Buy your early-bird ticket on Tikkio – tickets will be more expensive from 01.03.19.

Until 1 March:
Early-bird Saturday ticket: 380 NOK.
Early-bird Sunday ticket: 380 NOK.
Early-bird Weekend ticket: 600 NOK.

From 1 March-1 June:
Saturday ticket: 450 NOK.
Sunday ticket: 450 NOK.
Weekend ticket: 700 NOK.

Bus tickets will be for sale closer to the summer. Please email John at if you’ve got any questions.

Please note, the buses depart Ålesund and Ørsta/Volda Friday 12.07 and return Monday 15.07. Please book your return flights as late as possible in the afternoon on the Monday – and on the Friday we recommend landing in Ålesund or Ørsta late afternoon at the latest. Read more about transport options here.

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