF)


Should you want to read about what’s happened at Indiefjord the previous years, feel free to look at these PDFs:

Indiefjord Schedule 2018 – in English (PDF)
Indiefjord Schedule 2018 – in Norsk/in Norwegian (PDF)

Indiefjord Schedule 2017 (PDF – in English, including a page of band timings).
Indiefjord + Bjørke map 2017 (In English / NO: Berre på engelsk – men forståeleg om de har programmet)
Indiefjord/area map with coordinates (Useful for mobile/iPad use when traveling).

Full activities and concert schedule + map for 2016 can be downloaded here

Download PDF of activity programme for 2015 here, and PDF of band timings here.

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød (@elineviddal on Instagram), yoga at Indiefjord 2016.


The video above (by Liam Thompson) gives you a pretty good idea of how Indiefjord works.


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