More info about Indiefjord 2019 activities soon, in the meantime read about the activities at previous Indiefjord festivals below. Expect much of the same, with some added surprises!


Download the complete 2018 festival schedule and map here:

In English (PDF)
Norsk/in Norwegian (PDF)

Download the 2018 Friday schedule here (bonus day, free welcome party):

In English (PDF)
Norsk/in Norwegian (PDF)


Some of what will be happening: There will be evening concerts at Haukly on the Saturday and Sunday like the previous years. Daytime concerts will be taking place in Notanaustet boathouse, Bakketunet and Bjørke Church – and there will be various activities around the village, such as food stalls, craft stalls and art exhibitions. Fjord/river/waterfall swimming is highly encouraged, as is improvised ukulele playing at Indie Coffee Camp. There will be a vineyard tour and wine tasting session at Haula Vineyard including a stunning boat ride there, and a craft beer tasting session in Bakketunet complete with local food samples. We are hoping the weather will permit the annual guided waterfall hike to Tussafossen. There will tarot readings with a live double bass soundtrack and a morning disco in a boathouse with Jacu coffee to keep us awake. There will be a pop-up pub with local craft beer. There will be dancing (waacking, to be precise). There will be morning yoga and swimming and laughing and lots of new friendships formed. Read below what’s been going on the previous years, though, it will be pretty similar!

And click attend on our Facebook event page to get all the latest news first. See you in Bjørke, lovely people!


Photo: Eline Viddal Rød (@elineviddal on Instagram), yoga at Indiefjord 2016.


Should you want to read about what’s happened in the previous years, feel free to look at these PDFs:

Indiefjord Schedule 2017 (PDF – in English, including a page of band timings).
Indiefjord + Bjørke map 2017 (In English / NO: Berre på engelsk – men forståeleg om de har programmet)
Indiefjord/area map with coordinates (Useful for mobile/iPad use when traveling).

Full activities and concert schedule + map for 2016 can be downloaded here

Download PDF of activity programme for 2015 here, and PDF of band timings here.

The video above (by Liam Thompson) gives you a pretty good idea of how Indiefjord works.


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