2017 tickets:

Weekend ticket (early-bird): 600 NOK.
Ticket, Saturday (early-bird): 380 NOK.
Ticket, Sunday (early-bird): 380 NOK.

The 50 NOK discounted early-bird tickets have now been sold out, so the ticket prices are as listed above. Tickets can be bought from Tikkio, and their website is now available in English as well!

Tickets for the silent movie concert hosted by Hjørundfjord Filmteater:

100 NOK, includes mandatory film club membership.
As this is an event that is hosted by the local film club, these tickets are separate (not included in your Indiefjord pass). You can get these, too, from Tikkio.


Although the ticket website is now in English too, if anyone is struggling to book tickets, please see: Guide for Non-Norwegian speakers: Indiefjord’s Ultimate Guide to Buying Tickets.

Please note, Team Indiefjord can be helpful booking for you/reserving tickets if you email


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