Where to stay

Please note: These are 2017 prices, so may be subject to change. We will update this info soon.

There are two hostels in Bjørke and both are at the very centre of the village (near the fjord) and a short walking distance from the evening concerts and other activities. One of the hostels provides camping options as well (for tents and caravans). There is also a family-friendly camping option (tents only – with a babysitting option during the evening concerts!) at the old farm Bakketunet. Those who do not have their own car should definitely try to stay in one of these hostels or at the farm. For those of you who have got cars and could live 15 mins drive away we will also list some other alternatives (hotel, self-service apartments, camping, cabins).

We will also be updating some info about some beautiful places to stay along the Hjørundfjord if you’ve got your own boat…

Bjørke rom og camping

Visit their Facebook page here.
Booking: Email: regin9@yahoo.com or phone +47 97 10 64 81 (+47 90 95 56 61).

Prices per night:
Tent-space – 100 NOK per person (please list the number of people staying in the tent when booking)
Dorm – 200 NOK per person
Single room – 300 NOK in total
Double room – 500 NOK in total
Triple room – 600 NOK in total
Bed linen – 100 NOK extra

Caravans and camper vans welcome too, please email for prices.


Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem Bjørke

Visit their website here or Facebook page here.
Booking: Email post@hjorundfjordadventures.no or phone +47 91 67 05 77 (Ola Jon) / +47 91 64 82 60 (Jarle) / + 47 91 13 89 74 (Svein Otto).

Prices per night (these are updated 2017 prices):
Double room – 990 NOK per room including breakfast (self service)
Triple room – 1190 NOK per room including breakfast (self service)

Access to sauna! (perhaps after a fjord swim?)

Check in 15.00-20.00 (flexible)
Check out 11.00 (flexible)
Please contact them if the check in times don’t suit you.

Boat hire (also for people staying elsewhere):
Max 2h: 300 NOK
Max 5h: 500 NOK
Full day: 900 NOK

Extra cost for petrol. NB! Make sure you know how to steer a motorised boat, and are not under influence of alcohol!


Bakketunet – family camp

Tent spaces – 150 NOK per person per night (includes entrance to Bakketunet, gallery and concert).

You’ll be able to use the facilities, such as a stunning outdoor area, tea house, kitchen, toilet and shower.
No alcohol to be consumed on this site as it’s a family friendly camping option and part of a private farm/gallery.

Booking: Call Marita Bett on +47 91 10 88 46 or send a Facebook message to Bakketunet på Bjørke‘s page.


Other campsites/hotels 15-20 mins drive away (short distance in Norway – but you should have a car to stay in these sites):


Other campsites/hotels further down the Hjørundfjord (for those traveling by boat – also reachable by car, but would take you longer):

There may be more places to stay along the Hjørundfjord, feel free to get in touch with us to share info about this.


A fantastic opportunity if you have got a car and you are willing to travel a bit further:

  • Villa Norangdal (Norangsdalen: Hotel – you would need to drive via Sæbø or Hornindal – or to drive to Øye/Urke and go by boat)


You could also stay in Volda or Ørsta (30 mins and 40-45 mins drive away). We will list more opportunities here soon.


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