Indiefjord is taking place 14 and 15 July 2018 in Bjørke, a little village by the Hjørundfjord, western Norway. Read the latest news below.


01.01.2018 > The 5th Indiefjord has been announced!

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On New Year’s eve we announced that there will be a 5th Indiefjord taking place 14 + 15 July. Early-bird tickets are now available on Tikkio, and the Facebook event is here. We can’t wait! Much more info to follow! PS: Bands, do apply to play by sending an email with info and sounds to by 10 February.

Peace and love and happy summer vibes from Team Indiefjord!


13.07.2017 > Full list of activities and band timings for Indiefjord 2017:

Indiefjord Schedule 2017 (PDF – in English, including a page of band timings).
Indiefjord Program 2017 – norsk (PDF – på norsk, med bandtider / EN: Schedule in Norwegian).
Indiefjord + Bjørke map 2017 (In English / NO: Berre på engelsk – men forståeleg om de har programmet)
Indiefjord/area map with coordinates (Useful for mobile/iPad use when traveling).


13.07.2017 > For continual info, follow us on Facebook!

Indiefjord Poster 2017

Everyone in Team Indiefjord is very busy leading up to the festival, so the website will only be occasionally updated. For quick updates, please follow us on our Facebook page or event page. Saturday and weekend tickets are sold out, but we’ve still got Sunday tickets left, go to our Tikkio page. Welcome party at Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem Friday 14 July at 20.30, pub open from 18.00ish, offical opening of the Mjødkrå in Bakketunet at 18.00, too, with open mic and the Indiefjord playlist as soundtrack.

Scroll to the top of this page for map + full schedule!

Welcome to Bjørke!

<3, Team Indiefjord.


25.06.2017 > Brutalligators (UK) live in Notanaustet boathouse (Saturday 15 July)

Also very happy to let you know that the “post-emo” band Brutalligators (UK) will be playing an acoustic set in Notanaustet boathouse Saturday 15 July! For fans of Death Cab for Cutie and Early Doors Disco! PS: Judging by this photo, they may not be able to keep their shirts on when playing!

How many miles from Bjørke to Hawaii?


25.06.2017 > DJ Edine & friends (Hong Kong) – Cantonese opera, C86 and Nordic Indie on the dancefloor!

DJ Edine & friends will be playing dancy tunes after the bands on Sunday 16 July until late. You can catch up on sleep once you get back home.

Edine performed at Indiefjord 2015, and now she is back, this time DJing. Edine is originally from Hong Kong, but now lives in Stockholm – where she recently moved from London. Edine says her DJsets will be “filled with the likes of Erlend Øye, Jens Lekman, C86, twee, Cantonese opera and many other Nordic indies”.

Edine will invite some friends to join her DJ set, too. We can’t wait!

PS: Here is Edine performing at Indiefjord 2015 with Maskopet (Tramgirl Karaoke Club)!

Video: Heinz Brossolat.


18.06.2017 > Free Sunday yoga at Bjørke Rom og Camping


18.06.2017 > Wine tasting + guided tour of Haula, the world’s northernmost vineyard


Collaboration between Indiefjord 2017 and Haula Vingård/Vineyard. Experience the most northern vineyard in the world in the most beautiful fjord. Learn the history of the farm and join the farmer tasting some of her favourite wines from around the world.

Don’t miss out on our friend Nina Viddal’s Vineyard-tour and wine tasting – the Viddal part of the Hjørunfjord has got a stunning view to where the fjord opens up – and to “downtown Bjørke”!

Transport info will be shared soon. Tickets here.


18.06.2017 > Tind & Tare open boathouse with **this** view and **these** seats


Tind & Tare will keep their boathouse open on the Saturday and Sunday during Indiefjord 2017. Perfect place to enjoy the fjord view. Baguettes, hot dogs, salads, coffee, fizzy drinks and various other yummy food on sale.

Saturday: 10.30-17.00
Sunday: 10.30-16.30.

Check out the outdoor activities Tind & Tare have on offer in Bjørke and the surrounding areas.

Photo: Kari Nygard Tvilde.


11.06.2017 > Trist Pike (NO) – for fans of Joy Division, with lyrics in Norwegian

We will be fistpumping to Trist Pike (NO) at Indiefjord 2017! Not your usual indiepop festival act. For fans of Joy Division and T.O.Y.S! Lyrics in Norwegian. Stage banter/live performance = awesome. Trist Pike sounds like a legendary band performing at an Oslo basement gig in the 80s/90s, and will be playing live in the village of Bjørke in 2017. We are very happy about this booking!

Oh, and do follow Trist Pike on Twitter, they write hands down the funniest tweets. Might not translate well to English, though!


10.06.2017 > Unfortunately, Stilla Havet (SE) has had to cancel – new band to be announced soon


The lovely Stilla Havet (SE) has unfortunately had to cancel their Indiefjord performance this summer. But we think you’ll like their “replacement band”, too – to be announced soon! And yet a couple of more bands + DJ to be announced, too!

Photo of Stilla Havet by Henrik Svensson.


05.06.2017 > Sam Airey (Wales) will make us cry – and smile

And, the final band to perform at Bakketunet på Bjørke on the Indiefjord Sunday… A musician we’ve been waiting eagerly to introduce – who again will be perfect in the magical Bakketunet setting! We usually book at least one band we can cry our eyes out to, and this is the musician who will make our tears flow while grinning broadly at the same time during Indiefjord 2017: Sam Airey (Wales)*!

*not all of Sam’s songs are sad songs, but they all genuinely move us to… floods of tears! Don’t even get ut started on this particular song that we’ve linked to…

PS: You’ll be able to make it to all of the Sunday concerts on time, there will be no clashes of timings. (Bjørke Church, Bakketunet, Jensaløda and the Haukly evening concerts)


05.06.2017 > Dumpster Divas (NO) playing the Bakketunet acoustic stage

Summer dreams… Dumpster Divas (NO) will be playing our acoustic stage at Bakketunet på Bjørke on the Sunday of Indiefjord! This video and this song… you might see why this band is perfect for the dreamy setting of Bakketunet, on a relaxed Sunday afternoon. We can’t wait!


05.06.2017 > Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid (1921): Silent movie concert in a barn


We’ve got some great news for you regarding the Sunday at Indiefjord. The day will be full of daytime concerts (and the evening full of concerts, too!): Start of the day with a concert in Bjørke kyrkje (Ørsta), then go to Bakketunet på Bjørke (band announcement at 18.00 Norwegian time today) and then… to Hjørundfjord Filmteater‘s silent movie concert in Jensaløda! Tor Grunde Simonsen and John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy will be playing songs to Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid, and the venue is a barn – in the spectacular location of Leira (with a different angle fjord view to “downtown” Bjørke). If you don’t have car, or feel it’s too far to walk, we will make sure you get there after the concert in Bakketunet, and back in time for the evening concerts at Haukly.

**limited seating – order your tickets in advance to avoid missing out**

PS: The tickets (100 NOK) to the silent movie are separate from the festival ticket, so all guests/bands who want to attend need to buy their ticket at Tikkio to this show. The reason being: The concert is organised by a local film club, so “film club membership” is mandatory and part of the ticket.


29.05.2017 > Agent Blå (SE) – prepare to dance the night away!

We’ve been really, really hoping to make this booking happen… and we’re so happy tell you it’s indeed happening. Agent blå (Sweden) will be playing the evening stage at Indiefjord this summer. We’re looking forward to fistpumping and jumping around at Haukly to this. **Not** to be missed.


29.05.2017 > Indiana’s Loss (NO) – smoky, old school jazz merges with indiepop

Band announcement 1 of 2 today: Very happy to let you know that Indiana’s Loss (Norway) will be playing Indiefjord 2017! Here at Indiefjord HQ we’ll describe their music as “a mix of genres, melodic pop with hints of smoky, old school jazz – with little hints of Norah Jones”. A band perfect for one of our daytime stages!


16.05.2017 > amini (NO/UK) confirmed for Indiefjord, fall in love with their music!

“We met in a bar, in a small local Norwegian town, Volda. Which still to this day can be classified as ‘The Pearl of the West’.” amini (interview with The Pentatonic)

And where is this Pearl of the West, Volda? Half an hour from Bjørke! And where are the wonderful people of amini residing these days? In Oslo and London! And where will they be the weekend of 15 + 16 July? In Bjørke, at Indiefjord 2017!

This voice…

Oh, and PS: Have you watched the Medieproduksjon i Volda – MID web series Anhedonia Web Series yet? Amini’s music is featured! And PPS: We’ve updated the Indiefjord 2017 Spotify playlist with some amini.


14.05.2017 > Have you booked a place to stay yet?


We’ll share some fun Indiefjord things this upcoming week…

In the meantime, make sure you book your accommodation very soon if you are planning to come along to the festival, particularly if you would like to stay in the village of Bjørke, within walking distance to everything.

Bjørke rom og camping (camping and hostel), Hjørundfjord Adventures (Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem Bjørke – hostel) and the Bakketunet på Bjørke family camp are all in Bjørke and are highly recommended!

In addition there are cabins, camping opportunities and a hotel 10-15 mins drive from Bjørke. Or if you are traveling by boat, Sæbø, Øye, Trandal and other villages located along the beautiful Hjørundfjord are great options, too!

NB! Should anyone traveling by plane (having no access to a car) not be successful in booking a room in the villlage of Bjørke, get in touch with and we will do our best to help you find a good solution. Do not panic!

Read more about where to stay here.

Photo: Horatio Earl Monge (Indiefjord 2016)


10.04.2017 > For fans of “Unge Lovende”: Simen Mitlid (Norway) will be playing Indiefjord this summer

Here at Indiefjord HQ we are huge fans of the Norwegian TV series “Unge Lovende”. Season 2’s soundtrack is absolutely stunning, and there was one particular singer-songwriter we knew we just had to get to come play in Bjørke.

We are very happy to let you know that Simen Mitlid (Norway) will be playing Indiefjord this summer! Have a listen to “Sleeping”, “Vacation” and Simen’s other wonderful songs and enjoy!

And make sure you buy your early-bird ticket before the prices go up, or the tickets are sold out… The Tikkio website is now available in English, too – you can buy your tickets here.


10.04.2017 > Ticket website now available in English, early-bird tickets offer extended until 23 April


We’re very happy to let you know that our ticket vendor Tikkio has now got an English language option on their website! We’re celebrating this by extending the early-bird ticket offer for two more weeks, until midnight on Sunday 23 April. So make sure you buy your weekend or Saturday/Sunday ticket soon.

We’ll be celebrating further by revealing the name of a Norwegian singer-songwriter who’s performing on the Saturday of Indiefjord later this afternoon/eve. Keep an eye out for the announcement. We can’t wait. <3

Tickets available here.


12.03.2017 > Early-bird tickets on sale via Tikkio **now**


Early-bird tickets on sale! Follow the link below for tickets from Tikkio. For those who are not able to read Norwegian: Indiefjord’s Ultimate Guide to Buying Tickets is here.

Team Indiefjord can also be helpful with reserving tickets if you struggle with the booking page. If so, email us on

**** Early-bird tickets will be available for the next month, after that they will go up with 50 NOK per ticket (weekend and day tickets).

Photos: Eline Viddal Rød (@elineviddal on Instagram)


12.03.2017 > First batch of bands for Indiefjord 2017 – confirmed and announced!

Between 17.00 and 18.00 today we announced band by band, and here are the bands confirmed for Indiefjord so far.

Kid Canaveral
Young Romance
The Electric Pop Group
Pale Lights
Stilla Havet
Tinsel Heart
Matt Stead & Rob Ash
The Keep Left Signs
Early Doors Disco DJs


+ lots more to come! Leaving you with this song by TeenCanteen, and will post a Spotify playlist later this evening for your listening pleasure.

We’ve made a Spotify playlist for the occasion:

Again, if your band has applied to play Indiefjord we may still book you. Everything at our festival is very DIY (and with a lot of love put into it), including the booking.


12.03.2017 > First band announcements + tickets on sale

This is happening between 17.00-18.00 today. First band announcements + tickets on sale! We will be announcing band by band from 17.00 – with tickets on sale on Tikkio from 18.00. Norwegian time – for our friends living elsewhere in our beautiful world!  (And again: Bands that have applied – we haven’t made our decisions on the rest of the line-up yet, so you are still in with a chance)

Keep an eye out on FB and/or on to see if one or more of your favourite bands will be playing! Or bands you’ve never heard of before, but might become your new favourites?

Love, Team Indiefjord!

(Photo: Eline Viddal Rød, @elineviddal on Instagram)


04.01.2017 > How to get to Indiefjord – transport information

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød, Indiefjord 2016.
Although Norwegian has discontinued the direct “indiepop flight” Gatwick-Ålesund, there are plenty of ways to get to Bjørke for guests from abroad. It may take some of you a little longer this year, and it may be more expensive – but once you get to the village and Indiefjord 2017 we hope you’ll feel relaxed. You’ll definitely deserve a refreshing fjord swim! :-) We’ll organise a Friday/Monday indiepop airport/food shopping bus for visitors from afar this year, too. And if you get to Bjørke for the Friday evening there’s bound to be an informal welcome party!

Following is some reassuring transport information from Indie Bro John:


Here is a google doc containing transport alternatives

If you have further questions about transport, feel free to contact me on facebook or mail me at

You can read more on our transport page, too.

Looking forward to July!
Team Indiefjord


04.01.2017 > Call for artists!

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød, Bakketunet, Indiefjord 2016. Art: Sean Mahan (USA).

The idyllic old farm Bakketunet på Bjørke is much loved by our festival guests. Last year Sean Mahan Art (USA) exhibited his beautiful paintings there during Indiefjord. Now the Bakketunet hosts are looking for international or Norwegian artists to display their art – and to stay on the farm – during Indiefjord. For more information on how to apply, go to Bakketunet’s website.

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød, Bakketunet, Indiefjord 2016. Art: Sean Mahan (USA).


02.01.2017 > Band and DJ applications for Indiefjord 2017 now open

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød (@elineviddal on Instagram)

BANDS + DJs: If you’d like to play Indiefjord 2017, please apply by midnight Friday 10 February with links to your music + amount of band members (for logistics purposes) and whether you would like to play on the main stage with full backline in the evening or one of the acoustic/semi-acoustic sets in the daytime. If you’d like to apply with more than one band, that’s fantastic.

NB: Email, Facebook messages to individual organisers are difficult to keep track of. As we’re a small team and are getting more and more applications, it will take us some time to get back to you, and we can only promise successful applicants a reply.

Photo: Eline Viddal Rød (@elineviddal on Instagram)


01.01.2017 > 15 and 16 of July. It’s happening again 

We are bringing indiepop to the fjords once again, 15-16 July 2017.

Indiefjord is a festival where you’ll meet new friends and old friends. We do not tolerate racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or bullying of any kind.

We are at the very early planning stages of this year’s festival but wanted to set a date so guests + bands can plan in advance. We will add updated information about accommodation and travel as soon as possible, and if you’ve got any questions meanwhile, do email

There will be evening concerts at Haukly on the Saturday and Sunday like previous years. Daytime activities and concerts will be taking place around the village. Some activities will be familiar ones to Indiefjord regulars, and there will be some new additions/changes.

Fjord swimming is highly encouraged, as is improvised ukulele playing. And we are hoping the weather permits the annual guided waterfall hike.

Please note: The direct “indiepop flight” from Gatwick to Ålesund is apparently a thing of the past (or at least 2016), but we will think of creative travel suggestions for guests traveling from the UK to get here as cheaply and swiftly as possible.

TICKETS: Not on sale yet, but we will announce the ticket sales soon. For now though, make a note of 15 + 16 July in your diary.

BANDS + DJs: Please apply by midnight Friday 10 February with links to your music + amount of band members (for logistics purposes) and whether you would like to play on the main stage with full backline in the evening or one of the acoustic/semi-acoustic sets in the daytime. If you’d like to apply with more than one band, that’s just great. NB: Email, Facebook messages to individual organisers are harder to keep track of. As we’re a small team and are getting more and more applications, it will take us some time to get back to you, and we can only promise successful applicants a reply.

ARTISTS: More information on how to apply very soon.

Facebook event here. Video above by Liam Thomson (Indiefjord 2016).

Hopefully see you in July, lovely people.

♥, Team Indiefjord


06.09.2016 > This is what happiness looks like


This is what happiness looks like /// this is why we do it. Great memories from The Tuts’ headline set, Indiefjord 2016. Photos: Horatio Earl Monge.


18.07.2016 > This is why we do it / We wanna say thanks.


This is why we do it / We wanna say thanks 

A week ago our Indiefjord guests and bands ferried across the fjord and back to their homes, wherever in the world they may be. But for one weekend this year, Bjørke was our joint home, and such a happy one – a pocket of calm, harmony, beautiful music and beautiful souls – in a world that can be exhausting and chaotic.

We are no longer sure who Team Indiefjord really is, cause it seems to be all of you who were there, the bands and DJs, the guests, the volunteers, the people of Bjørke (more than anything), the caterers, the people who hosted guests, those who organised activities and mini concerts, the artists who painted the beautiful art that was on display, you’re all part of our large extended family. It’s hard to put into words, and to even mention names, as there were so many. But we will try… <3

In addition to those mentioned above, a special thanks to: Skjåstaddalen Frilynde Ungdomsslag and Perry Bjørke and all the helpers from Bjørke (Eivind Skjerdal and many more), Hjørundfjord Sogelag, Bjørke/Storfjord Kyrkje and minister Espen Aarseth, Ørsta Kommune, SpareBank 1 Søre Sunnmøre, Bjarte Sellereite and Cecilie Rørstad, John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy and his whole family, Jon Egil Finnes and Randi Finnes, Solveig Pia Nikkinen and Kjetil Rørstad, our excellent and ever-patient sound/lights team Vemund Vasshaug and Martinus Magneson as well as their helpers Markus Bjørlykke and Elias Johan Liavaag, Ola Laurits Hjørungnes for awesome runner skills and for keeping us calm, fed and relatively awake/asleep depending on the time of day, Marita Bett Aakreand the rest of the team at Bakketunet på Bjørke, Craig Clark, Kieran Toms, Maria Nikkinen Rørstad and Torbjørn Saure, Ulises Palacio and Camila Furey (for bringing Argentina, dreamy guitar solos and yoga to Bjørke), Sverre B. Bjørke and Alvhild Bjørke Strømme and co at Postkjellaren Tekstil&Nostalgi, Eirik Hildre, Anne-Margit Høyvik Solheim, Jorunn Saure and family (including the best little dancer in our indie clan), Svanhild Saure and Oddhild Saure for carrying some very heavy boathouse doors, Sykris/Synnøve Alet Kristiansen, Mor Sigfrids Bakst, KR Catering and Norbak Bakeri AS and the smiley H.Kadir Dikbas for bringing falafel and børek to Bjørke, Bjørke Rom og Camping, Berthahuset, Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem Bjørke (and in particular Robert M. Muisol), Fantehuset, Hallgeirs Turbuss, Sula Rutelag, Ørsta Kulturskule, Lyd & Lyspartner, Grim & Gryt and Cecilie Hole, Johannes Dag Ødegård + family for lending us a car seat, Lynn Chan from the The Quirky Girl Crafter for the stunning badge and keyring designs (our new mascot!), Jacu coffee, Skyssbåt Hjørundfjord, Morks Antikk, Tikkio, Tussa, TINDE Design & Trykk, Nordvestprofil AS, those who took awesome photos and filmed videos, among them: Michael Prince, Eline Viddal Rød, Heinz Brossalat, Liam Thomson, Kari Nygard Tvilde and Horatio Monge. So many to thank, so we probably have forgotten to mention some names. We are grateful to everyone of you. And particularly for respecting the surroundings of Bjørke, keeping it tidy and clean – and a friendly place to be – during our little festival and in everyday life.

Love, the Indiefjord family

Photos in this post by Eline Viddal Rød.


09.07.2016 > Waterfall hike cancelled

ENGLISH: The waterfall hike today is cancelled due to safety reasons as it’s so wet and slippery. We are really sorry!

Everything else will go as planned, just make sure you wear a raincoat + wellies. The weather is meant to be better later in the day. :-) We recommend going for a walk along the fjord (both sides). Towards Leira and Viddal or to Finnes and up the road to Bakkedalen valley instead, stop by Indie Coffee Camp for a coffee from 11. <3 :-)

Drop-in yoga (free) at Bjørke Rom og Camping from 11, come along when you feel like between then and 12. (Free/donations)

Bakketunet på Bjørke is open from 11.30, there will be an artist talk (12.00), there is a cafe and gallery. And the antiques barn + Galleri Bukke-Jo is open and they serve coffee and waffles. Lots of lovely food served around the village, for example from Mor Sigfrids Bakst and KR Catering (buy breakfast from 9), Bjørke Rom og Camping (hot vegetable soup from 12), Postkjellaren (cake, ice cream, coffee) and later in the afternoon at Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem, Bjørke: Barbecue food and beer. Crafts/textiles stalls up at Indiefjord HQ (Lappelina + Sykris sine sy og strikkerier).

Daytime concerts: Postkjellaren 13.00, Bjørke Rom og Camping 13.00, Notanaustet boathouse 14.30 and Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem 17.00. Evening venue open from 18.00. See you later! :-) And do some kind of rain dance to make the weather gods change their minds!


NORWEGIAN: Fosseturen til Tyssefossen er avlyst av sikkerheitsgrunnar, det er for glatt til å gå i fjellet. Men det er mykje anna som foregår i bygda, blant anna på Bakketunet på Bjørke, Bjørke rom og camping og Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem, Bjørke. Minner om dagskonsertar i Postkjellaren 13.00, Notanaustet 14.30, Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem 17.00. Sjå program på heimesida vår! :-) Team Indiefjord


05.07.2016 > Full activities and concerts schedule + map for Indiefjord published
Activities for Indiefjord 2016 include lots of concerts around the village, outdoor yoga, guided waterfall hike, börek, falafel and svele, Indie Coffee Camp, Grim & Gryt beer tasting session and pub, exhibitions, artist talk, crafts and textiles market stalls and much more. Full activities and concert schedule + map can be downloaded here. It will also be available at Indiefjord HQ and the evening venue during the festival. Norwegian version available at some point during Wednesday 06.07.



05.07.2016 > Band timings, evening concerts
These are the band timings for the evening concerts during the festival. Full activity programme + daytime concerts schedule will be available later tonight, as well as a map. You can download the evening concert timings here. These concerts are included in your festival ticket if you’ve got a weekend ticket, or if you bought a day ticket, Saturday/Sunday evening depending on which day.

Bandtimings-1 Bandtimings-2


27.06.2016 > Family camping with babysitting included – in Bakketunet!


Families traveling to Bjørke and Indiefjord 2016: Great new concept from our friends at Bakketunet på Bjørke! Family camping, AND they provide the babysitters so the grown-ups can go to the evening concerts and dance! 300 NOK per night (bring your own tent). 2 nights: 600 NOK in total. You’ll be able to use the facilities – stunning outdoor area at an old farm (where there is also a gallery and concerts + a cafe), including the brand new tea house (pictured), the kitchen, toilet and shower. NB! No alcohol to be consumed on site to make sure it’s a family-friendly location. 50 NOK per hour for babysitting (no babies though). The babysitters are four 14-16 year-olds who are experienced in looking after children. We are very happy about this fantastic camping opportunity! PS: This includes your Bakketunet entrance! Booking: Call Marita Bett on +47 91 10 88 46 or send a Facebook message to Bakketunet på Bjørke‘s page.


27.06.2016 > Free daytime concert on the Postkjellaren terrace 9 July!

We are very happy to let you know that there will be a concert on the Postkjellaren terrace Saturday 9 July! Lars Håvik (Norway) will be playing jazz on his accordion for about an hour from 13.00. Photo from last year’s Postkjellaren musical treat by Francesca Dimech. The Just Joans seemed to be really enjoying the concert! Postkjellaren Tekstil&Nostalgi will be open from 12.00-17.00 on the Saturday and Sunday, and you can buy textile designs and handcrafts + fantastic cake. There will be ice cream, coffee and softdrinks on sale too – and it’s actually a post office museum! Only in Bjørke. <3


21.06.2016 > Official Indiefjord poster with Bjørke illustration by Sean Mahan (USA)


Now all the bands have been announced – and we’d like to introduce the Indiefjord 2016 poster! Illustration based on Bjørke and the Hjørundfjord by the talented Sean Mahan Art (USA), who’s exhibiting in Bakketunet på Bjørke during Indiefjord. Love <3 We’ll aim to sell limited edition, signed prints of this poster, and Sean has decided that all the money earned on this print with the line-up on will go back to the bands performing at the festival. The poster will be up in Bjørke and the surrounding areas.

21.06.2016 > Yoga instructor and musician – all the way from Argentina to Bjørke


We’ve got one final band to be revealed for Indiefjord! Although we hear rumours of a troupe of street performers making their way from Berlin, more about that very soon… Very happy to present Ulises Palacio, all the way from Córdoba, Argentina! He will be playing guitar at Bjørke rom og camping at around 13.00 Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th. The hostel will serve lunch from 12-16.00; vegetable broth/soup with bread (NOK 50,-) as well as coffee. And not only that! Ulises’ girlfriend, Camila Furey (from Argentina as well) is organising outdoor yoga at the campsite 11-12 Saturday and Sunday (if the weather is okay, not too rainy or windy!). You can roll out of your tent and into a yoga pose… wear comfortable clothes! If you don’t have a yoga mat, the lawn should be comfortable enough. The yoga class is free, but donations encouraged. In addition, Ulises will be singing some songs in Notanaustet boathouse on the Saturday, alongside Benjamin Southworth and David Callahan. Band timings to be revealed soon, and we will share Ulises’ music soon too – once he’s on Soundcloud. But we’ve heard the songs, and they are wonderful!


20.06.2016 > Local talent Ingrid Karoline Smoge (Norway) playing Saturday 9 July

Ingrid Karoline Smoge (Norway) will also be playing on the Saturday afternoon at Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem, Bjørke. Very happy about this! We’ll share some more music news tomorrow – which involves the other hostel in Bjørke, Bjørke rom og camping. So much music this year… and a really relaxing activity planned for Saturday and Sunday morning – TBA.


20.06.2016 > The Jet Van Set (UK) at Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem Bjørke

Very happy to let you know that our new favourite indiepop band The Jet Van Set (UK) will be playing Indiefjord 2016! The Jet Van Set is at the moment Owen Radford-Lloyd (The French Defence and Finnmark, both Indiefjord favourites from our first festival 2014) – but who knows, Owen might recruit some band members at the festival? This song is such a hit! Owen will be playing late afternoon on the Saturday – at Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem, Bjørke. More information about this mini stage soon.


19.06.2016 > Börek, falafel, köfte – and svele – served at Haukly


Lots of Indiefjord news the next few days, we will reveal some activities, music treats, the festival poster +++. And one last, mouthwatering announcement for tonight: KR Catering in collaboration with NORBAK BAKERI AS will be our caterers at the evening venue this year! And not only that, they’ve told us that from 09.00 Saturday 9 July and Sunday 10 July you’ll be able to get take-out meals from Haukly.

Once the evening concerts commence the meals will only be available to ticket holders, but earlier in the day everyone is welcome. It will be like an own Indiefjord drive-through! There should be some seating outside in the daytime, as the evening venue will only be open from late afternoon. The meals served at Haukly will be a really yummy mix: Falafel, köfte, couscous, hummus, zaziki, baba-ganoush, various types of börek, barbecue chicken with salad, fattoush salad, chips, Asian stew, soft serve ice cream (“softis”), slush and of course the big Indiefjord hit “svele” with “brunost”. You will even be able to get a really nice cup of tea! Feeling really hungry now… Photo borrowed from: K R Catering.


19.06.2016 > Band practice for the Bjørke Church concert, Sunday 10 July
The Hjørundfjord, view from Bjørke’s neighbouring village Leira this beautiful summer evening. Photo by Elin Grimstad from Je Suis Animal (Norway), who is visiting Leira/Bjørke for two days to practice her Indiefjord set in Bjørke (Storfjord) Church. Elin will be playing on the Sunday afternoon (10 July) alongside John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy and Ketil Grøtting (both Norway). Those who have bought Indiefjord tickets for the Sunday or weekend tickets will have free entrance to this concert, others will be able to buy tickets on the door (no advance sales) for 100 NOK. There is space for 130 guests, so first come, first serve. It will be magical. PS: We encourage you to support Frendefinansiert flygel, the campaign to fund a grand piano for John Inge’s barn concert venue in Leira (venue under construction), this exact view included. We are hoping for a concert there during Indiefjord 2017…

14.06.2016 > Trine Røssevold artist talk and exhibition

In addition to Sean Mahan Art, the very talented artist Trine Røssevold (Norway) will be exhibiting her art at Bakketunet på Bjørke during Indiefjord 2016 (ignore the event dates, the exhibition will still be up during the festival). Trine will be giving an artist talk Saturday 9 July, more information about that and all other activities during the festival soon. Let Bjørke be filled with art and music + the friendliest people! Photo borrowed from: Trine Røssevold/Bakketunet.

07.06.16 > Tickets are selling fast + get in touch for airport transport! 
Tickets for Indiefjord 2016 have been selling fast these last few days. <3 Read more on how to buy your tickets here (Tikkio for visitors from Norway and Paypal for visitors from abroad). If you’re flying in, do notify us by 21 June if you need transport from/to the airport on 8 July and 11 July. Please note: As we don’t have capacity to organise transport for all festival visitors, local/regional guests will need to get to the festival on their own – it’s part of the magical Bjørke adventure. But feel free to post on the event page or here if you’d like to car/boat/kayak-share. You might even be driving from Sweden or Oslo or Amsterdam or London and would like some hitchhiker company? :-) Announcements of activities over the next few days and weeks, as well as band timings. Oh, and PS: The Indiefjord ukulele, although a bit battered, will of course be in use down by the fjord! <3 See you soon, old and new friends.

– Team Indiefjord


21.05.16 > David Callahan (UK) from legendary indiepop band The Wolfhounds to the fjords!

David Callahan from legendary indiepop/rock band The Wolfhounds (UK) will be playing a solo set at one of our daytime stages as well! We can’t wait.


21.05.16 > Crying Day Care Choir (Sweden) to play Indiefjord!

“July, July, July… don’t go too soon…” If ever there was a soundtrack for Indiefjord this would be it. So happy to let you know that Crying Day Care Choir (Sweden) will be playing our little festival this summer! They are perfect for one of our outdoor, daytime stages we think… :) And this music will surely get you in Scandi summer mood! PS: If you, like us, love the music of Monde Yeux (“Naked Girls” and “It Should Show”) it might be interesting to hear that CDCC and Monde Yeux have got some band members in common..


11.05.16 > Greetings from Bjørke an evening in May…

ingvild1 ingvild2
Indiefjord co-organiser Ingvild’s been kayaking on the Hjørundfjord just now. We can’t wait to have you all visiting. <3
Photos: Ingvild Mork


07.05.16 > Feivel (Sweden) – for fans of Slow Club, First Aid Kit and Marit Larsen!

A new announcement for Indiefjord 2016, and this one we’re beyond ecstatic to introduce! Feivel (Sweden), the new star in the indiepop galaxy! Fans of Slow Club, Marit Larsen, Beirut and Dry the River (as seen here with Feivel) and First Aid Kit will adore her music… <3 TOTALLY utterly amazing.


24.04.16 > Talented pianist and church organist John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy (Norway) to play Indiefjord

We’re very happy to let you know that John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy (Norway) will be playing Indiefjord 2016! John Inge is a multi-talent when it comes to music, he plays the church organ, the piano, the melodica and songs from a variety of musical genres. We know it’s going to be amazing. John Inge is from Bjørke’s neighbouring village Leira, and during last year’s Indiefjord The Smittens stayed at his farm. John Inge is saving up for a grand piano and is building a concert venue in his barn. You’re encouraged to support the crowdfunding campaign over at Frendefinansiert flygel.

19.04.16 > Trust Fund (UK) brings AWESOME to Bjørke

You might as well be prepared to do some fistpumping at Haukly this year as well, because the awesome UK band TRUST FUND has been confirmed for Indiefjord! SO happy.

17.04.16 > Dead Flowers (UK) –  a real treat for fans of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits

Extremely happy to announce that Ian Williams from Dead Flowers (UK) will be playing a solo set at Indiefjord this summer. If you’re a fan of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, you will adore his music.

Listen to Dead Flowers on our Spotify list:

A few more bands to be announced soon, in the meantime make sure you buy your ticket to the festival and book your accommodation.

Original photo by Kari Nygard Tvilde, Photoshop mash-up by Ian Williams of Dead Flowers. 


24.02.16 > The resurrection of Red Shoe Diaries (UK)!

They’re back! Red Shoe Diaries (UK) are entering the world of indiepop once again, and we’re so so so happy to be able to tell you they’re playing Indiefjord this summer! <3 Check out their music on Bandcamp! And… in case you’ve forgotten what they look like:


Welcome to Norway, Red Shoe Diaries! And welcome back to the indiepop world, hope you’ll stay around for a long, long time.


24.02.16 > Filling the Thee AHs shaped hole in our lives: Davina Shell (Canada/Holland)

Here to fill the Thee Ahs (<3 <3 <3) shaped hole in our lives: Davina Shell (Canada/Holland), who used to play in this fantastic band, will play Indiefjord! YAY!


24.02.16 > Sneak peek: Sean Mahan’s (USA) Indiefjord/Bakketunet art in progress


Sean Mahan Art (USA) hard at work, painting for the exhibition at Bakketunet during Indiefjord. Looks stunning so far. We’re so grateful… Photo of painting in progress borrowed from Sean Mahan’s Instagram account.


23.02.16 > Joe Innes & The Cavalcade (UK) to play Indiefjord

Another band announced for Indiefjord! Joe Innes & The Cavalcade (UK)! Been listening to their music on repeat lately, and we think it’s going to be great to see them live in Bjørke.


20.02.16 > Two amazing bands announced: Lyla Foy (UK) and Lowpines (UK)!

Okay, so we were basically moved to tears every time we watched this video yesterday (a lot of times). So incredibly beautiful. And the reason we wiped our happy tears and broke into huge grins: Lyla Foy (UK) AND Lowpines (UK), both singing in this stunning video, are playing Indiefjord this summer. <3 <3 <3


19.02.16 > Indiefjord 2016 Spotify playlist

This Indiefjord 2016 Spotify playlist will expand when we announce two more amazing bands tomorrow! Have a great weekend!


19.02.16 > Indiefjord DJing at Det Grøne Treet in Volda this Saturday


We just confirmed two amazing bookings for Indiefjord, and will reveal which ones soon. But in the meantime, if you want to feel the festival vibes – come along to Det Grøne Treet in Volda tomorrow! Will be playing an Indiefjord inspired DJ set and at least two Carly Rae Jepsen songs. Tempted to play all Strfkr songs ever made too… Expect songs from Alvvays, The Tuts, The Cure, The Spook School, David Bowie, Todd Terje, Håkan Hellström and more! Come along and **dance** and be **merry**!


18.02.16 > Indiefjord tickets now available

Tickets are now being sold on Tikkio – and via Paypal for our visitors from abroad (non-Norwegian readers)! We are hoping this year’s festival will be a bit like this… <3 Anyway, check out the ticket info here. Norwegian-reading guests could skip this and go straight to the Tikkio page.


17.02.16 > First bands announced: The Tuts (UK), Robert Post (Norway) and more!

Too excited to be able to write anything that makes sense, but… thanks, Regionavisa, for this lovely article on… the first bands announced to play Indiefjord 2016! SO SO SO happy to be able to tell you that these are the first, fantastic bands will be playing: The Tuts (UK), Robert Post (Norway), BOYS (UK), Soda Fountain Rag (Norway/Italy), Benjamin Southworth (UK), Avind (Norway), Ketil Grøtting (Norway) + Playhouse DJs (UK) and Early Doors Disco DJs (UK)! And: Mega talented Sean Mahan Art will be coming all the way from Florida, USA, to exhibit his paintings in Bakketunet. He will also be making the illustration for this year’s Indiefjord poster! And: Tickets for Indiefjord will be up on Tikkio (and our website for visitors from abroad) tonight! We’ve still got lots more bands to announce (and confirm), so keep an eye out the next few days and weeks. <3 Bring it on.

PS: You can read the article (in Norwegian) here.


15.02.16 > Added indoor venue: Storfjord/Bjørke Church

Photo: Heinz Brossalat.

We have got some fantastic news! There will be an additional indoor stage this year, with a late morning or late afternoon concert (time of day and whether it’s on Saturday or Sunday yet to be decided). We’re so happy to be able to present our brand new Indiefjord venue: Bjørke/Storfjord Church! The church is beautifully decorated and music sounds just wonderful there. More info about which bands etc. soon, but for now, so happy that the church is added to the Bakketunet (Sunday daytime), Notanaustet (Saturday daytime) boathouse and Haukly (both evenings) stages the weekend of 9-10 July. And – there will be no clashes, everyone will be able to go to the concerts without missing a band at another venue!

A little PS: This Wednesday we will reveal some more great Indiefjord news.


28.01.16 > Band application deadline 31 January


Photo: Eline Viddal Rød (@elineviddal on Instagram)

We’ve received wonderful applications for Indiefjord 2016 so far! And there are still a few days to go until application deadline. If you’re interested in playing or DJing this year, do remember to apply before Monday 1st of February.

— All applications should be emailed to

Due to a high number of applications, it may take us some time to get back to everyone. We take pride in listening to all music links we are sent, and there have been some wonderful surprises! So far 90% of the applications we’ve received are from UK based bands, but we’ve had applications from Indonesia, USA, New Zealand and various European countries (including Norway, of course!).

If you’d like to volunteer there’s no deadline as such, but do drop us an email if you would be interested in helping out.


29.12.15 > Indiefjord 2016 dates announced!


Photo: Kari Nygard Tvilde (Indiefjord 2015).

Are you ready for another Indiefjord? We, the organisers, are! So make a note in your diaries of 9 and 10 July 2016 – there will indeed be a 3rd Indiefjord taking place in our beloved village of Bjørke, Western Norway. We welcome you to the fjords, and promise much of the same as the previous years – and some new additions (such as an added stage – pretty magical and soon to be revealed!). Tickets are not yet on sale, but if you think you are definitely coming and need to book plane tickets way in advance, you could drop us a line and we’ll reserve a space for now.

Regarding transport to and from Bjørke, there will be transport on the Friday afternoon or early eve and on the Monday morning, if you are booking a plane ticket to Ålesund or Hovden it’s advisable to contact us in advance so you are able to time it with the transport we are organising.

You are also invited to apply to play or DJ –  do email us at by 31 January 2016 should you be interested. Please let us know in the application the number of band members and whether you’d be happy to play acoustically or would need to be on the main/evening stage with a full backline. Also, please note, for the 2015 edition we had more than a hundred band applications from all over the world, so we may only be able to get back to the successful applicants. We still appreciate every email we receive though!

We would appreciate some more volunteers for the 2016 festival – so if you want to help out do get in touch too. We have don’t have a huge budget, but you would get a festival ticket plus it’s a lot of fun to be part of the team.

We simply cannot wait to get booking + making Indiefjord 2016 happen! We wish we could book sunshine + 25 degrees celcius too, but swimming in a fjord is mandatory no matter the weather.

All the best
Team Indiefjord (a team that keeps expanding every year!)



16.07.15 > Indiefjord 2015 is over, and it’s time to say thank you!


A few days on and we are finally emerging from the post-Indiefjord bubble. We, the Indiefjord organisers, have been left speechless and overwhelmed (in a very positive way) for the last few days. Never ever ever did we think our festival for friends and friends of friends would actually appeal to so many. <3 <3

Personally, I cannot describe that feeling of seeing my favourite bands live in my favourite village by my favourite fjord, and hanging out with some of the best people you could choose to hang out with. There have been so many special moments, and I still pinch myself to check whether it was all some crazy surreal dream. The mix of locals and visitors and bands from far away was just heartwarming to say the least. Friendship, love & music. It’s all you need. heart emoticon I totally felt the love from all of you this weekend and it will keep me going for another year, and… it looks like Indiefjord might have to become a yearly thing. In my family, if something happens twice, it is tradition… But first we will have to rest and try to process these wonderful dreamlike memories and understand that they were in fact, reality.

THANK YOU TO: The villagers of Bjørke who welcomed us for the second year in a row. heart emoticon! Bands, DJs and volunteers who did a priceless job, too many to be mentioned, but you know who you are! A special shout-out to Cecilie Rørstad and Bjarte Sellereite though, who went above and beyond, and to “tante Palma” Sandvik, honourary Indiefjord member, for always being such a wonderful support! SpareBank 1 Søre Sunnmøre for sponsorship and bus hire, Skjåstaddalen Frilynde Ungdomsslag for lending us instruments and music equipment, Hallgeirs Turbuss and driver Grethe Elin Enerhaug for excellent transport + service, the municipality of Ørsta for their hospitality, Ørsta kulturskule for the cello we borrowed, Tor Erik Aasen and Jonathan Meacock for the sound engineering and Levi-André Leite/LALyd for top quality sound equipment. Bjørke Rom og Camping and Hjørundfjord Vandrerhjem, Bjørke, John Inge Leira Bjøringsøy and Berthahuset (+ Cecilie and Bjarte) for a nice stay for our guests.

Hos Maria, Bakketunet på Bjørke, Retrosalongen, Postkjellaren Tekstil&Nostalgi, Antikklåven Erkegarden på Bjørke, J-Buda villlage shop museum, Elefant Forlag and Nina Viddal (and JACU coffee) of Indie Coffee Camp for great daytime activities. Lynn Chan for super feltie badges, and Heinz Brossolat for the metal ones + great videos! Synnøve Alet Kristiansen, Bertha Saure for selling their lovely crafts and textiles at Indiefjord HQ alongside Lappelina. Michael Prince and Eline Viddal Rød for super photos, Perry Bjørke for guding us in all venue related things. The Indiechefs Eirik Strandabø and Thor Erik Andersen for superb food. Grim & Gryt for excellent beer during the beer tasting session in Bakketunet. And last but not least Tikkio for a great ticket system with excellent customer service!

We have probably forgotten to mention someone significant, and for that we apologize, as we are very very tired, but love to all from the Haddal/Mork family and extended family. Maybe see you next year in Bjørke? <3

Silja, Indiefjord music booker and one of the organisers

Video from this year’s festival made by Kjetil Aarseth and his daughter Jenny. Soundtrack: Ida Glomnes live at Notanaustet, Indiefjord 2015.


07.07.15 > Michelin starred Indiechefs!


Very happy to present: The Indiechefs / Indiekokkane!

Indiechefs: Thor Erik Andersen and Eirik Strandabø form Indiekokkane (Indiechefs), a streetfood concept from the Norwegian region of Sunnmøre. Thor Erik has been employed as a chef at several Michelin starred restaurants, while Eirik has attended the “housewife school”(!) in Volda. They have composed an artistic menu made from local treasures, in new and thrilling combinations. This menu will be served during the evening gigs, during the day there will be fantastic food served at Bakketunet på Bjørke.

1) “Lefse” wraps filled with lightly roasted fillet from wild deer, coleslaw salad made from apple, fennel and cabbage.

2) “Lefse” wraps filled with smoked salmon and freshly marinated vegetables with tarragon mayonnaise.

3) Chickpea curry (Vegan)

Late night meal: “Brudevollmór” served in baps (renowned delicacy on the west coast of Norway – basically extra tasty hot dogs made from mutton and pork).


04.07.15 > Full Indiefjord activity programme revealed


English: There are plenty of things to do in Bjørke this coming weekend. Download the activity programme in English here (PDF).
Norsk/Norwegian: Det er mykje som hender på Bjørke komande helg. Last ned aktivitetsprogrammet på norsk her (PDF).


03.07.15 > Remember to buy your tickets in advance!


We would highly appreciate if you buy your tickets in advance, as it would be very helpful for us as organisers. Visitors from abroad can buy them here via Paypal, and visitors from Norway from Tikkio. We are required to have a guest list so please also email us the names of your guests when you book your ticket ( If you haven’t bought your ticket by Saturday 11th or Sunday 12th of July, please come by Indiefjord HQ. We’ve got VISA/debit card readers there. Please spread the word about Indiefjord, it will be pretty magical. PS: If you are traveling by plane, let us know as soon as possible if you require transport to/from Bjørke! There is an indiepop shuttle bus from Ålesund Airport Vigra and Ørsta/Volda Airport Hovden on Friday 10 July and Monday 13 July – but limited seats, so be quick!


02.07.15 > Band timings, Indiefjord 2015, in English and in Norwegian

English: Click here to download PDF in English.
Norsk/Norwegian: Klikk her for å laste ned PDF på norsk.



19.06.15 > Skóg (Norway) replacing Lost Tapes (Spain) in the line-up

Unfortunately Lost Tapes are not able to come along to this year’s Indiefjord. Hopefully we can book them again at some point, as they are a fantastic band. However, we’ve got a great replacement! Skóg from Norway play lovely indiepop tunes. We hope you will check out their wonderful music and that Lost Tapes not playing won’t break your heart too much.


18.06.15 > Make your own Indiefjord postcard


Make your own unique postcard! There will be an elefant forlag postcard making station at Indiefjord: A selection of postcard-size Italian drawing paper, watercolours, colour pencils, fineliners and marker pens will be available for guests. There will of course be an own Indiefjord postbox and an Indiefjord postmark. 30 NOK for one postcard, 50 for two postcards, this includes postage to anywhere in the world! Anywhere!

In addition you’ll be able to buy Elefant Forlag’s books “VERDEN, forklart” (“THE WORLD, explained”, micro-fiction, 2011) and “LUFTIGE ORD, eller noe” (“AIRY WORDS, or something”, illustrated story, 2015). Both books published in Norwegian only. More info:


17.06.15 > Indiefjord T-shirts in the making

Our little brother John was kind of bored the other day, so he made us some stencils. This means there will be very limited edition tees available at Indiefjord Fest, all handprinted and all unique. 


08.06.15 > Our playlist for a multitasking Monday: Indiefjord 2015 on Spotify!
The bands playing Indiefjord 2015. Enjoy! For the original 2014 line-up, click here.


07.06.15 > Visitors from abroad: Tickets also available directly on our website (in English!)

Northern Spies playing in the Notanaustet boathouse. Photo by Tom Wade.

As our ticket website Tikkio is only available in Norwegian we decided to add tickets directly to our website as well. This should be particularly useful for visitors from abroad, and you can purchase weeekend and day tickets from here. Norwegian guests are still encouraged to buy their tickets from Tikkio. Please note, our “tickets” are actually donations to the bands to help cover transport fees. For the Indiefjord organisers the festival is purely for the love of music and our surroundings. Our payment is the visitors’ smiles + a vibrant atmosphere in the village.

We highly encourage you to book your tickets now, and to let us know whether you need transport from the airport. We are aware that the hostels closest to the festival site are getting booked up, so please check with them or any of the campsites 15 mins drive away as early as possible. Info here.

Northern Spies in the Notanaustet boathouse. Photo by Tom Wade. 


07.06.15 > Haiku Salut (UK) to release album inspired by their visit to Bjørke and Indiefjord

We were so happy when we heard that our favourites, Haiku Salut (UK), are releasing a new album. And even more so when we heard it was inspired by their visit to Bjørke last year. In fact we were very moved. We would never have imagined that one day one of our favourite bands would make an album about the village close to our heart. Here is what Sophie Barkerwood of Haiku Salut said in their press release; “We went to Norway for a show last year where everything was a little overwhelming and humbling. I think it was the mountains that did that. The people that lived in the tiny village had a huge respect for the landscape, weather and nature that we had never really considered. It changed how I viewed the world and the questionable feeling of coping that came along with that. The album title refers to that. There is nobody controlling your future, you take responsibility for yourself. You make your own meaning.”

The album is out 31 July on How Does it Feel to be Loved and is called “Etch and Etch Deep”. We are looking forward to it. <3! Read about their Bjørke inspiration here. Above is their brand new video for the single “Bleak and Beautiful (All Things)”.


04.06.15 > Egil Olsen (Norway) confirmed for Indiefjord

We are so glad to finally reveal that Egil Olsen (Norway) is playing Indiefjord. With Egil having released the hugely successful album “Ooo What Happened” earlier this year we doubted he would be able to play a festival as little as Indiefjord. But, being a true Bjørke friend, Egil is coming back to his home municipality Ørsta to play for us. Egil recently toured in China, where he has got quite the fanbase, and he is at the forefront of Norwegian songwriting. We think the visitors from abroad will fall in love with Egil’s songs, just like sisters Indiefjord did.


21.05.15 > Guitar hero Stig Ulv (Norway) will be playing Indiefjord

Indiefjord is not the first music festival in Bjørke. In 2013 there was a pretty legendary little festival in a boathouse, where some of Norway’s finest musicians played – among them Stig Ulv. Indiefjord’s Ingvild was lucky enough to be in the audience, and like all Mork family members she is easily moved. So for Stig Ulv’s Indiefjord set she has vowed to bring sunglasses. Indiefjord’s Silja has also been to a few of Stig Ulv’s concerts and may have to bring sunglasses too. Anyway, Stig Ulv will be playing Bakketunet on the Sunday – and so will previously announced The Just Joans (Scotland). It will be pretty amazing!


04.05.15 > Another US band announced: Let’s Whisper

As Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan are already over from the US with The Smittens, they have said yes to play a set with Let’s Whisper at Indiefjord too! We are so happy about this! Two of our favourite people + one of our favourite bands. YOW!


02.05.15 > Local talent Ida Glomnes will be playing Indiefjord

Very happy to introdcuce this fantastic local talent at Indiefjord Fest 2015Ida Glomnes returns home from her songwriting studies in London to play by the fjord during her summer holiday! Could her music video with scenery shots from our region inspire you to visit Norway?


01.05.15 > A two-piece band from Hong Kong, London and Malmö announced

Very happy to say that Tramgirl Karaoke Club feat. Edine & Maskopet are playing Indiefjord! Edine is from Hong Kong and lives in London, and Maskopet lives in Malmö, Sweden. Their songs are so dancy and sweet and we are thrilled that they are making the journey to the fjord.


21.04.15 > Owl & Mouse big in Norway + new announcement

Today there was a lovely article in our local paper Møre-Nytt about Owl & Mouse returning to Bjørke, to play “the most beautiful place in the world again”. The band became local newspaper heroes last year when they were on the front-page of said newspaper. And today they made it into the Møre-Nytt again! You can read the article here.

Later in the day we were very happy to announce that wonderful Les Bicyclettes de Belsize (UK) will also be playing Indiefjord this summer! The festival line-up is nearly there now. But we’ve still got some treats in store for you…


20.04.15 > Plenty of band announcements made, among them a band from America!


Over the last few days we’ve announced several fantastic bands – even one from The US – a long-time favourite of ours: The Smittens (of Burlington, Vermont). In addition we have announced that that the awesome Chorusgirl (UK) will be playing, as well as the Scottish band that made Motherwell famous: The Just Joans. And last, but not least, Owl & Mouse (UK) are making a welcome return to Bjørke. They played Indiefjord last year and became local newspaper heroes, splashed over the front-page and a double-page spread were they were jumping into the fjord. We don’t have a “strict no-two-years-in-a-row” booking policy at Indiefjord. We only book bands we love, and people who are… lovely!

Photo: Owl & Mouse by Malene Romestrand, Møre-Nytt.


05.04.15 > Indiefjord DJs at Det Grøne Treet, Volda, Wednesday 15.04


Silja from Indiefjord will be DJing at Det Grøne Treet Wednesday in a week and a half. Her DJ sets will include music that inspires the bookings for Indiefjord Fest, from the genres indiepop, post-punk, indie, electropop, electronica and riot grrrl music. Bands you can expect to be part of the DJ set will be: The Cure, The Smiths, Belle & Sebastian, Todd Terje, Le Tigre, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Sia, Allo Darlin’, Kate Bush, Those Dancing Days, Håkan Hellström, Alvvays, Broder Daniel, The Julie Ruin, David Bowie and so on! Facebook event here.


02.04.15 > King of Cats (UK) will be playing Indiefjord
Max Levy aka King of Cats will be playing Indiefjord this summer. We are long-time fans of Max, and think he is even more wonderful than Mr Daniel Johnston himself. Max is a genius songwriter and his live performances are highly memorable.


31.03.15 > Wonderful Welsh band The School announced!
So happy to share with you that fantastic The School (UK) have been added to the line-up. What a dream come true to see them live in Bjørke. <3!


30.03.15 > Further accommodation possibilities listed
Last year our guests were very happy with the service they got at the two hostels (and campsite) in Bjørke. Both hostels are walking distance from the evening concerts and close to the fjord. This year there have been quite a few bookings already at the two hostels, so we’ve listed some more alternatives (cabins, self-service rooms/apartments, campsites, hotel) 15-20 mins drive away from Bjørke. There are still rooms/beds free at the two hostels, and plenty of camping space, however the other alternatives listed are also suitable for those who are traveling to the festival by car. Read more about all accommodation possibilities here.


29.03.15 > A few bands have been announced, more to come!

Full 2015 line-up to be announced soon. Meanwhile, go to our band page to listen to the amazing bands that played Indiefjord last year. It will get you in the Indiefjord mood and kickstart those daydreams of hazy summer days and bright evenings by the fjord. Pssst… buy your tickets early, we were sold out last year.


19.03.15 > Tickets are now on sale!

Tickets out NOW on – event/tickets here. Guests from abroad: PDF with clear instructions on how to book is available here and English language module will available closer to the summer. If this seems too complicated you can book with Paypal for the time being too – please read the instructions on


12.03.15 > Facebook event up!


You can now click “attending” on the Facebook event, and maybe say hello to other lovely people who are going – or share your Indiefjord memories from last year? Event here.


05.03.15 > Indiefjord is happening AGAIN! 11 and 12 July 2015

Photo by Michael Prince.

We are working on updating the website to the 2015 edition. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter of Facebook for the latest news. The festival is ON – and will be following the same recipe as last year – with different bands and a variety of activities, and slightly different organisers (Mattias has moved abroad, but Silja’s sister Ingvild Mork is onboard + other local helpers and family members). But we will be using the same venues (Haukly, Notanaustet Boathouse and Bakketunet) and be located in the same village and the atmosphere of friendship + beautiful music by our favourite fjord will be the same. We cannot promise a heatwave this year, but we are working on it.

Donation possibilites + Save the Date event on Facebook will be up soon. In the meantime, do get in touch if you want to “reserve” a space.  If you want to play Indiefjordm or want to help out as a volunteer, organise a workshop or similar, email as soon as possible. Bands will be confirmed and announced within the next couple of weeks.

Peace + Love /// Silja and Ingvild + helpers



16.09.14 > Saturday Sessions presents: Klubb Indiefjord – Sat 20.09, Det Grøne Treet, Volda

Saturday Sessions poster

Saturday Sessions- this time for the Indie people!

Come and dance all your sorrows away with the two most indie loving DJs in town. Woooooop! There’ll be Indiepop hits and other danceable music, like Belle & Sebastian, Hello Saferide, Håkan Hellström, Grouplove, Jens Lekman, Bob Hund, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Le Tigre, The Smiths, Broder Daniel, New Order, Allo Darlin’, The Ark, The Beach Boys etc.

CC: 60,-     Age: 20

25.08.14 > Klubb Mittwoch presents: Klubb Indiefjord – Wed 27.08, Det Grøne Treet, Volda

KlubbIndiefjord poster NEW-fb

Klubb Indiefjord is back at Det Grøne Treet!

Come and dance all your sorrows away! There’ll be Indiepop hits and other danceable music that we love from all over the world!! Belle & Sebastian, Hello Saferide, Håkan Hellström, Grouplove, Jens Lekman, Bob Hund, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Le Tigre, The Smiths, Broder Daniel, New Order, Allo Darlin’, The Ark, The Beach Boys……. The list goes on and on!!

Djs: Silja & Mattias – the Indiefjord Fest organisers.

When? 22- 01.15
Age? 20


22.07.14>  Indiefjord, our very own Woodstock

Indiefjord, our very own Woodstock. Silja’s dad, Ivar Mork, recounts the magic.

“As I am now well rested and almost back to reality and everyday life I would like to do a little thanking and praising. I will certainly remember the days and nights of the first Indiefjord Fest for the rest of my life. It is memories bathed in a halo of sunshine, music, love and friendship. It was an unreal and euphoric experience, and to top it – it was played out in my birthplace. 45 years of my age evaporated instantly. I was teleported back to the sixties and I felt like twenty again.I guess you ‘kids’ do not fully realize how similar the Indiepop movement is to the ‘Zeitgeist’ of my youth. Indiepop is truly a mindset. I know that Peace & Love is a rather embarrassing stereotype nowadays but it was wonderful to relive it for three days and nights: Friendship, love and tolerance across all visible and invisible borders, climbing all mental thresholds and prejudices – and great music. I lost Woodstock but I have been duly compensated 45 years later. You arrived as strangers but you are all part of my family now.”


16.07.14 > After Indiefjord

Mattias, one of the two main organisers managed to express the feeling of peace, love & understanding + happiness we all felt – and still feel – that weekend in Bjørke, with all you wonderful people from all over Europe, of all ages.

“Dear friends!

I’ve spent half a year living more or less under total and complete stress. During the last week I’ve set aside even the most basic human needs like eating and sleeping. All this for one reason, one reason alone: your happiness.
Well this is what I got: Some of my best and closest friends and total strangers have all come up to me just to share their love and gratitude. I’ve NEVER seen so many smiling faces and people just shining with euphoria during one weekend. I’ve never experienced so many fantastic gigs at one festival. It seemed as if you all geared up your performances!

If you’ve ever doubted mankind’s good potential, you should have been at Indiefjord this weekend. I’m sure the satellites could see the rays of love and joy in Bjørke from space.

To all the bands, djs, visitors and all people helping us out, not because they had to but because they wish for nothing more than to make other people happy: Thank you from the bottom of my heart! When I look back on my life I’m sure this will be the brightest memory of all.”


11.07.14 > Final call!

Last chance to donate! We close it tomorrow (Saturday) 10.00!
There’s just a few spaces left on the guest-list.
Let’s start the Fest!


10.07.14 > Get a map to accompany your program!

A map over Bjørke and activities could be useful to have during Indiefjord. You can find it as a PDF: Indiefjord Map! And please make sure you’ve got the schedule/program too: Indiefjord-Sat-Sun-Schedule! The detailed band schedule is here: Shows. And finally, there are still a few spaces left at Indiefjord. Donate now! You don’t want to miss this magical weekend by the fjords.

In Norwegian/NORSK
: Du kan no få programmet på norsk her: Norsk Program. Kart finn du berre på engelsk: Indiefjord Map, men men er nok forståeleg ut i frå det norske programmet. Dårleg tid rett før festivalen! :-)

Indiefjord Map

07.07.14 > Get a program!

Here’s a full program with all the acitivities and times for the Indiefjord weekend. So much to do and so little time!!! Download it here: Indiefjord-Sat-Sun-Schedule



06.07.14 > Band times!!

Now the band times are official. Steso Songs sadly had to cancel her gig and she will be Indiepop superstar Elin Grimstad from the band Je Suis Animal

Band times

23.04.14 > Ensure your space on the guest list now, before it fills up!

Before you know it the guest list spaces will be gone. This awesome Indiefjord Sessions video featuring Lisa Bouvier was recorded in late February. Imagine just how beautiful Bjørke will be in mid July!

Mattias & Silja x



10.02.14 > Announcing Indiefjord 2014, Bjørke Norway:


We (Mattias and Silja) moved to Norway from London in June 2013. We miss dancing, going to gigs and hanging out with friends from all over the world. So we decided to invite you here instead. Have a read on the website and we hope you will come and join us! The weekend of 12-13 July there will be two evening events with our favourite bands and old friends and new friends. There will also be some fun events happening in the village of Bjørke those days so we hope people from Norway and abroad will come along.

Mattias & Silja x


10.02.14 > Guest DJing at Klubb Mittwoch this Wednesday:


Indiefjord are guest-DJing at Klubb Mittwoch, Det Grøne Treet in Volda, Norway, Wednesday 12 February from 22.00-01.30. This will kickstart our indiepop plans for 2014. If you live in the Volda area, we hope to see you there! Check out the event here! Come dance and hang out.

Mattias & Silja x

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